What is ActiveHours (EarnIn) Phone Number?

There are plenty of ways you can contact them. Firstly, you can talk to EarnIn through their app, which is essentially a live chat system. Similarly, they have social media through which anyone can directly message them. Their primary media are Facebook and Twitter.

Most important out of all of them is calling them. ActiveHours allows consumers to directly contact them through phone numbers. Lastly, you can also email them for a response.

Does ActiveHours (EarnIn) Have A Phone Number?

Yes. ActiveHours have a phone number. They (EarnIn) are quite open when it comes to contacting them. Therefore, they have provided their phone number to the public so that anyone can reach them for any queries.

Additionally, calling them won’t charge you anything as it’s a toll-free calling system. However, you need to be situated in the US, Canada, and other regions of North America to get the privilege of calling them for free.

What Is ActiveHours (EarnIn) Have Phone Number?

ActiveHours (EarnIn) phone number is (415) 691-7243. This is their official customer service number. However, you might expect some charges as it’s not a toll-free number.

The toll-free number is (888) 400-8996.

Make sure to use the “888” dialing in a number. This specific code means a North American toll-free area code that the consumers may use to call you without incurring long-distance charges. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) creates and assigns these.

Does ActiveHours (EarnIn) Talk To Customers Over the Phone?

As EarnIn has provided their customer service number, they certainly do talk to customers over the phone. However, as per reviews, their customer service isn’t as great as hoped. They only have a  2.8-star rating out of 5 on Trustpilot.

Activehours (EarnIn)R Customer Service Live Chat

Thankfully, EarnIn does provide customer service on their app. Moreover, that’s a 24/7 live chat service. So it doesn’t matter what timezone you are in; as long as you have the app, a representative can help you.

However, before you can connect to live chat, you do need to sign up and log in to their app. So let’s check how you can access their live chat after logging in.

Step 1: Click The Question Mark Button

Open the EarnIn application and click on the question mark button in the top right corner.

Step 2: Contact Support Button

A page should load and you should be able to see the Contact Support button in purple. Click that button.

Step 3: Support Details

Fill in the support details, such as the category and the subject of the problem, and click start Chat.

That’s it, you will be in the queue and a representative should contact you as soon as possible.

Activehours (EarnIn) Contact Email

The email for customer service of ActiveHours is support@earnin.com. Emailing them is an excellent way to get a well-discussed answer.

Activehours (EarnIn) Human Resources Phone Number

There is no way of directly contacting EarnIn’s human resources. Thus, no phone number or any form of contact is provided publicly.

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