What is Air France CEO Anne Rigail’s Email Address?

Air France, the flag carrier of France, stands as a symbol of French elegance and sophistication in air travel. The airline has grown into one of the world’s premier airlines. It is renowned for its commitment to quality service, operational excellence, and an extensive global network.

Anne Rigail is the CEO of Air France. You can contact the Air France CEO via email. Her email address is anne.rigail@airfranceklm.fr. And while writing an email, it’s best to keep your emails professional and to the point.

Apart from emailing, there are other ways to connect with the Air France CEO. Throughout this guide, we will explain those ways. So, keep going!

Who Is The CEO of Air France?

Anne Rigail is the Chief Executive Officer at Air France. Anne Rigail, an alumnus of Mines Paris Tech, boarded her aviation career with Air Inter in 1991. She quickly demonstrated her leadership skills, and by 1996, she oversaw Air France’s customer services at Paris-Orly. 

Her journey took a significant turn in 1999 when she became the director. In 2005, Anne’s innovative vision led her to establish the operations control center at Paris CBD.

Four years later, in 2009, she ascended to VP of Ground Operations at Paris-Charles de Gaulle. Her trajectory continued upward as she took on the role of EVP In-flight Services in 2013, managing the cabin crew. By 2017, Anne’s breadth of experience culminated in her appointment as EVP Customer.

How Can I Contact The Air France CEO?

You can easily get in touch with the Air France CEO by following the tips below:

  1. Email is the first step. Write to Anne Rigail at anne.rigail@airfranceklm.fr, and remember to be clear and respectful in your message.
  2. If you don’t hear back via email, you can try connecting on social media. LinkedIn is a good platform to start with. Also, you can follow Anne Rigail on Twitter, Instagram, Bloomberg, etc.
  3. You can also send a follow-up letter to the CEO’s official postal address, 45 Rue de Paris 95747 Roissy CDG, if other methods don’t seem to work.
  4. Another option is to call Air France’s main office and ask if they can put you through to the CEO via call.

Is the Air France CEO’s Email ID Publicly Available?

Yes, it’s available. We have successfully found the email address of Air France’s CEO. You can contact her directly at anne.rigail@airfranceklm.fr. This email makes it easy to get in touch quickly.

Is the Air France CEO’s Phone Number Publicly Available?

While we don’t have the CEO’s phone number, there’s still a way to reach out. Try calling the general contact number at Air France’s main office at 01 41 56 78 00. They might be able to connect you with the CEO.

Air France CEO Postal Address

If you’re more comfortable with sending letters, that’s also an option. The CEO’s mailing address is the same as the company’s headquarters. Send your written correspondence to 45 Rue de Paris 95747 Roissy CDG.

Air France CEO Social Media Accounts

Check out Anne Rigail’s social media accounts if you want to follow the CEO’s updates online. We found the CEO’s presence on the following social media platforms.

How Do I Contact the Air France Corporate Office?

Air France is headquartered in Paris. Its corporate office location is 45 Rue de Paris 95747 Roissy CDG. To contact the corporate office, call its headquarters official contact number at 01 41 56 78 00.

Air France Executive Team Contact Details


What is the email address for the CEO of Air France?

The CEO’s professional email address is anne.rigail@airfranceklm.fr. However, you can contact the Air France CEO through other ways except email.

Where is the headquarters of Air France located?

The headquarters of Air France is located at 45 Rue de Paris 95747 Roissy CDG.

How can I contact Air France’s headquarters?

You can contact Air France’s headquarters by calling their main hotline number at 01 41 56 78 00. However, for specific inquiries or customer service issues, call this number.

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