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The Allstate Corporation, founded in 1967, is a major American insurer with headquarters at 2775 Sanders Road, Suite A3, Northbrook, Illinois 60062. 

It was originally established in 1931 as a division of Sears, Roebuck & Co. it became a separate entity in 1993 while still being controlled in part by the parent business.

The Canadian branch of the corporation specializes in “personal lines” insurance. The company is ranked number 79 on Fortune’s list of the 500 largest American corporations, with expected 2018 revenues of $39.815 billion.

Figure 1- Allstate Headquarters Address

Allstate Headquarters Contact Information

There is a physical address for Allstate: 2775 Sanders Rd, Northbrook, IL 60062. It might be possible to pay them a visit if you had a really good cause too. In addition to email, you may use the provided physical address to deliver packages or letters. Their numbers are 1-847-402-5000 and 847-402-3755.

Physical Location2775 Sanders Road Suite A3 Northbrook, IL 60062 United States
Zip Code60062
EstablishedApril 17, 1931; 91 years ago
Name of the Founder(s)Richard Warren Sears
Place of FoundingNorthbrook, United States
Phone Number1-800-669-1552
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Allstate Executive Team

CEO Thomas Wilson leads the Allstate Executive Team. Allstate workers rank their Executive Team in the Top 40% of similar-sized organizations on Comparably with 10,000+ Employees. Chief Marketing Officer Elizabeth Brady is Executive Vice President.

Design and Hispanic or Latino workers are more confident in their Executive Team, whereas Non-Binary and 2–5-year employees say there is space for development.

Thomas Joseph WilsonChair, President and Chief Executive OfficerLinkedIn
Elizabeth BradyExecutive Vice President, Chief Marketing, Customer and Communications OfficerLinkedIn
Eric BrandtExecutive Vice President and Chief Claims OfficerLinkedIn
John DugenskePresident, InvestmentsLinkedIn
Suren GuptaExecutive Vice President, Allstate Technology, Services & VenturesLinkedIn
Troy HawkesExecutive Vice President and General Manager, Allstate Property-Liability Sales, and DistributionLinkedIn
Guy HillExecutive Vice President, Product, Property-LiabilityLinkedIn
Jess MertenExecutive Vice President, and Chief Financial OfficerLinkedIn
Julie ParsonsExecutive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Property-LiabilityLinkedIn
Mark PrindivilleExecutive Vice President, and Chief Risk OfficerLinkedIn
Peter RendallExecutive Vice President and President, National General, an Allstate companyWill update later 
Mario RizzoPresident, Property-LiabilityLinkedIn
Terrance WilliamsExecutive Vice President, and President, Protection Products and ServicesLinkedIn
Bob TooheyExecutive Vice President, Chief Human Resources OfficerLinkedIn
Steve SorensonExecutive Vice President, Corporate Business TransformationLinkedIn

Board of Directors

Each Allstate is driven by a set of corporate objectives established by the company’s Board of Directors. In doing so, they are better able to keep our promises to stakeholder groups.

The president, CEO, and chairman of the board of directors of Allstate is Thomas J. Wilson. The day-to-day operations of the Allstate Corporation are overseen and influenced by him as the company’s chief executive officer.

Other Board of Directors is-

  • Tom Wilson
  • Donald Brown
  • Kermit R Crawford
  • Rich Hume
  • Margaret M. Keane
  • Siddarth N. (Bobby) Mehta
  • Jacques Perold 
  • Andrea Redmond
  • Gregg M Sherrill 
  • Judith A. Sprieser
  • Perry M. Traquina

Allstate Corporate Offices

Insurance for your house, motorbike, and recreational vehicle are just some of the other protection options provided by Allstate, along with term and permanent life insurance. The main office for Allstate is located in Northfield Township, Illinois.

Additionally, Allstate has regional offices across the US. Allstate plaza is the official name of the main structure. Its design is sleek and modern, reminiscent of buildings in the United States today. Investor relations and other departments that support the company’s top brass may be found at the headquarters.

The address and phone number of Allstate’s main office are-

Allstate United StatesLocation: 2012 Corporate Ln #108 Naperville, IL
Phone: 1-800-669-1552
Allstate CanadaLocation: 27 Allstate Parkway, Markham
Phone:  1-800-255-7828
Allstate UKLocation: 10 Mays Meadow, Belfast, Northern Ireland BT1 3, GB
Phone:  +44 28 9067 8000
Allstate IndiaLocation: RMZ Ecoworld, 7th Floor, Building No. 1 Devarabeesanahali Village Varthur, Hobli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560103, India.
Phone:  +91 80 4087 3300

Allstate Different Department Information

Here is Allstate’s HR, Legal, and Finance contact information.

Allstate HR Department/Career Contact DetailsPhone Number: 800-669-2214.Email:
Website: Allstate HR Department
Allstate Legal Department Contact DetailsPhone Number: 1 800 676 5456
Website: Allstate Legal Department
Allstate Finance Department Contact DetailsPhone Number: 1 800 669 1552
Website:  Allstate Finance Department

Allstate Customer Service

Here’s how you can complain to Allstate customer service:

  • Go to the Allstate Contact Us page if you need assistance.
  • Allstate customer service may be reached at 800-255-7828.
  • Write to Allstate anytime at PO Box 660636, Dallas, Texas 75266, United States, or email at
Phone Number800-255-7828
Figure 2- Allstate Headquarters Details

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Allstate Northbrook Moving?

Allstate bought a Loop office building less than two months after selling its Northbrook location. It may become its new headquarters. Allstate stated Tuesday that it bought the 10-story skyscraper at 29 N. Wacker Drive for an undisclosed amount.

Does Allstate Have Good Customer Service?

Allstate, Progressive, and Travelers scored 4.1 out of 5, behind USAA. 46% of claimants are happy with the simplicity of filing and servicing.

Is Allstate Changing Its Name?

After the Transaction, Allstate Distributors, LLC became Everlake Distributors, LLC, and Allstate Life Insurance Company became Everlake Life Insurance Company (the “Company”). Company endorsements reflect name changes.

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  1. I had been an Allstate customer for all of my driving (since being on my father’s policy) and home ownership (1989) years, but no more. I experienced a house fire in 2011, Claim #0215472135. Since I did not have a mortgage, I had the option of doing the repairs myself. It has taken this long & I am still not 100% complete (the death of a child in 2018 slowed me down even further). I was informed today that my policy stated I had to have the repairs made within 180 days of settlement in order to receive the Depreciation payment. Should not the adjuster have pointed that out to me? When I contacted Dennis Yearwood in April 2018, he still did not inform me of this. I sense that this claim is “Black Listed”, in SE Allstate, because I pointed out poor judgement on the part of the adjusters (see payment made 11/16/2011). This claim was subrogated against Lasko, and my understanding is that Lasko paid 100%. Is Allstate to reimburse Lasko that portion of the payment they are now telling me I will not receive? In 2012 I found a “backdoor” to reach a reasonable person within Allstate. That door has been shut. I hope this will reach someone of reason in Allstate. William H Greer 770 595 6284

    • I had a tornado hit my farm and my adjuster on the phone started to laugh and said sorry you didn’t even make your $1000 deductible. Note part of my barn roof is off.
      The siding is loose now for the tornado tried to pull it off, the deck was twisted, the roof new roof shingles are an upside down u. As the temps warm up the majority is back down kinda.
      This agent put me in heart failure and am now sitting in a cardiologist office. Help

  2. My mistake, I was informed by letter in 2011 that I had 180 days to make repairs in order to receive the Depreciation payment. Which, while I should have known this about my policy, begs the question of whether it is ethical for an Insurance company to “hide behind” the Depreciation Accounting scheme? I still would like to know if Allstate has/will reimburse Lasko? William H Greer 7705956284

  3. In May of 2022, I purchased Allstate homeowners & auto insurance as a bundle. I was doing the payments for the full year for each as that also offers a small discount. I split the payments for each. Homeowners was put on my credit card and auto from my bank account.

    Here I am 1 year later looking at the renewal documents for my homeowners policy but I couldn’t find anything on my auto policy. I called Allstate and after being switched around a couple of times, I had a representative that could listen and understand what my concerns were.

    I was told that my auto policy had been cancelled a day or 2 after I had arranged for it! Notes said 2 things 1) insufficient funds, 2) unable to find bank account. I have had this bank account (a credit union) for about 6 years and there was and is much more in the account than was required for the policy. BUT, it was cancelled and there was nothing from Allstate telling me that my policy had been cancelled. They have my phone #, my email and my cell phone. There was no call, no email (although I continued to receive email from them related to auto policies) and no text. I have gone the entire year without auto insurance!

    Once the representative and I took in the full scope of what occurred, we spent over an hour trying to figure out what happened. She said she couldn’t find any indication that an email or any other kind of communication, was sent to me. She wrote up what had happened and was sending it further up the line.
    All I was requesting at this point was that Allstate give me an auto policy without the massive penalty of not having auto insurance for a year.

    Today, 2 days later I called again to attempt find out what was happening. After again being sent to different representatives, I ended up with a woman named, Edith. She looked into the file (she would not take the reference number) and then simply repeatedly stated,
    ‘Allstate was not allowed to issued an auto policy after 5 days after the cancellation of the policy.’ Everything I said her, she would say something along the lines of ‘I can understand why you would be upset. Unfortunately, underwriting rules say we cannot issue you a new policy.’ She had nothing to said about the issue being Allstate’s mistake. Simply repeated her mantra over and over.

    I will have to pay a massive penalty with my new insurance company but I will take my homeowners policy with me to the new company. Then, I will go to any kind of consumer bureau or Allstate related site and WARN PEOPLE of the pathetic practices of the ‘insurance company’!

    • I filed a wind/hail claim on April 2023 and just received a phone call today August 3,2023 from one of FOUR adjusters that worked on my claim, to tell me that the claim was denied. An appointment was made to make sure Allstate contractor and my independent contractor would review the damages together. Allstate stated I didn’t have any damages . My contractor stated I indeed had wind and /hail and supplies photos . . Guess who the adjuster made her decision based on? Allstate contractor! Your right, hide behind the Depreciation. My originally 2005 Home policy was written with TOTAL REPLACEMENT COST . Now being told it’s no longer available. We should be “Grandfather” in if it was original written.

  4. I have had the worst ever experience with Allstate Auto Insurance! Please take the time to read my beyond horrible experience and I pray no other customers have to go through this.

    Claim number 0718822026 Molly

    A deer hit my car on 6/23/3023 and I reached out to Allstate and submitted my claim through their online method. They were quick to respond and send me the initial damage repairs noting that once at the body shop there were additional repairs the photos did not show, they would adjust my claim and pay the body shop directly. That’s where the nightmare began.

    July 15th – the body shop sent the additional repairs to Allstate and an adjuster was assigned. The adjuster did not see the body shop and left. The adjuster never notified Allstate, tried to call the body shop or attempted to contact me for confirmation.

    July 27th – after speaking with the body shop because they had not heard anything at all from Allstate, I reached out to Allstate. It was confirmed they received the body shop estimate on July 15th and they stated they had the correct address, contacts name and number. They tried to reach out to the adjuster to ask what was the reason for delay and to ask he make this a priority.

    August 1st – Neither the body shop nor I have heard from or seen the adjuster. I called Allstate again to see what the delay was,. I was told they called the adjuster again, but had gotten no answer. I also tried to reach the adjuster with no response. I asked about extending the rental terms because this 2 week delay was the fault of Allstate and told it needed manager approval which would happen with 24 hours.

    August 3rd – Still no response from the adjuster or Allstate about where the claim stands so I had to call again. I was told the rental was extended and I asked for it to be covered 100% because this was the fault of Allstate and I shouldnt have to pay out of pocket for their problems. I was told they would send the additional repair estimate to an inhouse adjuster and it would take 3 to 4 days for them to review and reach out to the body shop. I was also told a manager would need to approve the 100% paid rental car.

    August 8th – Still no response about the additional charges. I was told the extended rental was not approved yet so I asked for a manager. I talked to the manager who did confirm the rental was extended because Allstate dropped the ball for over 3 weeks at this point. I asked for them to cover 100% of the extended rental ($9/da) since this was the fault of Allstate and said he would not do it. I asked what would Allstate do for me since this is costing me additional time without my car, that I am having to call every couple of days to check the status, that no one can give me a clear answer, that if I wasn’t calling every few days nothing would be done and if they valued me as a customer, to help me out because it was Allstate that hasn’t done anything for over 3 weeks. He told me he approved the extension of the rental but he would not do anything else.

    Still waiting to hear back from the new claim handler Jante Brinkman about approving the additional repairs so the body shop can start the repairs on my car.
    This nightmare has taken almost 7 weeks and nothing has been done. I was told things that haven’t been true about the adjuster and return calls were not received. I have sat on hold for hours while nothing was accomplished. I have had to stay on top of Allstate every few days when I was told there was nothing I needed to do. All to be told they will not accommodate me in any way – how very disappointing in Allstate! They have dropped the ball for over 3 weeks and dont seem to have any concern about how this affects the customer. When I mentioned finding a company that would appreciate its customers he said “okay”. He was not concerned at all that I was unhappy with my experience or that I was considering leaving.

    IF he calls me back, I will update with the managers name.

    HIghly upset and disappointed Allstate customer!


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