What is the American Home Shield CEO Email?

Generally, people contact the American Home Shield (AHS) through customer care service for home appliances’ warranty. But if they face trouble with the service, they can directly contact the office, even the CEO.

There are two email accounts through which you can contact the CEO. One is a professional email account, and the other is a personal account.

Before we shared his personal and professional email address but he requested us to take it down. That’s why we are unable to share his personal and professional email addresses anymore.

Who Is The CEO Of American Home Shield?

Rex Tibbens is the CEO and president of the AHS corporation. His full name is Rexford J. Tibbens.

How Can I Contact The American Home Shield CEO?

It isn’t easy to contact the CEO of AHS. But you can try contacting him through his email address or personal phone number. If you are lucky, you may get a response.

Is There An American Home Shield CEO Email ID Publicly Available?

Yes. There is an email ID of the CEO of the AHS, which is publicly available. But it’s quite difficult to find it; thus we already provided that email address.

Is there An American Home Shield CEO Phone Number Publicly Available?

You won’t get the phone number of the CEO of AHS too easily as it’s not available everywhere. Though it was tough to get his phone number, we searched the phone number and found it. Here it’s for you 5125602132

American Home Shield CEO Postal Address

Rex Tibbens lives in Memphis, Tennessee, United States. Postal address will give a more accurate and specific idea about his address. The postal address is:

150 Peabody Place Suite 300 Memphis, TN 38103 United States

American Home Shield CEO Social Media Accounts

We couldn’t find any public social media accounts of Rex Tibbens. So, if you want to reach him out through social media, contact him through the social media accounts of AHS. Here are the Facebook and Twitter accounts of the AHS corporation:

AHS Facebook Account

AHS Twitter Account

How Do I Contact American Home Shield Corporate?

You will need to escalate your complaint to the complaint department. You can do it through the customer care service of this corporation. But sometimes, due to various reasons, the complaints can get bounced. If you face this type of issue, you may need to contact the office directly. Here are some ways to do that.

Customer Service Email Address

You can drop your complaints at the email address of the corporation. The email address is:


Customer Service Phone Number

If you don’t get any response to your email, you can call their customer care service number directly. This phone number is available 24/7, and you can talk with the shield agents anytime through this number. Their customer service phone no is:


Executive Contacts

Sometimes, you may fail to contact the corporation through customer care service. In this case, you must try some executive contacts of its mother corporation’s front door home. They are:

  • Scott Brown

Senior Vice President, Customer Experience, Frontdoor Inc

Email account: r.scott.brown@frontdoorhome.com

  • Tony Bacos

Chief Digital Officer and Senior Vice President

Email account: Tony.Bacos@frontdoorhome.com

  • Raj Midha

General Manager and Senior Vice President

Email account: r.midha@frontdoorhome.com

  • Bill Cobb

Chief Executive Officer

Email account: William.Cobb@frontdoorhome.com

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