What Is Apple CEO Tim Cook’s Email?

The American company Apple Inc. is world’s one of the largest multinational technology companies in terms of revenue and market capitalization. It is based in Cupertino, California.

Tim Cook, since 2011, has been leading Apple Inc. as its CEO. Leading this largest technology company isn’t easy, but Mr Cook has successfully done it for many years. Email Tim Cook if you want to contact him to share your concerns, thoughts, or issues. Apple CEO’s Email address is tcook@apple.com.

Emailing him isn’t the only way of connecting with the CEO. You can also send him a letter at his mailing address, call his headquarters number or tweet him on Twitter.

In today’s article, we will take you through every single way of communicating with the Apple CEO. So, let’s jump into the main discussion below:

Who Is The CEO Of Apple?

Tim Cook is Apple’s CEO. He is also a member of Apple’s Board of Directors. Since 2011, the American business executive Timothy Donald Cook has been Apple Inc.’s, Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Tim is leading the world’s one of most valuable companies with expertise and experience.

Prior to being the CEO, Tim was the Chief Operating Officer at Apple in 2011. He was responsible for Apple’s worldwide sales and operations as its COO. Also, he headed the company’s Macintosh division.

Before joining Apple, Tim was Compaq’s Corporate Materials Vice President. And he was responsible for managing and procuring Compaq’s product inventory. Before joining Compaq, Tim was the chief operating officer of Intelligent Electronics’ Reseller Divisions.

How Can I Contact The Apple CEO?

Currently, in the tech world, one of the busiest and most well-known executives is Tim Cook. So it’s natural that connecting with him is challenging as many people want to communicate with him. But we aim to make your struggle easier.

Therefore we will find several ways in which you can attempt to connect with Apple’s CEO. Those ways are:

  • The first and easiest approach is to email Cook’s professional email address tcook@apple.com.
  • Send a letter or written correspondence to the Cook’s mailing address to get more attention. In some cases, compared to email, a letter is a more strong way of getting attention.
  • Call Apple headquarters and ask the customer care representative to connect you with the CEO. It’s possible to connect with Mr Cook through this headquarters phone number.
  • Find out whether Tim Cook is active on social media platforms or not. If yes, take this chance. Add, follow, and comment on her post to get his attention. Also, you can leave a formal message on his account telling him you want to contact him.

Is the Apple CEO’s Email ID Publicly Available?

Yes! Unlike many renowned figures, Tim Cook makes his professional email address public so people can easily reach out to him.

Cook’s business email address is tcook@apple.com. This email is used only as a means to communicate with the customers.

Is Apple CEO’s Phone Number Publicly Available?

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s phone number is publicly unavailable. But still, there is a way to connect with Mr Cook over the phone.

As he works in the Apple headquarters, you can call the Apple HQ’s hotline and ask to speak with the CEO. Explain all the details to the representative so that, considering your case, they can transfer your call to the CEO.

Apple CEO Postal Address

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s office is Apple’s headquarters. So the headquarters address is his mailing address as well. Post your necessary documents at the Apple CEO’s postal address at One Apple Park Way, Cupertino, CA 95014.

Apple CEO Social Media Accounts

Social media accounts impose enough chances for you to get the Apple CEO’s attention. If Cook has a presence on Twitter, tweet him. Similarly, try to post on his Facebook page, comment or reply on his Instagram page.

Most importantly, always remain active on his social media posts to grab his attention. However, his social media accounts links are given below:

How Do I Contact The Apple Corporate Office?

Apple is headquartered in one Apple Park Way, Cupertino, CA 95014. If you want to contact the headquarters customer support team, use the contact information below:

  • Customer Service Phone Number: (800) MY-APPLE (800 – 692 – 7753)
  • Customer Service Email Address: N/A

Apple Executive Team Contact Details

  • Tim Cook – Chief Executive Officer
  • Eddy Cue – Senior Vice President, Services
  • Katherine Adams – SVP & General Counsel
  • Sabih Khan – Senior Vice President, Operations
  • Deirdre O’Brien – Senior Vice President, Retail


How can I email Tim Cook?

Tim Cook is Apple Inc.’s CEO. His professional email address is tcook@apple.com. You can write your thoughts or comments to share with Tim Cook at this email address.

How do I complain to Apple corporate?

To make a complaint at Apple corporate, you can call (800) MY–APPLE (800 – 692 – 7753) or (800) APL – CARE 9800 – 275 – 2273). Or send your written complaint to the company’s mailing address.

Where is Apple Inc.’s headquarters located?

Apple Inc. is headquartered in one Apple Park Way, Cupertino, CA 95014, USA.

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