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Aspen Dental provides the most skilled and supportive dental care to ensure people’s excellent oral health. Aspen Dental practices are committed to treating patients with the respect and compassion they deserve. The practices address your short and long-term dental care requirements and provide comprehensive care.

Aspen Dental corporate office is at 800 W Fulton St, Chicago, IL 60607, USA. Bob Fontana is heading this company as its CEO. To get your required dental service, to fix an appointment, or to know any information, call (844) 296 – 0187 or (800) 277 – 3633.

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Overall Information Of Aspen Dental Headquarters

Category Information 
Headquarters 800 W Fulton St, Chicago, IL 60607, USA
Founding Year1994 
Founders Name Robert Fontana
Contact Number (844) 296 – 0187  or (800) 277 – 3633 
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Aspen Dental CEO Details

Bob Fontana is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Aspen Dental. Under Bob’s leadership, Aspen Dental has become one of the fastest-growing and largest healthcare support organizations.

Bob has pioneered an operating model with the retail and healthcare intersection’s unique grasp. He has significantly put his remarks in the healthcare industry for more than 25 years. He is the Dental Support Organization founding member.

Contacting directly with Bob Fontana takes a lot of work. His email address or telephone number is unavailable. But you can follow him on LinkedIn to learn more details.

Aspen Dental Corporate Office Executive Team Member Contact Details

Bob Fontana Chief Executive Officer & PresidentLinkedIn
Peter Dowd Vice President, Human Resources OperationsLinkedIn
Brian Mueller VP, Call Center OperationsLinkedIn
Margaret Rogers Division Vice PresidentLinkedIn
Melissa Rogne PresidentLinkedIn
Alexander Weiss Chief Financial OfficerLinkedIn
Gina BruzzichesiChief Operating Officer, Aspen DentalLinkedIn
Jeri DorisChief Human Resources OfficerLinkedIn
Dr. Arwinder JudgeChief Clinical OfficerLinkedIn
Jacqueline Morris Chief Strategy & Development OfficerLinkedIn

Aspen Dental Corporate Office HR, Media & Patient Relations Contact Details

  • HR Contact: To learn about Aspen Dental’s available job opportunities, call (800) 277 – 3633.
  • Media Contact: Email your media-related questions to And soon the Media team will answer your query.
  • Patient Relations Contact: For your patient-related inquiries, email

Aspen Dental Board Of Directors

The Aspen Dental Board of Directors leads the clinical support director’s team onboard. Also, the board familiarizes new doctors with Aspen Dental. The Board members are working together to break down barriers to make patients happier and healthier.

However, the board members are:

  • Robert A. Fontana
  • Kevin Mosher
  • John Radford, MD
  • Melissa Rogne
  • Ash Eldifrawi
  • Alexander Weiss
  • Richard Parr
  • Jeri Doris
  • Robert Boxall

Aspen Dental Corporate Office Branches In The USA

Aspen Dental is committed to providing high-quality dental service to the entire United States. Therefore it has offices in different parts of the USA. Now Check out Aspen Dental’s few branch location details below:

  • Manhattan, New York: (Address: 100 W 33rd St, New York, NY10001, USA)
  • Delaware, Ohio: (Address: 1100 Sunbury Rd #712, Delaware, OH 43015, USA)
  • Florida: (Address: 33570 S Dixie Hwy, Florida City, FL 33034, USA)
  • Champaign, Illinois: (Address: 1902 N Prospect Ave Ste 1, Champaign, IL 61822, USA)
  • Euless, Texas: (Address: 2501 Hwy, 121 Ste200, Euless, TX 76039, USA)
  • Washington, Pennsylvania: (Address: 366 Washington Rd, Washington, PA 15301, USA)
  • Allen Park, Michigan: (Address: 3365 Fairlane Dr, Allen Park, MI 48101, USA)
  • Dalton, Georgia: (Address: 849 Shugart Rd, Dalton, GA 30720, USA)
  • Indianapolis, Indiana: (Address: 10110 E Washington St Ste E, Indianapolis, IN 46229, USA)
  • Chandler, Arizona: (Address: 3100 W Chandler Blvd STE C, Chandler, AZ 85226, USA)
  • Lake Geneva, Wisconsin: (Address: 281 N Edwards Blvd, Lake Geneva, WI 53417, USA)
  • Tennessee: (Address: 2800 E Andrew Johnson Hwy, Greenville, TN 37745, USA)
  • Athens, Alabama: (Address: 1323 US Hwy 72 E, Athens, AL 35611, USA)
  • Charleston, South Carolina: (Address: 2051 Sam Rittenberg Blvd Ste A, Charleston, SC 29407, United States)
  • Oklahoma City: (Address: 2123 W Memorial Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73134, USA)


Who is the CEO of Aspen Dental?

Aspen Dental’s Chief Executive Officer is Bob Fontana.

Where is Aspen Headquarters?

Aspen Dental headquarters is 800 W Fulton St, Chicago, IL 60607, USA.

What is the phone number for Aspen Dental?

Aspen Dental’s contact number is (800) 277 – 3633.

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  1. This communication is regarding the Aspen Dental office in Citrus Heights Ca. more specifically at 7861 Greenback Lane, Citrus Heights Ca. 95610.
    For some reason the Aspen dental in Citrus Heights does not want to pay back the rest of my original deposit of $2500. In late 2022 and early 2023 I had some dental work done at the Aspen Dental in Citrus Height. Before this process began, the treatment plan coordinator (Tarah Taber) asked for a $2500 deposit even though I had dental insurance. I paid the sum in order to start getting dental treatment.
    Also as foot note here I have to say that later on I found out my dental situations during my initial visit was made to sound a lot worse than it really was and they led me to believe they can perform a lot of the dental service treatments at that office than they really could. In April 2023 around the 19th I asked for the rest of my deposit money from Aspen Dental since they could not help me with some of the dental procedures I needed help with and so I had to go somewhere else for that kind of dental help. When I asked for the rest of my deposit money they told me that they could not pay me the remainder of my initial deposit because their records showed that not all invoices were paid by my dental insurance company, Delta Dental. I talked to my insurance company and they told me that they’d paid all the invoices. I put the insurance company in contact with dentist’s office when I was also on the call so we can hash out the problem. Aspen dental staff members during that call and during subsequent calls behaved very unprofessionally and were rude to the insurance co. representative and myself. Couple of weeks later I received a letter from my insurance company stating that they’ve sorted out the problem with the dentist’s office and told me that I can ask for the rest of my deposit money to be returned to me at that point. On May 7th 2023 I emailed the person in charge (Tarah Taber) of money and asked for my deposit money to be returned. She never contacted me back. Since then I’ve called several times and made an email request to be re reimbursed me for my money, but no one has responded back or letting me know what’s happening.
    I’d appreciate it very much if you could help me get the rest of my deposit money back since I don’t wish to take this matter to the courts.
    The phone number for Aspen Dental of Citrus Heights is:(916) 547-5914
    The phone number for mu Insurance Company is: (888) 335-8227
    My name & telephone: Majid Razavi (949) 302-3202
    Any help on this is appreciated!

    • Same issues in PLATTSBURGH NY 12901 DENTIST/OWNER CORPORATE BULLY GABRIEL IANCU DDS( diff names online for diff locations..variations of his name incl middle but last name always Iancu.) And the dentist who I am in process of suing for malpractice and lies that the owner and himself made up to “cover ass” ADAM BELMADANI DMD
      Not only were there so many breaches in dental ethics, he performed oral surgery and placement of their version of partials ( not the procedure that was planned which was placement of full dentures as I was aware of the severity of my dental decay along with progressing bone loss..I was 55 after all at time and enamel had been progressing over 20 years, my teeth were chipping etc. But “Dr Adam” INFORMED me that I had salvageable teeth that he was going to leave in place. I have been a licensed professional ( RN) since 1992. License was active until I let go into inactive status after 25+ years doing patient care. I am studying online for my paralegal associates degree now. I only mention this as 1) I have witnessed medical malpractice and coverups and the initial prep of medical professionals to enter into mediation but 2) I know how I conduct myself personally and professionally as well as those previous colleages that I had respected. And I missed the red flags and allowed myself to believe him ( because I wanted to) and NEVER would I have expected a person who made an oath to help not harm to choose money over patient care. He had only had been licensed for 2 years and yet he had already lost the premise of taking pride in his work and had become, basically, a sell out. I was wrong in that I never never researched corporate dentistry and the priority of being generation of revenue as dentists are expected to maintain or exceed a level.Obviously the more profit, the bigger personal into pocket bonuses. After about 3 years, depending upon how well they followed the rules ( aspen dental, admi/ TAG rules vs the ones set forth by the NYS Attorney General in their class action suit in prev years. Those are ignored as they practice as if they are an entity of their own that are “above the law”. Perhaps they are but I won’t accept that. ONE MONTH after my procedure, one of the lower teeth he had saved ( actually to be used to anchor for the “pseudo partial” to save money by giving me the cheapest, most ridiculous looking pieces of s***) started to ache and then turned into a full blown abscess. It was such the fiasco. I wasnt able to eat much after surgery as I am also lucky enough to have mod-severe GI issues .. gerd which progressed to gastritis to peptic ulcer and have have been started on treatment as the at least one of the ulcerarated areas had evidence of recent upper GI bleed. I had known that as the atypical chest pain is something you dont forget.. and of course the other symptoms that only nurses discuss over dinner lol. But I was sick all the time after the botched surgery as I was unable to have food in my stomach at all times as directed to begin with and then my PCP wanted to put me on antibiotics and Hydrocodone. I was “penalized” in a sense with my initial investigation ( or lack thereof) by NYSED opd for not going back to the same dentist who caused so much injury and subsequent pain to allow “attempt to make any adjustments for an unsatisfied patient”. I guess that was me. Merely dissatisfied. I will never step foot in that clinic again and, luckily,I haven’t had to even drive by as it is still fresh in my mind. I couldn’t tolerate antibiotics but, luckily, instead of becoming septic and being hospitalized, it did improve with only home remedies likely because the final % of life it had was gone. The tooth actually came displaced and protruded so much farther from gumline, revealing a huge complete ring of decay near base. It then moved further and now lies horizontally on gum taking up space where there had been an extraction. With only SIX teeth in lower jaw the displaced tooth is now putting pressure on the others causing an overcrowding situation and now my whole bottom jaw is full of loosening painful teeth that are not even close to being aligned. I do still have pain.. every single day, my diet is as healthy as I can make it but I have to supplement with a multivit and especially magnesium as the high mg foods are ones that are impossible for me to consume( leafy greens and other salad ingredients, nuts, legumes, most meats. I had a level drawn recently and was already taking mg supp. It was at the lowest end of normal. With other meds I take, a potential side effect is a heart dysrhythmmia( torsades de pointe which is fatal and low mg is huge in causative factors so, being on the other meds, I need to even further increase supp) It is a rare complication( my specialty was cardiology for 15 yr and did see it but rarely. But, since I was the unfortunate one to walk into aspen dental in plattsburgh, listen to this horrible man who went off on his own and did the procedure that would generate the most profit. I originally went there because I thought that of financial issues. Their brochures, fraudulent from cover to cover lead you to believe this. Then again, they also tout repeatedly that they strictly follow ADA ethical guidelines and I found that odd that it would even be mentioned as, when I sent out my initial letters of dispute as advised, the ADA responded that they could not assist me as “aspen dentists” are not members of ADA. Then they advised me to contact the license discipline board at NYSED( which I had and that initial letter requesting investigation was ignored, despite being sent twice) and to get an attorney asap. But their misrepresentation was widespread so I guess leading us “gullible patients” to believe something by throwing around names doesnt seem to be as significant now. The general dentists at aspen dental only carry the basic license and aren’t legally allowed to use oral sedation or even nitrous oxide. Admittedly, I was determined to learn all I could about these people. I was truthfully putting the most negative reviews possible on an site that I found. ( I ONLY did this as step 3. I wrote to the actual clinic and dentist, the address I had on file for the dentist/ owner, the CEO robert fontana, members at corporate headquarters… no responses. #2 were the letters of dispute to NYSAG main office and local office, ADA along with another agency that I was told later wasnt applicable in dental dispute. All pointed me to the one NYS lic dept that, I said, ignored me although it was received. I was advised to, if ignored by aspen after first two steps to use social media which I did and was contacted. I am embarassed how gullible I can be as I was actually optimistic when, in communication with their regional manager, I was asked in 12/22 for an amount of $ that I would accept to “be done”. I gave her a lower than would have likely been normal but, by then, it more of an issue that aspen should at least deal some type of repercussion and, to repair damage done, I am not sure that it is even possible and I will never be able to afford in my lifetime. They were obviously thrilled with offer with acceptance within 1-2 days .. clearly stated in email with names and titles of dentists along with amount of settlement offer ( over $9000) that the dentists accepted and wanted to proceed and she would expedite process. I thought the fight part was over. My life had been in ruins . I doubt that they would care if they saw me months later, self isolating, in a deep depression, rarely left house as they had taken every ounce of self confidence that I had. I didnt care about myself anymore to the point where I went without showering or changing clothes for weeks. Slept away time as much as I could. I wasnt me anymore. I am finally feeling better most of the time, likely because I tried to keep my mind from going there for a few months for my 2 daughters’ sake.
      I didnt forget that your #1 issue was financial and insurance related. I meant to respond to that first. Being ignored and underestimated by these horrible people that have so little self worth that they can be bought and paid for, I spent much time looking into everything. I had a phone conversation with a rep from my private insurance company ( AMERITAS/ PHYSICIANS MUTUAL PPO) I knew only the basics on insurances. It would seem, though, that such education would be mandatory for those in a billing dept in a clinic that is part of a huge corporation. I was merely calling to request copies of any billing records that I could review. After speakinq with rep, and a supervisor and having them send me emails, I learned that aspen had breached the contract with ins company. ASPEN is an in network provider and, being so, had a max contracted rate that they were allow to bill members. ASPEN billed me full price ( even for the upsell of the deep gingival clean, scaling planing thing that is ” a bit pricey and not covered by insurance” .. it’s purpose is to prevent worsening gingivitis, leading to bleeding gums
      further recession in gums which eventually will lead to loose teeth and eventual tooth loss. This was MANDATED before surgery to extract teeth . I guess that it woudnt be okay for teeth to be loose before being extracted???? I understand now, though, if you lose a tooth before they extract it, then it would be “unethical” and “illegal” to charge for it and would an ASPEN dentist do that? ( I do apologize for the bit of added sarcasm). I learned on the day of procedure that “a little pricey” in aspen world is $2000. That was the reason I was asked for $3000 more on the procedure date( after$3000+ on day 1) I cried, anxiety kicked in as I didnt have it. I had to call and beg to borrow $. Then, thanks to insurance company who graciously not only sent me invoiced submitted by ASPEN AND DR BELMADANI but also sent a clear (even for me) explanation of why I was overcharged more than $2000. I contacted aspen the next day and regional manager first told me “no that’s not right” and started to explain but I stopped her and told her that I would be sending docx from company and told her to please call the co with questions. I sent all email comm to her and to office manager as well. At some point, she mentioned that they were doing a full insurance audit ..all patients. I checked in once ? 3 wks or more later for update and she denied receiving documents at all.. like we had never discussed the issue and yet an audit had been initiated a month ago. I did resend all without comment. This happened after my offer had been accepted and I was waiting , trying to be patient, but uneasy, for the update on settlement. It seems that I had angered the aspen dental boys as, a month after we had settled I received an email( by then I had requested all comm by email “so I could understand information” The regional manager was a piece of work as she was so condescending to put it mildly. After I finally called her out on her contradictory emails that confirmed their guilt in every aspect, she refused to communicate further with me without a third party rep. I did offer sympathy, ensuring that she was aware that when things became problematic that she would be thrown under the bus first.
      But the 2nd email I refer to is one stating that I had misunderstood the previous email regarding the acceptance offer. ( it is obvious that she doesnt recall exact wording) She states that I had misunderstood and that there was no offer presented to the dentists. They were, however, prepared to offer me an amount of $2000+, very close to the amount that they owed me for insurance overpayment. She added that i would need to sign a release of liability form first though. Also she mentioned that my social media reviews also played a role in the determination. ( ok .. keeps getting better…i was thanking her silently) She ends with a lie from the two dentists that I already had documentation disproving stating that their story of events has me refusing to have the work done( full dentures) that I went for but demanding that they perform a more conservative treatment.. ( because I wanted to have random teeth removed to look as freakish as possible so i would never again enjoy life outside without fear of making small children cry or maybe I just like pain and that I was happy that my tooth abscessed after one month because I just wanted to visit the fraudulent business again and hope that they would overcharge me and obviously have them practice some tactics of manipulation.. some attempts at intimidation, some really bad lies as perhaps I might trust them now, after all they have done) I don’t understand though, as
      they must have been educated on the art of lying, why these two ( I don’t know others personally but only that there are so many “destroy aspen dental” ish sites online from across country, there are many people who will walk/ run away from any moral ground fot the almighty dollar. I am not surprised by the lies. And it has nothing to do with money for them. The money that was in my agreement, these dentists could have grabbed from their wallets or, if really necessary, hit the atm 1000 ft away. It’s more and that’s what I find a bit off. I had documents to disprove every fictitious act that they came up with, some from their own staff. They never even got names of the 2 dentists I saw.. one prior one later but made up a lie that my statement and office notes from the the first dentist will disprove. I have my own thoughts but that’s all they are
      In regard to insurance breach, in my case, initially I actually thought that it might have been unintentional. Now, after they have continued attempts at causing me more pain, I think differently. I would never learned about being overcharge had I not stumbled upon it while trying to gather as much information on these people. Even after they were aware of this issue and the endless audit began, I was still stalled. And then they stopped taking my calls. I had to have an insurance rep step in to facilitate refund.
      The refund was finally deposited around April 14, 2023. I never mentioned that my botched surgery and subsequent injury, pain only exacerbated by the petty games and manipulation from Aspen Dental was on July 27, 2022. So I have passed my first year anniverary of that day. That day, even with blood streaming down my face.. manually holding im grossly oversized pieces of sharp plastic in my mouth as they fell out if not held. Refusing to leave room for 2 days.. woke up with 2 black eyes..Medications got stuck under the fake palate and dissolved before I could swallow them. As long as I didnt look in the mirror I told myself that, maybe it was all normal. But then it wasnt. It took so many months to feel even a little better sometimes. I was such a different person before this .. so active.. so many plans .. I take responsibility for allowing them to affect me to that point . But I felt lost. And after I stopped the crying every single day for months, I tried turning it into anger which was helpful for a bit but then I would hit a wall, fall down and it took me more time to stand up again. Now I took time to decompress. I’m not crying. I am not angry at the world. I’m not 100% me.. not close. I am still self conscious despite having a high quality partial made for the upper.( after procedure done at aspen and resulting injury my nice new dentist told me that it was really the only option. Its not perfect but its not cheap plastic and it stays in my mouth. The bottom teeth.. I am in no position to have anything done at this time and .. when I eventually make it into a courtroom.. I shall use by hideous pieces of smile as exhibit A.
      In actuality it did cross my mind to stop the fight.. try to get back the better me. That might be the best in terms of what’s right for me on a personal level. I considered it for .. not long. I refuse to just walk away from a corporate bully because that is exactly what they expect. But the old me that I want back was stronger than that. At this point I am stronger than that. And I am more determined that ever to get some sense of justice, through legal system or licensure stipulations or by going down a completely different route. My intelligence and creativity are two things that werent taken away. And I promised myself and others that I was in it til the end from the beginning. And I am. I am actually starting from step 1 again as emotionality and my lack of knowledge in certain aspects of dispute kept me from being as effective as I should have been. I will try to find legal representation asap this time. I was easily discouraged by a few( or more) rejections the first time so I flew solo at the beginning with the exception of some legal advise. But, specifically, when the offer for settlement was accepted and it was clear and inclusive of all information, only when it was ripped away for reasons without legal merit the question hit me.. according to tort law a contract is legally binding even if not signed by all parties as long as three conditions are met. So..I had that information. Was I correct? A lawyer would have been helpful. I am a paralegal student that has actually fallen behind in studies… because of a lawsuit??? . And I do now believe that the contract breach with insurance and being overcharged was fully intentional. These people have repeatedly lied to me. Now to believe that information I was able to receive in one phone call to the insurance company when i wasn’t even looking for specific info was not common knowledge to the people that specialize in billing. And then stalling me, discussing audits etc. But again, attorney that I hadnt retained, since I eventually received refund after agent involved a mere 9 mo.after taking it from me, is there any basis which constitutes insurance fraud?. Fortunately there is a NYS statute of limitation for dental malpractice is 2y 6 m and I am 1y 1.5m in and will not wait this time.
      So I will be first send out new and improved letters of intent to all appropriate aspen employees, board, corp etc. Step 2 is different as I know now that I need to send only two letters. I shouldnt have to send any as I sent a long ( too long) letter of dispute and request for investigation to NYSED opd. A “lead investigator” did respond this time and reported that he would be in charge of investigation into potential misconduct of Adam Belmadani DMD of Aspen Dental Plattsburgh and gave me a case # assuring me that he keep me updated. I fell for it. I contacted him once a month as I heard nothing. The only responses were that they had requested their files but hadnt received. I believe 3 requests but real updates involving an investigative process. I found out by form letter 2 days after records had been received and apparently reviewed by board. There were no findings of misconduct. I was disgusted and completely shocked. I have seen licensing board investigate nurses .. but that actually involved speaking to people and getting statements. Proof? Even better. But I was very calm and rational when emailing this investigator and merely requested that he review the process with me as I hadnt been asked for any documentation as I had made it clear that I did have info to disprove what was written in charts as they were likely the same lies as told to me. I mentioned the delay in obtaining records and mentioned that they were not going to allow themselves to be seen in a negative light. I almost choked when he said that aspen was well versed on the importance of truth in documtation( not exact words) I got nowhere and realized with each standard answer that there was no reason to continue. There was no investigation. There was the reading of my complaint. There was him being assigned case. I am sure he delegated the task of requesting charts so he had to wait and then have them delivered to the board who made decision on that alone. I had even updated this person when I had new info. For instance, if a visit had been made to the clinic, he may have been surprised that the dentist working was….. not Adam Belmadani. As records were requested indicating investigation had surface, he fled or was fired or ..but the fact that he is no longer there has not, to this day, is still hidden on all sites etc. I know where he has been practicing thanks to social media followers who went in for their exam and was introduced to the dentist that will be taking over. I don’t know the circumstances but that he left aspen (and it has not public knowledge) at this particular time.. and the fact that I wasnt asked for my own documentation… I do know that Aspen victims often fail to pursue as they feel and are told that it is futile( i see that), or they give up quickly. The Aspen Dentists expected me to do that as well. But I am the victim and my life has been hell because of it. They continued their normal daily routine as if my life was of no significance. That is how patients are treated if they complain. The staff feel a sense of superior, that they have a sense of entitlement. I would love them to just pop out of their delusions of perfection just for a minute and say…” HELLO? YOU ARENT RICH BECAUSE YOU HAVE TALENT..YOU ARE A SELLOUT. ANYONE CAN BE ONE.. MOST OF PEOPLE CHOSE TO DO BETTER”.. not that they would remember after they went back into their own world where people are obligated to tell them how great they are
      BUT the NYSED opd.. that investigator ..they are expected to be legit and do complete investigations or so I had believed. They determine whether a practitoner should be allowed or trusted putting his hands on you, or your loved ones. I would never want my experience to be repeated on someone else and yet it has been and will be again. How can anyone be okay with this. I can’t let this go. THIS IS NOT OK!!
      So I will be going back their in step2( which will likely be at same time as step #1 this time as Aspen people have no interest in injured victims so it is highly unlikely that they get past “to whom it may concern”. A letter similar to the one going to NYSED ( with an addendum explaining why also contacting their office) will be going to the attorney generals office. I have always loved to learn. I crave it. But this past year, I almost wish I could unlearn so many things. It makes me sick to learn the true identities and values of people. And I really hope that “it isnt what it looks like” when a govt dept that has purpose of protecting people from being treated by people that could cause grievous injury due to mere incompetence, impairment or simply by taking shortcuts, will overlook complaints on certain dentists or companies.

      So, I’m not sure if I could like myself anyway if all of this happened to me and so much just was so very wrong, how can I walk away? Who else wants to deal with the fight. But now I can look at it as something other than an obsession taking over my life because I wont allow that. It will be a part of me getting stronger. And it is a good thing to stand up to bullies in any classification.

  2. I also have had an issue getting a refund . I had to prepay for a heavy cleaning procedure that my insurance covered roughly 60 percent off . I have been waiting over 3 months and have spoken to quite a few people and never return my calls. This is a terrible way to treat patients I know I will never recommend or use Aspen dental again

  3. I also am a victim of the shady business practices of Aspen Dental in Mattoon, Illinois. You need to shut that place down! More thieves!! They made me buy an dental plan for $200 and now they refuse to accept it. All of my teeth are extremely lose and painful. I grind my teeth and I didnt know. It’s been going on since the beginning of the pandemic and of course, dentists took several years off because they couldn’t be bothered with Covid. Now, years later I have only 13 teeth left as I pulled 6 or 8 before I could even get into a dentist. I recently had a heart attack due to the condition of my teeth. I can’t eat, I can’t drink, I cant work, I’m in constant pain. I’ve called this location on 4 occasions with pain level at 10 and Ive been to 2 appointments and NO ONE WILL DO ANYTHING!!!! They say to come back and nothing happens. This is cruel and unusual punishment. I’m pretty sure I’ve got an extremely air tight lawsuit but I want some relief!!!!!!! How can you allow places to run in this manner? It’s illegal and it is organization wide. Ive come to the conclusion that they are acting as if they have some sort of dental training but I cant tell, no one has even looked at my mouth!!!! The front desk people are rude and dont know the first thing about customer service. If it is the last thing I do, I will make sure that Aspen Dental is such a bad word that no one will speak it except for the judge. I’m coming for you and I don’t back down. PS You can tell “Dawn” I’ll be waiting for her in a dark alley!!!!

  4. I have experienced yet another encounter with Aspen Dental Panama City, Florida. This is not my first complaint and it is sad that they are ongoing the way they are. I started going to Aspen Dental when I lived in Yulee, Florida and was so relieved that when we moved here to Panama City that there was one close to my house. I regret going to this establishment for all the reasons.This is the second complaint that I have files against this organization. Neesha the front desk clerk did not even greet me when I entered the establishment for my appointment this morning.She is rude and very unprofessional and I am not sure why she would be the first person to interact with customers entering the front door. So, today I went to have my teeth cleaned and it was “recommended” that I have an irrigation. Since it was stated as a “recommendation”, I opted not to have it. I asked why I need it and the dental hygienist stated that in order for her to clean my teeth that I was required to have the irrigation so remove the recommend and add mandatory. She in the same conversation as I ask why do I need it stated that there was a little sign of gingivitis and I said well I an deal with that later and she refused to do the service stating that if I did not agree to the irrigation that she would not clean my teeth or do the fluoride treatment that is covered under my insurance. She then stated with frustration that she could just charge me for the gingivitis
    treatment and that would cost me $200. I felt like that was an insult as to if I couldn’t afford the services. I explained to her that the payment is not my concern, my concern was from it going from a recommendation to a mandatory service.At this point I feel uncomfortable
    with the first two interactions that I have had with this office. The dental hygienist name was Hailey. When she called me back her body language was negative and I asked her if there was another hygienist that could clean my teeth because I do not feel safe with her cleaning my teeth. She stated that she did not have an attitude and then stated if you want your teeth cleaned I am the only one available and you can come this way. I asked why did she heave to make that comment in haste and she stated that it was not. She then left the room and came back with the office manager, the doctor, and herself, I felt attacked. She stated that she does not feel comfortable doing my cleaning and that they think I am not a good fit for their office over at the beach. Basically, what I heard was that they refused service from me and because of how I have been treated they are not willing to service me at all. This was just not right and it was very unprofessional. The office manager allowed it to happen and I immediately told them that I will not be going to any Aspen Dental ever again and I asked for a record transfer paper so that I can transfer to a local, non-commercial company. I have such a terrible vision on this establishment in particular and from the reviews that I have read online, the better business bureau, and the aspen dental complaint page, I am not the only one that has had issues with this office. Therefore, I know that it is not me as an individual, that it is the entire establishment and multiple people are affected by this. I clearly just don’t understand how a business could treat their paying and insurance covered patients the way they treat people. It behooves me, I should be able to ask questions about my care plan and ask what all is included. I do not feel like anyone should get an attitude with me or tell me that a service is recommended and then when I refuse it tell me it is mandatory and they won’t see me because of my questions, because of how they made me feel uncomfortable, and because I don’t understand dental lingo and I ask for a breakdown of what they are making me do. It’s not right and it is not fair.

  5. I put a down payment of 3700 for future services and to pay half of what was ginna be a 7k deal I found out my insurance covers it iv called numerous times trying to get my money back and they just say the same shit it’s been a month now and I still don’t have it

  6. I’m having the same problem with the Rutland Vermont Aspen Dental. They charged my for services that were not preformed. Every time I call corporate they tell me a different story. They said it was my insurance company had not paid for service. Then they give me the excuse that they are having computers upgraded and are waiting for that to issue my refund. I’m getting late fee charges from their credit company fortivia. Aspen dental is ruining my credit. I need the owner CEO’s e-mail contact information. Someone please help!!!!!
    Aspen dental is robbing people!!!!.

  7. i live in asheville went to aspen two get two teeth pulled and son
    me dentures they pulled the teeth put bovine in my gums gave me intermeadite dentures said wear them for 4 months at the end of the 4 months i went back i had paid 3200 bucks and my insurance paid 3200 anyway when i went back they got my intermeadate did a reline called me said my teeth were ready 6400 bucks included the intermeadite and the classic they give me the pair i went in with and said bye no new teeth no nothing gonna call a lawyer and see what can be done dont even want them now just a refund


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