What Is AT&T CEO John Stankey’s Email Address?

AT&T INC. is a USA-based multinational telecommunications holding company. It is headquartered in Downtown Dallas, Texas. In terms of revenue, AT&T is globally the third largest telecommunications company. On top of that, across the USA, it is the third largest mobile telephone services provider.

Since July 2020, John Stankey has assumed AT&T’s Chief Executive Officer role. So today’s focal point is how you can communicate with Mr. John. The easiest way to contact AT&T’s CEO is by emailing him. AT&T CEO Email addresses are john.stankey@att.com or js9991@att.com

You can communicate with CEO John through these email addresses or leave messages on his social media accounts. Through the legal channel, you can also try to contact the CEO, such as calling AT&T’s corporate office.

In today’s guide, we will reveal all the details of AT&T’s CEO, his journey in the company, and many more. So start reading this guide without further ado!

Who Is The CEO Of AT&T?

John Stankey is the Chief Executive Officer of AT&T Inc. Since July 2020; he has led this company as CEO. Prior to being the CEO, he served this company as President and Chief Operating Officer. John’s leadership drives AT&T as the best connectivity provider. In addition, the CEO focuses on the company’s transformation.

In 1985 John joined AT&T. For 37 years, he has been serving the company and accomplished his leadership at AT&T. He has played a significant role in nearly AT&T’s every business area and established his footprint.

John Stankey has served in different roles, including WarnerMedia’s CEO, AT&T Entertainment Group’s CEO, and AT&T Operation’s CEO. He also served as Chief Technology Officer and AT&T Business Solutions CEO. John is serving as a member of the Board of Directors of AT&T.

How Can I Contact The AT&T CEO?

There are several ways of contacting AT&T CEO John Stankey. The most convenient way is sending an email to him.

If you think email is not the best way to communicate for you, you can also use other ways. Below we will tell you all the ways to contact the AT&T CEO.

  • Send a short email describing your issue to john.stankey@att.com or js9991@att.com.
  • Follow John Stankey on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Leave a short and polite message on his social media chat box.
  • Call AT&T headquarters’ customer support team and request them to connect you with the company’s CEO.

Is the AT&T CEO’s Email ID Publicly Available?

Yes! It’s good news that the AT&T CEO’s email addresses are publicly available. Prepare a short email that contains important issues. After That, send it to the CEO’s business email address john.stankey@att.com or js9991@att.com.

Is AT&T CEO’s Phone Number Publicly Available?

Unfortunately, AT&T CEO’s personal or professional phone number is publicly unavailable. But AT&T headquarters contact number is available: (210) 821 – 4105. You can call this number and attempt to connect with the CEO.

AT&T CEO Postal Address

AT&T CEO’s postal address is the company’s headquarters address, 208 S. Akard St., Dallas, TX 75202. Post your inquiry, gift card, or anything at this postal address.

AT&T CEO Social Media Accounts

Nowadays, social media platforms are the individual’s reflection. You will get almost every update news of the company’s CEO on his social media profile. You can follow the CEO’s social media account without any restrictions.

Now check out John Stankey’s social media accounts link below:

How Do I Contact AT&T Corporate Office?

AT&T Inc is headquartered in Dallas, TX. Its headquarters mailing address is 208 S. Akard St., Dallas, TX 75202. Check out the corporate office customer care team’s phone number and email address below:

  • Customer Service Email Address: sales.id@ap.att.com
  • Customer Service Phone Number: (210) 821 – 4105

Except for the email and phone number, you can reach AT&T’s customer support team through live chat, social media, and support forums.

AT&T Corporate Office Executive Team Contact Details

Let’s now check out the management team member’s name who is successfully leading and managing AT&T Inc.


Who is the current CEO of AT&T?

AT&T’s current CEO is John T. Stankey. He is an American businessman and currently serving as the company’s CEO. He is also a member of AT&T’s Board of Directors.

How do I get in touch with the CEO of AT&T?

To contact AT&T’s CEO, email him at john.stankey@att.com or js9991@att.com. Or call (210) 821 – 4105 and ask the executive office representative to speak with the CEO. Also, you can leave messages on the CEO’s LinkedIn and other social media accounts.

How do I contact AT&T corporate headquarters?

To contact the AT&T headquarters, call the corporate office main phone number (210) 821 – 4105.

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