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Best Buy Headquarters is located at 7601 Penn Ave S, Minneapolis, Richfield,  MN 55423, United States.

Best Buy is a retailer of consumer technology that offers from PCs to TVs and mobile phones. The business’s headquarters is situated in Richfield, Minnesota. Established in 1966 as an audio specialty business called Sound of Music by Richard M. Schulze and James Wheeler. 

It was relaunched under its present form, “Best Buy” with a focus on consumer electronics in 1983. Best Buy-branded shops have light brown building exteriors, with the entryway looking like a blue box rising from the framework. We will talk all about the contact information of Best Buy throughout this article. 

Best Buy Headquarters Contact Information

The head office of Best Buy is situated at 7601 Penn Avenue South in Richfield, Minnesota. The business’s main site is over 1.5 million square feet and employs over 5,000 people. The complex includes many structures, such as the business’s signature blue box-shaped structure, which acts as both the flagship shop and corporate headquarters.

The office property features cutting-edge amenities including a staff exercise facility, a restaurant, and a coffee house. In addition to its distribution facilities, call centers, and corporate offices, the corporation maintains various other offices and facilities around the United States.

Physical Location7601 Penn Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55423, United States
Zip Code55423
EstablishedAugust 22, 1966
Name of the Founder(s)Richard M. Schulze & James Wheeler
Phone Number+1 612 291 1000
FacebookBest Buy – Home | Facebook
TwitterBest Buy | Twitter
LinkedInBest Buy | LinkedIn
InstagramBest Buy Instagram

Executive Team Information

Best Buy is led by Corie Barry, Chief Executive Officer. Best Buy’s Chief Marketing Officer, Jason Bonfig, also has a significant influence on the organization’s actions.

The executive team of Best Buy also comprises the following individuals:

Personnel PostContact
Corie BarryCEOLinkedIn
Jason BonfigChief Merchandising OfficerLinkedIn
Matt BilunasChief Financial OfficerLinkedIn
Deborah Di SanzoPresidentLinkedIn
Todd HartmanChief Risk OfficerLinkedIn
Mark IrvinChief Supply Chain OfficerWill Update Later
Kamy ScarlettChief Human Resources OfficerLinkedIn

Corie Barry: CEO of Best Buy

Best Buy’s CEO is Corie Barry. She additionally belongs to the board of directors for the corporation.

Corie held a number of senior positions before becoming CEO in June 2019. She was the company’s Chief Financial and Strategic Officer most recently.

Corie began at Best Buy in 1999 and has worked in a number of managerial and financial roles within the company.

Prior to entering Best Buy, Corie began working as an auditor at Deloitte & Touche.

Corie is a Minnesota native who received graduate degrees in accounting and management from the College of St. Benedict, where she currently operates on the trustee board. She also sits on the Domino’s Pizza board of directors.

Best Buy Board of Directors

The names of the Best Buy Board of Directors are given below. For further information, see Best Buy Co., Inc. – Investor Relations – Governance – Board of Directors.


Best Buy Various Departments Contact Information

Different departments may be able to assist you in various ways. The contact information for each of Best Buy’s departments is shown below.

Best Buy Customer Service

Using their website, Best Buy corporate can be contacted directly. To submit a question visit Best Buy For Businesses.

You can also make a direct phone call. Global contact number: 1-800-304-7955.

Best Buy Job Enquiry Information

Best Buy accepts internship and job applications online. Best Buy often posts job vacancies in a wide range of sectors and locations. Apply for available positions at Best Buy Jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions

 How can I contact Best Buy’s IR department?

You can contact Best Buy’s IR department by directly Emailing them or calling them by phone. The contact information is given below-

How can I contact Best Buy’s Media department?

You can contact Best Buy’s Media department by directly Emailing them or calling them by phone. The contact information is given below-

Where can I sign up for regular Email alerts from Best Buy?

You can sign up at Best Buy Co., Inc. – Investor Relations – Resources.

Enter your address and choose at least one subscription to get alerts through email. You will get an email after entering your information. To activate your subscription, click the link in the email. More subscriptions can be added at any time.

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  1. I cannot believe the way Best Buy is decided to treat their customers I am so disgusted the way that I was treated on the phone and in the store today I will do my best to post everything about this experience on social media platforms everywhere

    • I get it… I went through the ceiling with the poor level of support with 4 agents…. refusing to transfer me to the usa when things to a quick downturn… and I wish I was kidding… some did not recognize the words
      United States… I feel worked over by my relentless attempts to get the support I was directly asking for…. the cultural differences is astounding and I had this one guy…not hear the 30 times I said no…I feel like a need a shower after those calls. drove myself down to the store.. for help and they are unable… lesson learned. no more purchase of appliances, tvs etc from best buy… the customer support is not what I signed up for . I would not be in the situation with a 2nd large screen tv failure…. this one lasted 5 months…never again will I spend my money and time for a company who subjects the customer to a litany of customer service games..yuck Best Buy. what happened to you. sorry fo your situation John

    • I 2nd that!!!!!!!!!! I lost $500.00 in a gift card bought at Best Buy. The store would not do anything. I called “Corporate” and they told me yo go back to store to get a resolution. Really!! Corporate can not handle their stores!!!

  2. I tried to get a price match 20 days after the purchase. The customer care representatives said they had to follow the 15-day policy. When I asked them for an in-store credit ($327) towards my next purchase of $4600, they still said no. No worries: keep the $327, and I’ll be shopping elsewhere.
    With your 15-day return/price match policy, you should rename your company to “Worst Buy”.

  3. I will start by letting you know it is tortuous even writing these emails and takes a great deal of time and effort as I suffer from a Traumatic Brain Injury with severe cognitive Deficits, PTSD, Severe Major Depression and an anxiety/Panic Disorder. Due to my Head injury, I am not supposed to become overly stressed or upset. Unfortunately, since this all began around 9th Oct 2023 it has been nothing but an increasing nightmare that has caused me 3 episodes already and migraines that have made me unable to see.
    I have been lied to, Ignored, disrespected and treated with the greatest lack of respect that no one should ever show to the lowest of the low. Not A Total Tech Loyal Member of the Best Buy customer service membership.
    On the 9th of October around 11:55 PM my daughter came running into my room frantic as she and her husband had been camped in the living room playing video games on our wall-mounted 75″ TV.
    Suddenly it came crashing down on top of two Xboxes
    All I expected was that they would replace the 75″ TV and the Xbox One series XS, ( I am not technical, but I think that is what it is. It is a newer model) because the TV and one of the Xboxes were still under warranty, and replace the other Xbox, with something of equal value, and refund us for the wall mount (as it was the wrong wall mount for the TV and encouraged by Best but installers to buy. At this point, I must say that in the pictures of the damage, you can see the MANY attempts that we have had to call Best Buy and they have sent people out to try and Remount the TV. They have asked me before if I wished to put in a claim for damages to my wall. But I didn’t want to be so petty as the TV covered all the holes.) On March 23rd they came out to install a TV in my room but also had to readjust the brackets on the 75″ TV as it was already becoming unstable.
    on June 1st my father became Ill in Australia, so I flew home for two months to take care of him.
    I did not think to check the wall mounts when I got home.
    I should have.
    But there were other issues going on and there was a lot of distraction.
    The incident happened around 11:55 pm on October 9th. I called Best Buy right away and they had a tech guy come to our house on the 11th. Named “Niko” He too said the bracket was wrong and took pictures and noticed they had only secured the mounting to the wall with three bolts. that after trying to mount the TV. He was also shocked by the way they had mounted the TV. The fact they had put a moveable mount on a 75″ TV and all the other holes in the wall from the many times they had tried and failed to mount the TV only to have to come back out later as it was pulling away from the wall. Niko also noted they had not even attached the Bracket to any studs. And in all good sense should have recommended not mounting the TV but getting an entertainment unit and placing it on that. (I have gone and purchased one now as a birthday gift for my daughter, so the TV won’t be mounted.)
    Luckily, we caught it the first three times. The last we were not so lucky. Fortunately, my children had moved a table forward as they were camped out in the living room playing their Xboxes’
    If they hadn’t, they could have been seriously hurt.
    When the TV came out of the wall with the Mounting bracket still attached it landed on top of the two Xboxes (One is still Under warranty) the other is older and should I believe be covered by total tech. I am unsure, But even so should be replaced by Best Buy as it is their fault due to the incompetent installation of their product this whole thing happened.
    When it was reported on the 9th they seemed reasonable and the tech “Niko” said he would put it in as an escalation and all would be well, and his boss would call me the next day.
    #322390036 I heard nothing. So, I called on the 13th they said it was being processed, and someone would call me. I heard nothing. So, I called again on the 15th. they told me the same thing. Nothing, no one called.
    No-one cared.
    I called on the 16th and got a gentleman named David on the phone who actually looked and said my claim was denied the very same day it was put in because it was put in wrongly. So, he said he filed another claim. #322536864
    I also asked him to give me the name of the insurance company and how I could get a hold of them because I had promised my daughter all this would be fixed by her birthday. (Which you expect it would be easily fulfilled in a month)
    So, on the 17th, I started to get a hold of Sedgwick. But that was next to impossible as there was NOBODY there. You had to leave a voicemail. And no one would call back. Finally, on the 18th after repeatedly calling every number I could find and going on the web to find their company. I got a human on the phone. She looked and told me Bust Buy had NEVER filed ANY claims on my behalf. NOT EVER.
    She went into the Best Buy system and found the #322536864 Bust Buy incident report and was able to make a claim number under that for me #4A2310KBKGB0001 Her name was Olivia.
    she then transferred me back to Best Buy to let them know so they could send all the documents to that claim from the detailed report “Niko” had made including the pictures. Yet I got one of the Rudest most condescending vile women on the phone that I have ever had the displeasure to speak to. by the name of Kate. Apparently, someone was disillusioned enough to promote her to a supervisory position.
    I finally managed her to take down the Sedgwick claim number but had the impression she was Not going to do anything with it.
    So, after waiting about three days still no one had called me, and I had had two seizure-like episodes due to the stress of it all and was now weighing 73lbs I filed a complaint with the ethics department after having my daughter read me some of your policies.
    I run a nonprofit charitable Foundation for those who have suffered physical and mental violence due to domestic violence. so, I am somewhat familiar with ethics, morality, the treatment of those who are in need and the ability to give out of humanity and human kindness. My charity is Called Humanity Speaking Inc. and you can look it up on the web at if you wish.
    We have two Items still under warranty. One Xbox that is not is an older model, some repair to a wall and wishes for a refund for a mounting bracket that never should have been proposed for us to buy. The honouring of the replacement of two items that remain under warranty and upheld by our total Tech membership.
    I too have pictures and videos just as your Tech does. A tech who was in total agreement with us when he saw how the TV was mounted. It was mounted badly. Several times, in several places, with the wrong bracket in the wrong place and done badly. That is negligence on the part of Best Buy.
    There is no going around it. There is no explaining it away.
    We have been MORE than reasonable. Even to the point of spending more than 24 hours on the phone with a laundry list of people. and dealing with this till it has affected my health physically and Mentally.
    We are not asking for more than we have. We are just asking for what is right and fair.
    Your own policies hold you to a standard of ethical and moral behaviour that is better than your competitors and guarantee that you are willing to go above and beyond to ensure your customers are satisfied and happy with the mission statement you have set for yourself.
    I stand before you as a Very loyal long-term customer and ask for your help and to please not let me down in this situation.
    I sent an email to Ruben at your corporate Best Buy team. but realized I sent it to the wrong email address. so I just resent it. This does not negate the damage that has already been done to my mental and physical health the fact I have been so shamefully treated and that tomorrow is my daughter’s birthday and due to the deplorable incompetence of those sent by Best Buy to install the 75″ TV 4 separate times in a one year period and FAILING. This is the root cause of this whole situation. This a situation in which Best Buy is doing everything that can to try to avoid living up to its obligation to live up to its own standards of Ethics, Morality and just plain common decency.

    the above is a copy of the email I sent to your corporate office team member Ruben last night. but had to send it again due to my getting his email wrong. As I mentioned writing these emails is torturous for me with my brain injury and cognitive deficits and it takes me hours to complete them. Even with a computer aid.
    My Nonprofit Charitable foundation has the same standards that we are held accountable to. We are not a large foundation and do all we can to set a standard that sets an example of excellence and pride. I am beyond devastated by the way I Have been treated. Disabled, a loyal long-standing customer of your company and a total Tech member.
    I am appealing to you and your humanitarian common decency to do the right thing here and stand by what is morally and ethically the right thing to do.
    My promise has already been shattered to my daughter due to the shameful treatment I have received. And my heart is broken due to the treatment at the hands of a company that up to this point I have held in the highest regard and respect.
    I was raised that if you have no honour, and your word holds nothing. Then you are nothing.
    Please don’t become that company. Be better than your competitors. Prove my faith in you actually is worth it.
    Respectfully Yours,
    Sarah Kelley


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