Boost Mobile Corporate Office, CEO Email & HR Phone Number

Boost Mobile is a USA-based wireless service provider. Dish Wireless owns Boost Mobile company. It uses AT&T, Dish, and T-Mobile for delivering wireless services to the USA. The company serves over 7.50 million customers worldwide with its sister brands Gen Mobile, Boost Infinite, and Ting Mobile.

However, Boost Mobile’s corporate office is at 2642 W Division, Chicago, IL 60622. Its Chief Executive Officer is Stephen Stokols. If you have any inquiries about Boost Mobile products or services, call their customer care number at (872) 802 – 4785.

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Overview of Boost Mobile Corporate Office

Category Information 
Headquarters 2642 W Division, Chicago, IL 60622 
Founding Year2001
Founders Name Peter Adderton
Contact Number (872) 802 – 4785 
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Boost Mobile CEO Email Addresses

Stephen Stokols is the Chief Executive Officer of Boost Mobile. He is leading a company that lets over 9 million people talk on their phones and brings in $4 billion every year. Before Boost, he started his career in a company called FreedomPop in 2012.

Then, in October 2019, Stephen teamed up with Metta World Peace, a famous basketball player, to start XvsX Sports. In November 2019, Stephen worked with another company, Liquide Inc., to raise $1 billion. And in May 2022, he joined the board of a company called BuildOps, which investors support.

However,, and are the professional email addresses of Boost Mobile CEO Stephen Stokols. You can write your relevant query or thoughts to this email address.

Boost Mobile Corporate Office Executive Team Member Contact Details

Boost Mobile Corporate Office HR, Media & Financial Contact Details

If you need any information about applying, job openings, media, or investment, you can call 1 – 833 – 50 – BOOST (1 – 833 – 502 6678). However, if you already work there and have questions about your pay, benefits, or other employee stuff, you can call this number to get answers.

Boost Mobile Corporate Office Complaint Department Contact Number

If there’s a problem with a product or service of Boost Mobile, don’t wait. Immediately report your complaint to Boost Mobile’s customer service at 833 – 50 – BOOST (833 – 502 – 6678). The customer care representative will listen to your issue and work to fix it.

Boost Mobile Store Locations

Are you looking for a Boost Mobile store near you? Check out their Location Finder page. You can find your nearest store and get all the details you need there. Also, to find the most popular store, go through the details below:

  • Chicago, IL: (Address: 2642 W Division, Chicago, IL 60622) (Phone: (872) 802 – 4785)
  • Texas City, TX: (Address: 2936 – B Palmer HWY, Texas City, TX 77590) (Phone: (409) 420 – 2933)
  • New York, NY: (Address: 197D Madison Street, New York, NY 10002) (Phone: (212) 227 – 3984)
  • Brooklyn, NY: (Address: 435 Fulton St., Brooklyn, NY 11201) (Phone: (718) 797 – 3646)
  • Mount Vernon, OH: (Address: 855 Coshocton Ave, Ste M., Mount Vernon, OH 43050) (Phone: (740) 830 – 6232)
  • Baltimore, MD: (Address: 6970 Reisterstown Rd., Baltimore, MD 21215) (Phone: (410) 358 – 0026)
  • Catonsville, MD: (Address: 1099 N Rolling Rd, Catonsville, MD 21228) (Phone: (410) 455 – 0404)
  • Lexington, SC: (Address: 5556 Sunset Blvd, Lexington, SC 29072)

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact the Boost Mobile corporate office?

To contact the Boost Mobile corporate office, you can call their customer support number. The customer care number is (872) 802 – 4785.

Who is the CEO of Boost Mobile?

The current CEO of Boost Mobile is Stephen Stokols. He has years of experience in this industry.

Where is Boost Mobile’s corporate office located?

Boost Mobile corporate office is located in Chicago. Its headquarters address is 2642 W Division, Chicago, IL 60622.

From our end, we have already discussed Boost Mobile’s corporate office’s all-important contact details. If you have any further queries, feel free to comment in the box. ASAP, we will reply to you!

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  1. A customer care representative changed my number after becoming upset, she took me off the network so I couldn’t call back but when I did I had a new number.. I was calling because of wifi.. nobody can help and I keep getting rerouted..

  2. I’ve literally called once a week asking about my $200 virtual card promotion.I got nothing but the run around and lie after lie.You guys need to get your shit together. Last time I called was last week and this time I was informed that I missed out on getting my card. They said emails been sent out etc. I went back all through out my emails and texts and didn’t get crap!! WTH really happened? I’m really aggravated due to all the BS and constant lies. I’m considering going with a different company maybe they won’t lie like you guys…

  3. Stay away from Boose Mobile, their services are horrible, I have been without service for 3 days, no incoming or outing calls, I pay for this service, they even hold a month’s payment.

    The service is horrible, nobody knows what they are doing, they asked one question multiple times, I was left exhausted after each contact.

    I am still without my service, I have very important incoming and outgoing calls I
    Need to make as I am in the process of building my home. No one can get intouch with me.

    Not one supervisor recommend I take the phone to a store to change SIM card and reset network.

    Face time and WhatsApp works so it’s definitely their network, and no body cares

  4. To whom this may concern. I am so destroyed My cellphone been going out every month,Its started in April my phone went out for 3 week , I couldn’t make a call or received a call.. N9 voicemail, This was so horrible I get a call . I lost of business and personal calls, This went on every Month now it is November. I had call so many times talking to the agent, Technical support and Supervisor. THEY DID ALL THE TESTS. You guys call me at 7:54 pm soon I answer the phone then went off back out again. I had been With Boostmobile since 2006. Nobody is not offering me anything. I am loyal customers all asked to the give me the best phone. Help help help. Be considered of other people feelings,,


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