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BUC EE’s is a network of country shops and gas stations that you can find in the states of Texas, Florida, Alabama,  Georgia, South Carolina, Kentucky, and Tennessee. There are plans for new stores in the states of Colorado, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee.

Buc-ee’s is one of the top chains of convenience stores and gas stations in its field. It was founded in 1982. The headquarters and the Corporate office of Buc-ee’s is located at 327 Hwy 2004 Rd, Lake Jackson, TX 77566, US, the United States of America.

The early 2021 era saw the abandonment of plans for a second site in the Tar Heel State. The firm is run out of Lake Jackson, Texas, and is owned by Arch “Beaver” Aplin III and Don Wasek.

Figure 1- BUC EE’s Corporate Office

BUC EE’s Headquarters Contact Information

Located in the heart of Philadelphia is where BUC EE calls its home base.  In 2001, BUC EE’s first travel center was in the Texas town of Luling. Buc-are ee’s huge businesses sell a wide variety of snacks and beverages, including jerky, pastries, fresh sandwiches, tacos, Dippin’ Dots, fudge, and more. 

While many of BUC EE’s executives are based out of the company’s Maryland headquarters, the company has many residential and business support offices spread around the United States.

Physical Location327 FM 2004, Lake Jackson, Texas 77566, United States
Established1982; 40 years ago
Name of the Founder(s)Don Wasek
Place of FoundingLake Jackson, Texas
Phone Number(979) 238-6390 
WebsiteBUC EE’s
FacebookBUC EE’s – Home | Facebook
TwitterBUC EE’s / Twitter
LinkedInBUC EE’s | LinkedIn
InstagramBUC EE’s | Instagram

BUC EE’s Executive Team

At present, 202 people are employed at Buc- ee’s, Ltd. Elizabeth Lieb (Associate General Counsel and Director of Human Resources), Jeff Nadalo (General Counsel), and Chris Andersen make up the management team of Buc- ee’s, Ltd. (Senior Director of Facilities and Maintenance).

Kraig JunckChief Operations OfficerLinkedIn
Chris AndersenSenior Director of Facilities and MaintenanceLinkedIn
David BoboDirector of G.M. – GroceryLinkedIn
Elizabeth ShulerAssociate General Counsel and Director of Human ResourcesLinkedIn
Heather CataldoDirector of Waste and Recycling ServicesLinkedIn
Jason HarrisDirector of Environmental, Health, and SafetyLinkedIn
Jim MillsCulinary DirectorLinkedIn
John BailesDirector of Information TechnologyLinkedIn
John TaylorDirector of Operations-NorthLinkedIn
Matthew SheffieldDirectorLinkedIn

BUC EE’s Some Famous Locations 

Here are some famous location details of BUC EE for your convenience. 

BUC EE’s AlabamaLocation: 20403 Co Rd 68, Robertsdale, AL 36567, United States
Phone: (979) 238-6390
BUC EE’s TennesseeLocation: 2045 Genesis Rd, Crossville, TN 38555, United States
Phone: +1 979-238-6390
BUC EE’s DaytonaLocation: 2330 Gateway North DriveDaytona Beach,
Phone:+1 979-238-6390
BUC EE’s KentuckyLocation: 1013 Buc-ee’s BoulevardRichmond, Kentucky 40475
Phone:  (281) 232-1416
BUC EE’S South CarolinaLocation: 3390 North Williston RoadFlorence, South Carolina 29506
Phone: +1 979-238-6390

For more location information, you can check all locations of BUC EE

BUC EE’s Different Department Information

Forty BUC EE’s restaurants may be found right now, with the vast majority being in the Lone Star State. Depending on their size, most of these areas provide fuel for regular passenger vehicles and semi-trucks but not for tractors.

Car washes are available at a lot of these spots too. In 2012, BUC EE’s largest location ever, which is equipped with 120 gas pumps, 83 toilets, 31 cash registers, and 80 drink fountains.

You can buy water toys and inner tubes here in New Braunfels for a fun day on the Guadalupe River.

BUC EE’s HR Department/Career Contact DetailsPhone Number: 830-875-6811Email: Will update later
Website: HR Department
BUC EE’s Legal Department Contact DetailsPhone Number: 830-875-6811
BUC EE’s Finance Department Contact DetailsPhone Number: (979) 230-2920

BUC EE’s Customer Service

Many Texans like talking about Buc- ee’s. Most people love Buc- ee’s, whether it is because they are wearing a t-shirt they got there, they just got a new bag of Beaver Nuggets, or they have heard rumors about where the next Buc- ee’s will be opening. 

Some people may not have had such a good time at Buc- ee’s, but it does not imply everyone loves going there.

Here’s how to contact BUC EE’s:

  • Dial 830-875-6811 to contact the corporate office of BUC EE’s if you need to get in touch with them.
  • You can file your complaint on BUC EE’s Contact Page
Phone Number1 (800) 934-6489
Figure 2- BUC EE’s Headquarters Details


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Owner of BUC EE an Aggie?

Arch “Beaver” Aplin III is an Aggie, a lifelong outdoorsman, and one of the most well-known businesspeople in the state of Texas. 

His network of enormous convenience shops, Buc- ee’s, has grown to become a symbol of Texas and an essential stop for tourists traveling around the Lone Star State. 

Where Are the Biggest Bucees in THE US?

BUC EE Shop, which is headquartered in Lake Jackson and has a site in New Braunfels that is its biggest and spreads over around 66,000 square feet, was the first to claim the title of the largest convenience store in the world.

Where Is the Largest BUC EE Located?

The New Braunfels, Texas BUC EE’s, a little over 66,000 square feet, is the biggest convenience store.

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  1. I would like to see Bucc-EE’s come to Nexton in S.C. about 15 miles west of Charleston S C. Which the area has exploded with development.it is in the Summerville SC vicinity.
    Just off I-26, with Volvo plant nearby.this would be a good fit for you. They are building in excess of 6,000 houses and business. Bucc-EE’s just off Nexton Parkway would be a good spot.

  2. To Whom It May Concern

    I just wanted to bring something to your attention.
    My husband and I drive a Semi over the road. We are lucky if we get to sleep in our own bed twice a month. We do this to make sure you and your families have food on your table and goods delivered to your stores. The reason I am writing you is because it’s a kick in the teeth to see your no trucks allowed signs. You want your deliveries and you want to feed your families but you don’t want to take care of the people who bring you what you need to survive! Next time you are enjoying your hot meal or cold drinks maybe be a little thankful because some of us don’t have that privilege!

    Good Day

    Amie McAnulla

  3. We stop at Buccee’s at least four times a week in our travels north and south of Houston.

    One location we stop a minimum of twice a week is Madisonville. Last week a young woman had her non-service dog in the store. I asked her if her dog was a service dog. She replied it was. The dog did not have a service dog vest on. Then I asked how she went about it and the paperwork necessary. I know the answers because I volunteer with a training group. She got quite defensive. One of your employees interrupted and told me Buccee’s “always” allow all dogs in the store. I knew this to be incorrect so as I was walking out in not too good a mood I graciously asked another employee about allowing “all” dogs in the store. He said Buccee’s always has allowed all dogs.

    I was so outraged I could not drive. After I got back on the road I realized I should have spoke with a manager to clarify the “always” “all” responses.

    Our family spends a lot of money annually at Buccee’s. Always nice to have clean facilities and presents for family members who are collectors of everything Buccee. We fill up two pick-up trucks each stop.

    Tomorrow we head north. My husband promised a few Buccee’s stops.

    Honestly I doubt I can partake of your facilities. It has been over a week since this incident and I am still annoyed at the response from two of your employees.

    Your website is quite clear about service dogs. Too bad your employees are not clear about what a service dog is.

    Maybe you should put signs up on the doors in multiple languages and place those signs where those non-service dogs are welcome.

    I would have preferred sending through your contact page but once you get to YES there is no link to leaving a message.

  4. I would like to see a buc-ees in north port Florida on Toledo blade road off of I-75 exit 179. There is a lot of room for one

  5. I drive a semi for living and you can better believe that I will boycott all BUC EE’s when I’m traveling in my personal car !
    To all employees of this company when sit down for dinner to tonight say Thanks to that truck driver you discriminate against today for this meal I’m about to eat !

  6. I don’t understand as a previous employee how you are supposed to get a w2? Or better yet get in contact with someone about updating your address? how does this work that you have no working numbers to contact about these issues?. I understand using technology to make HR department easier but you still need an HR department that is accessible. Be great to get my w2 since it is something required by law. Your company makes it very difficult to get it and should be charged a fine for being so difficult about it.Leaving my email hoping you could email my w2 to me since I’ve tried, Getting this since December 2022 now.

  7. Good morning
    I recently applied to your Crossville, TN location and was hoping to receive a call for an interview. I believe I actually may have received a call, though!
    I get so very many spam calla that if I do not recognize the number, I do not answer.
    In trying to contact Buc-ees today I realized I had 2 phone calls from a number in Freeport, TX and believe it may have been your company phone number, whereas I expected it to be coming from your Crossville location!
    If indeed you were calling to grant me an interview, please consider trying again!
    I apologize for the confusion and would welcome an opportunity to work for Buc-ees!
    Thank you
    Judith Dennis


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