Burger King Corporate Office Location, Contact Number & Other Details

Burger King is a hamburger fast food restaurant American-based multinational chain. In 1953 this company started its journey as the Insta-Burger King. But later, due to financial difficulties, Insta-Burger king became a different company named “Burger King.”

The Burger King corporate office headquarters is located at 5505 Blue Lagoon Dr., Miami, FL 33126. The customer service contact number is 1 – 866 – 394 – 2493.

This comprehensive guide will explore all the contact details and relevant information about Burger King. So, without further ado, keep reading this guide till the end!

Information About Burger King Corporate Office

Category Information 
Headquarter 5505 Blue Lagoon Dr. Miami, FL 33126
Zip Code33126
Founding Year1954
Founding Place Florida
Founders Name Jjames McLamore & David Edgerton
Contact Number 1 – 866 – 394 – 2493
Website https://www.bk.com/ 
Facebook Burger King Facebook
Twitter Burger King Twitter
YouTubeBurger King YouTube
Instagram Burger King Instagram
BloombergBurger King Bloomberg
LinkedIn Burger King LinkedIn

Burger King Corporate Office CEO Details

Joshua Kobza is the new CEO of Burger King company. Since joining Restaurant Brands, Mr. Kobza has increasingly held the firm’s senior roles. Before becoming the CEO, Kobza was the company’s chief operating officer.

However, to connect with Joshua Kobza, you can call the headquarters’ customer service number at 1 – 866 – 394 – 2493. The CEO’s phone number or email address is not publicly available. But you can also follow him on LinkedIn to get in touch with the CEO.

Burger King Executive Team Member Contact Details

Name PositionContact
Jose CilFormer CEOLinkedIn
Joshua KobzaNew CEO & Former Chief Operating OfficerLinkedIn
Matthew Dunnigan Chief Financial OfficerLinkedIn
Duncan FultonChief Corporate OfficerLinkedIn
Daniel SchwartzPresidentLinkedIn
Raymond LeeExecutiveLinkedIn
Richard MayerExecutiveLinkedIn
Nick BoyleDirector, North America Franchise DevelopmentLinkedIn
Diego BeamonteVP, Global QualityLinkedIn
Esther GonzalezVice President, Worldwide TaxLinkedIn
Heitor GoncalvesChief Information & Performance OfficerLinkedIn
Fernando MachadoGlobal Chief Marketing OfficerLinkedIn
Michael SalemExecutive Director, InnovationLinkedIn
Jim MyersHead, Business Development & Franchising of North AmericaLinkedIn
Vicente TomeVP & Brand CounselLinkedIn
Leon Leon VP & GM Mediterranean DivisionLinkedIn
Peter RobinsonEVPLinkedIn
Annette RodriguezVice President, DevelopmentLinkedIn
Jill GranatEVP, General CounselLinkedIn

Burger King Headquarters HR, Media & Financial Department Contact

Whether you want to make a complaint, explore the media news, or solve any financial issues, you must knock at different numbers. The HR, Media & Financial contact details of burger king are as follows:

  • HR Contact: Customers can contact the Human Resources department of Burger King with any issues by calling 1 – 866 – 394 – 2493. This number is available from Monday to Friday (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM).
  • Media Contact: For any media-related news or inquiries, you can contact the New York offices at 1 – 212 – 893 – 6727.
  • Financial Department Contact: To contact the financial department of Burger King Corporation, call +1 305 – 378 – 3000.

Burger King Board Of Directors

The Board of Directors is the key management person at Burger King. They are responsible for maintaining the value of other members of the company. From the below list, discover Burger King’s current leadership team members.

However, the list includes the CEO, Founders, Board Directors, Executives, and others.

  • Marc Caira
  • Alexandre Behring
  • Paul J. Fribourg
  • Martin E. Franklin
  • Joshua Kobza
  • Neil Golden
  • Daniel S. Schwartz
  • Ali Hedayat
  • Cecilia Sicupira
  • Roberto Moses Thompson Motta
  • Alexandre Van Damme
  • Carlos Alberto Sicupira
  • Thomas V. Milroy

Burger King Headquarters Address in Different Courtiers

Burger King is operating its activities successfully in more than 100 countries of the world. Here we are presenting the address of Burger King in a few countries.

  • Singapore: (Address: 15 Hoe Chaing Road Singapore)
  • Switzerland: (Address: Zaehlerweg 10 Zug)
  • Spain: (Address: Avenida De Europa, 26 Antica 7 Madrid)
  • Canada: (Address: 371 Trans – Canada Hwy, Duncan, BC V9L 3R5, Canada)
  • United Kingdom: (Address: 15 Bath Road, Slough Berkshire)


How do I contact Burger King corporate?

To contact Burger King’s corporate office in the USA, call (866) 394 – 2493.

Where is the corporate office for Burger King?

The corporate office for Burger King is in Miami in the United States of America. The headquarter address is 5505 Blue Lagoon Dr., Miami, FL 33126.

How do I complain to Burger King’s corporate office?

The Burger King corporate office is available to contact from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. So within this time, from Monday to Friday, you can complain by calling 1 – 305 – 378 – 3000 or 866 – 394 – 2493.

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  1. Burger King is struggling. I see this. In my area I see the lobby and drive through of local restaurants virtually empty while your competitors thrive. My first Burger King experience occurred back in the mid 70s. Your sandwiches were made fresh and to order. I’d place my order at one register, and step to the right where order would quickly be placed in my hands moments later. It was amazing. Back then, I could watch as my burger patty slid from the grill. It was still sizzling. You had something special in those days. But you decided to adopt the McDonald’s way. You chose the wrong way. When I order a Whopper nowadays, the patty comes from a steamer which makes the meat tough and tasteless. If I add bacon, it’s like tree bark and the vegetables are limp like leftovers. Instead of a gresh grilled burger, it’s microwaved. The grill flavor is from chemicals, not flame. It’s artificial. If you want Burger King to succeed, I recommend returning to how things were done in the 70s. Return to your greatness. Be the King once again. By the way, I have a MBA and was at one time a McDonald’s manager. I speak from a position of experience on this topic.

  2. I have been a fan of BK since high school ( 50+ yrs now ). I used to walk a mile further to get a whopper rather than a 1/4 lber.. This desire for a whopper continued till today. I went to buy 2 whoppers last week gave my debt card, got my food through the drive thru and left. When I got back to work I went to see how much lunch cost I had no reciept. No problem. When I got home I went to my computer checked my acct. and saw that two whoppers cost me over $14.00! 2 whoppers! WOW! Now I do love mywhopper without pickles and tomatoes, but $7.00 a whopper? Look folks I do not know if you realize it, but todays whopper is not worth more than $4.00 each! They are mostly large bun with scattered lettuce, hard to find onion. After I came too from the shock I made an adult decision, find a new place to get my burgers from. Maybe in & out burger. I truly think you need to re examine your pricing. Dave Rosenberg

  3. I am extremely disappointed with store # 2424 located at 15340 E Hampden Avenue Aurora Colorado 80013! There are signs in the store that state they are hiring! The Receipts all say they are hiring etc. My son filled out the applications and then he followed up only to be told that they are not hiring! This is a form of discrimination and misleading! I have looked into legal representation as well as contacting the BBB! The manager Graciela who said she was the manager was rude and impatient! I could tell this store need’s desperate help! My son who is the one who applied felt discriminated and treated unfairly! He has experience and could help turn the store around! If you have signs, cards and receipts that say you’re hiring then why would she tell me otherwise? I would appreciate a response!


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