Connect with Carhartt CEO via Email Address: Direct Contact Guide

The email address of the CEO of Carhartt is and Please use the email provided while maintaining the privacy of others and following government laws. Also note that the email may change due to personal reasons, but the information provided by us is verified.

Who Is The CEO Of Carhartt?

The Chief Executive Officer, or CEO, of Carhartt Inc., is Mark Valade. He has been the CEO of the company for almost 27 years. He received his degree from Lyndon State College.

In 1998, he started operating the company after his father, Robert Valade, died. The founder of the company is Hamilton Carhartt, who was actually his grandfather.

How can I Contact Carhartt CEO?

You can contact the current CEO of Carhartt, Mark Valade, by emailing him directly. You can also try to reach him by emailing customer service at

Call 1-800-833-3118

Use the Contact Us section of the official website

or through social media contacts.

Is there a Carhartt CEO email id publicly available?

Yes, the email address of Carhartt’s CEO, Mark Valade, is publicly available. Although we provided his email earlier, we suggest following a proper and professional approach to reach him.  

Is there a Carhartt CEO phone number publicly available?

No, just like his email address, his phone number is not available to the public. These are confidential and private details that may violate one’s privacy if disclosed publicly.

However, you can contact customer service by calling 1-800-833-3118 or emailing, giving a proper reason to get the CEO’s number.

Carhartt CEO Postal Address

It is not certain whether Carhartt’s 69-year-old CEO hails from Michigan, where the company originated. With that said, the company’s headquarters is at 5750 Mercury Dr, Dearborn, Michigan 48126, United States.

Carhartt CEO Social Media Accounts

Currently, Mark Valade, who is the CEO as well as the current president of Carhartt, uses social media accounts. You can find him on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Again, we suggest maintaining a strict professional approach before contacting such personnel through their social media profiles. Always remember that communication via social media is subject to laws and regulations that protect individuals’ privacy and prevent harassment. 

How do I contact Carhartt corporate?

Carhartt is an outerwear manufacturer that was established in 1889. It produces branded work clothes and uniforms all around the world. In addition, they run a free tool library out of their main office in Detroit, Michigan.

The US state of Michigan is home to the company headquarters. Along with multiple unionized plants and distribution locations in the US, Carhartt also owns and runs its base of operations in Mexico. The company offers several ways to contact them, such as:

 Carhartt Customer Service Email Address

The customer service email address of Carhartt is If you visit the official website of Carhartt, you will find more about contacting the customer service team.

 Carhartt Customer Service Phone Number

The customer service phone number of Carhartt is 1-800-833-3118. Visit the official website to know about the customer service contact information.

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