Carvana Corporate Office, Phone Number & Email ID [+CEO, HR, Customer Service]

Carvana’s corporate office address (headquarters) is on Rio Salado Parkway (1930-West), Tempe, Arizona, US. It is a retail company that deals in used cars online. The company got a much-recognized amid the 2020 pandemic for delivering cars without human contact. 

Since the beginning, the company has seen highs and lows. It is one of the youngest companies to make the list of Fortune 500. Around 16,000 employees are working in Carvana.

The company buys and sells used cars in the US, and has introduced a new way of human contact-less dealing with cars. Learn more about the company, leaders, and directors to have a better understanding of it.

Carvana Headquarters Address 

Ernest Garcia III, Ryan Keeton, and Ben Huston founded Carvana in 2012. In November 2013, Carvana started the first ever coin-operated, automated car vending machine in the world. 

Although they have generated around 6 billion USD in revenue in 2020, their finances are facing a lot of issues currently. Their share prices have dropped, and car sales amount has also gone down considerably.

Physical AddressRio Salado Parkway (1930-West), Tempe, Arizona, US
Post code85281
EmailEmail | Carvana
Phone1 800 333 4554
FounderErnest Garcia III, Ryan Keeton, Ben Huston
LinkedInLinkedIn | Carvana
TwitterTwitter | Carvana
FacebookFacebook | Carvana
InstagramInstagram | Carvana

Management Team of Carvana Corporate Office

The current CEO of Carvana is Ernie Garcia III. He is the co-founder of Carvana, along with the other two founders. We can derive from his past work experiences and educational background that he is an excellent leader.

Along with Garcia, there are a couple of other extremely skillful and well-deserved executives working for Carvana as a member of the Management Team. Learn more about them from their social media platforms and the official website of Carvana.

Personnel PostSocial Network
Ernie Garcia IIICEO, President, ChairmanLinkedIn
Tom TairaSpecial Projects, PresidentLinkedIn
Mark JenkinsCFOLinkedIn
Paul BreauxGeneral Counsel, and Secretary, VPLinkedIn
Ben HustonCOOLinkedIn
Daniel GillCPOLinkedIn
Ryan KeetonChief Brand OfficerLinkedIn

Ernie Garcia III-CEO of Carvana

Mr. Garcia co-founded Carvana in 2012. Prior to that, he worked in many companies serving in many important positions. From 2005 to 2007, he was the financial analyst of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group. From 2007 to 2013, he worked as the Treasurer of DriveTime.

Ernie Garcia’s net worth as of 2021 is around 16 billion USD. He has sold around 16% to 17% of his shares of Carvana in 2021. He has served in multiple positions in other companies as well prior to founding Carvana.

Ernie Garcia III got his B.S. degree in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University. 


List of Board of Directors Members

  • Ernie Garcia III
  • Greg Sullivan
  • Micheal Maroone
  • Don Quayle
  • Ira Platt
  • Neha Parikh

Customer Service Contact Information

If you have any inquiries regarding Carvana or its Cars, visit their official website. There you will find a Support and Contact section where you can ask your questions. Or, you can simply contact them by calling this number: 1 800 333 4554.

If you are a media or press personality, email them at CarvanaPress| Email. To reach out to Carvana’s Investment Relations department, email at CarvanaInvestors| Email. If you’re interested in a partnership with Carvana, email at CarvanaPartner | Email

HR Department Contact

Carvana has job openings in many positions. Visit Careers| Carvana and see many types of jobs in Carvana. You can find job openings in customer care, engineering, and Inspection Centers. There are many other job opportunities as well. You can learn more about Carvana culture and the additional benefits of particular jobs in Carvana. Simply visit their website and find out. 

They are a diverse company operating in the USA only. Carvana values its code and policies a lot and invites any complaints from job seekers or employees. You can send an email to the vice president of People’s Operation in Carvana at Adrienne Sanford| Email

Apart from that, you can directly send an email to the HR department via this email, Or you can call 480 999 4915, 800 916 7037.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the mailing address of the Carvana corporate office in San Francisco?

The San Francisco office of Carvana is in Newark California, on Smith Ave 6587. The Zip Code is 94560.

2. What is the corporate office location of Carvana in Miami?

The corporate office of Carvana in Miami is in Hialeah, Florida. The Zip Code is  33014.

3. Are there any corporate offices in Carvana in Memphis?

Yes, there is one corporate office in Carvana in Memphis. The location is Winchester Road (6535), Tennessee. The Zip Code is 38115.

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  1. Carvana will not deal with an estate. They want me to put the vehicle in my own name, even though I have an EIN and it was mandated through the court. I don’t have the authority to put it in my own name.

  2. Novi,Mi, had a scheduled appointment at 4:45 pm on 11/04/2023. Got there on time with my wife who took the day off so she can pick me up after we sale our car to Carvana. Unfortunately the sales person who’s name he won’t give but after calling Carvana found to believe his name is”Aris” was so rude to me that he decided to kick me out the store even without looking at the car. After driving an hour from home was not able to sell the car and now I decided I would rather sell it to a real dealership even for less but will not sell to Carvana. My scheduled appointment was at 4:45pm but he decided to take people who were earlier there ( Ahead of their scheduled time) but when I called and asked if I could come in earlier was told “no” my question to him was why was told not to come in early but others were, upon that question which I asked him, he told me I was being rude, I replied I am not being rude I was just simply asking a question, he replied “ you can leave I will not talk to you” and walked into the back office and locked himself in. Waited over another hour on the phone with carvana and was told to reschedule a diff appointment. Never been treated nor seen anyone get treated like this, sad.


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