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Centerplate, formerly known as Volume Services America, is one of the food and beverage companies serving North America and the UK. It was founded in 1929. The headquarter and the Corporate office of Centerplate is located at 2187 Atlantic Street, Stamford, CT, United States, 6902.

 Centerplate Headquarters & Corporate Office

Company NameCenterplate
Headquarters2187 Atlantic Street
Stamford, CT 6902
United States
Mailing AddressCenterplate
2187 Atlantic Street
Stamford, CT 6902
United States
Phone020 7404 0110
Contact pagecontact

What is the Corporate phone number of Centerplate?

The Centerplate phone number is 800-698-6992

If you want to contact the Centerplate headquarters office directly over the phone, then please call the above number and follow the instructions that will direct you to the Centerplate department of customer service, Human resources, Business Affairs, Legal, finance, operation department, etc.

What is a Centerplate Mail Address?

2187 Atlantic Street
Stamford, CT 6902
United States.

Centerplate Human Resource Phone Number

You can contact HR or the Human resource department of Centerplate with this email:

The human resource phone number of Centerplate is 020 7404 0110

The human resource manager of Centerplate is Susie Rodriguez. you can connect him with LinkedIn

Centerplate CEO Email Address:

the current CEO of Centerplate is Steve Pangburn. Connect with him on LinkedIn and contact him. the email address of Steve Pangburn is know more about him here

Centerplate Social Media Pages

Official Facebook: Centerplate
Official Twitter: @centerplate
Official Instagram: @centerplate_

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