What Is Choice Home Warranty CEO’s Email Address?

Choice Home Warranty provides plans that help cover the expenses related to fixing or replacing well-maintained major appliances and systems. The company aims to give its customers quick and straightforward assistance, paired with top-notch service experts.

Jim Mostofi is the CEO of Choice Home Warranty. We’ve managed to find the contact email for the CEO. The Choice Home Warranty CEO’s email address is jim.mostofi@choicehomewarranty.com.

You can use the provided email addresses if you wish to get in touch. Ensure your messages are courteous, professional, and centered on pertinent topics when reaching out through email.

However, continue reading this guide to learn more ways of connecting with the CEO:

Who Is The CEO of Choice Home Warranty?

Jim Mostofi is Choice Home Warranty’s CEO. He has an impressive background, having held top positions for 17 years at American International Group (AIG) and Service Net Holdings. Jim is skilled in strategy, understands how to grow consumer brands, and knows how to manage large-scale operations.

His former position was the Global Head of Business Development at AIG’s Warranty and Services Division. Jim crafted and oversaw some of the world’s leading warranty programs for various sectors, including manufacturers and financial institutions.

Before his time at AIG, Jim offered his expertise to warranty and other clients as a corporate lawyer at Frost Brown Todd, LLC. Here, he focused on company mergers, acquisitions, and insurance regulations. Jim dedicated 10 years to public accounting, even working at Ernst and Young in Chicago.

How Can I Contact The Choice Home Warranty CEO?

Reaching out to a big company’s CEO requires a simple yet respectful approach. Use the guidelines below to establish contact positively. Following these steps might allow you to connect with the top executive.

  • First, try to connect with the CEO by sending a well-composed email to the CEO’s email address at jim.mostofi@choicehomewarranty.com. Make sure to keep it professional, concise, and respectful.
  • If direct communication methods are not fruitful, consider using social platforms like LinkedIn. Engage in discussions, share relevant content, or even send a direct message to the CEO’s profile.
  • Thirdly, consider sending a gentle follow-up after a reasonable period. You can send your written correspondence to the CEO’s postal address at 2147 Route 27 South, 4th Floor, Edison, NJ 08817.
  • If these methods don’t yield results, think about using professional networks. Call the company’s customer care number and ask the representative to connect you with the CEO.

Is the Choice Home Warranty CEO’s Email ID Publicly Available?

After a thorough research, we’ve obtained the email address for Choice Home Warranty’s CEO, which we share here. You can reach out to the CEO at jim.mostofi@choicehomewarranty.com. Having this email address allows you easy and prompt communication. 

Is the Choice Home Warranty CEO’s Phone Number Publicly Available?

We don’t have access to the CEO’s phone numbers for work or personal use. However, Choice Home Warranty’s main office does have a general contact number that you might use to try and get in touch with the CEO.

Choice Home Warranty CEO Postal Address

If you like a traditional approach, you can reach the company’s CEO via mail. The CEO’s official mailing address is the same as the company’s main office address. Direct any letters or inquiries to the Choice Home Warranty’s address at 2147 Route 27 South, 4th Floor, Edison, NJ 08817.

Choice Home Warranty CEO Social Media Accounts

Connecting with the Choice Home Warranty CEO is straightforward through his social media profiles. Find and follow his official accounts to keep up with his recent updates, posts, and news. After conducting in-depth research we found Mr Jim’s LinkedIn profile only.

How Do I Contact the Choice Home Warranty Corporate Office?

Choice Home Warranty’s main office is at 2147 Route 27 South, 4th Floor, Edison, NJ 08817. To communicate with the corporate office, call its hotline at (888) 373 – 7924.

Choice Home Warranty Executive Team Contact Details

  • Brian Hyde – Chief Financial Officer
  • Marla Ramirez – Chief Operations Officer
  • Dan Murphy – Director of Business
  • Brian Tretter – General Counsel
  • Joseph Telesca – Director, Vendor Network


Where is Choice Home Warranty headquarters located?

Choice Home Warranty is based in Edison, NJ. Its corporate office is 2147 Route 27 South, 4th Floor, Edison, NJ 08817. 

Is the Choice Home Warranty CEO’s email publicly available?

Yes, it is available, and it’s jim.mostofi@choicehomewarranty.com. If you need to get in touch, use this email address, contact the company directly or use professional networking platforms like LinkedIn. 

Is it effective to contact the CEO directly?

It depends. While CEOs are decision-makers, they often have a team that handles various inquiries. But it’s also possible that your message will be redirected to a more appropriate department or individual within the company.

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