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Cracker Barrel is the short and widely used form of Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc. It is a USA-based restaurant and gift store chain with a Southern country theme. This company is headquartered in Lebanon, Tennessee. All its corporate offices are situated in USA’s different states.

The address of Cracker Barrel’s corporate office is 305 Hartmann Drive, Lebanon, Tenn. 37087, USA. Sandra B. Cochran is its CEO and President.

If you have questions or complaints about this company’s product, call 800 – 333 – 9566 or 615 – 444 – 5533 to reach its customer support team.

Today’s article will give you a thorough guide on contacting Cracker Barrel’s headquarters and other departments. Without further ado, keep going into the discussion below:

Overall Information On Cracker Barrel Headquarters

Category Information 
Headquarters 305 Hartmann Drive, Lebanon, Tenn. 37087, USA
Founding Year1969
Founding Place Lebanon, Tennessee
Founders Name Dan Evins
Contact Number 800 – 333 – 9566 (Monday – Friday) (8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, CST)615 – 444 – 5533 
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Twitter Cracker Barrel Twitter
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Cracker Barrel CEO Email Address

Sandra B. Cochran has been the Chief Executive Officer & President of Cracker Barrel since September 2011. From April 2009 – November 2010, she served as the company’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. In November 2010, she was named as Cracker Barrel’s President and Chief Operating Officer.

Previously before joining Cracker Barrel, she served as Books-AMillion, Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer. Also, Cochran assumed the role of a member of the Board of Directors at Lowe’s Companies Inc. In short, she is an experienced leader and served in different important roles in numerous companies. is the Cracker Barrel CEO’s professional email address. Whether you have a major unsolved issue or want to share your creative thinking with the CEO, use this email address. However, we encourage you to check the CEO’s Bloomberg profile to learn more about her.

Cracker Barrel Corporate Office Executive Team Member Contact Details

The expert and experienced leaders of the Cracker Barrel corporate office create the company’s goals, guidelines, objectives, and checkpoints. They provide all the support to implement the company’s strategy perfectly.

However, the Cracker Barrel Company’s executive team members are:

Cracker Barrel Corporate Office HR, Media & Investor Relations Contact Details

Whether it’s your suggestions, question, or complaint, the Cracker Barrel customer representative team loves hearing from you. By using the contact information below, you can get in touch with the company’s different teams.

HR Contact

To reach out to the Cracker Barrel Human Resources team, call 1 – 800 – 333 – 9566. Or you can fax your questions or comments at 1 – 888 – 263 – 4304.

Media Contact

The media needing assistance or press team members will get 24/7 assistance from the Cracker Barrel media specialist. The company’s Media specialist’s contact number is 615 – 235 – 4135. Or you can also contact the media team through email.

Guest Relations Contact

For any guest inquiries, thoughts, or comments, contact the Cracker Barrel Guest Relations team at 1 – 800 – 333 – 9566. To get in touch with the Guest Relations team, call this number from Monday – Friday (8:00 AM – 5:00 PM).

Investor Relations Contact

To contact the Cracker Barrel Investor Relations team, fill out and submit this form. However, this form is only for investor inquiries.

While filling out this form, provide your email address, fill up the subject line, and leave your comment. Soon the IR team will contact you.

Transfer Agent Contact

To purchase the stock from Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc., contact the company’s Transfer Agent. Call the American Stock Transfer & Trust Company at 718 – 921 – 8124 or 800 – 937 – 5449 to obtain the enrollment forms.

By calling these numbers directly, you can purchase the stock from Cracker Barrel and save brokerage fees.


Where is Cracker Barrel Corp located?

Cracker Barrel is headquartered in Lebanon, Tenn. The corporate office address is 305 Hartmann Drive, Lebanon, Tenn. 37087, USA.

Who is the CEO of Cracker Barrel?

Sandra B. Cochran is the Chief Executive Officer of Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc. At 62, she successfully assumed the company’s CEO’s role and led Cracker Barrel.

How to contact the Cracker Barrel customer support team?

Call 800 – 333 – 9566 (Monday – Friday) (8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, CST) to communicate with the company’s customer service representative. They will soon help to resolve any issues.

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  1. I’m tired of corporations attempting to influence the social conscience of this country.
    Now, it’s Cracker Barrel. My wife & I used to look for the Cracker Barrel Sign when traveling. No more. Pushing Gay Pride has just pushed me out the door. I will NEVER
    step inside one of your facilities again.

  2. While I have nothing against gays, blacks or anyone who works hard and tries to be a productive person, but like millions of other people are sick of hearing about them they already have the same rights as everyone else, so if cracker barrel wants to have gay month at their restaurants they will no longer have me or my family as customers. Stop pushing a bullshit agenda unless you want the same problem as budweiser and target.

  3. Sandra Cochran
    First, I’d be surprised if you even get this before it is intercepted by one of your minions.

    Since you have decided to support an extremely small group(s) based on their misguided sexual habits neither I, my wife, family and our friends will ever set foot in a Cracker Barrel restaurant AGAIN. Money is obviously your god and you are so desperate to do whatever it takes to keep your investors happy. It takes courage to be the owner of a company and do what is right. You have demonstrated a total lack of what is right and courage.

    Woke=Broke and Cracker Barrel may just go the way of Bud Light, Target and Montgomery Ward. NO COMPANY IS TOO BIG TO FAIL, not even Cracker Barrel.

  4. Your website states “How to contact the Cracker Barrel customer support team?
    Call 800 – 333 – 9566 (Monday – Friday) (8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, CST) to communicate with the company’s customer service representative. They will soon help to resolve any issues.”
    The answer is NO because I just called and the recording said to use your website and hung up and WOULD NOT ALLOW ME TO TAKE TO A GUEST CUSTOMER SERVICE PERSON. So please change your website.
    I have been emailing Cracker Barrel to get a refund for a month now and NO ONE WILL CALL ME OR GIVE ME A STATUE ON MY Re: Cracker Barrel Old Country Store [ ref:_00D4PgUb6._5008Z2D40MD:ref ]. Why does it take so long?
    Guest Relations Representative
    Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc.


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