DHgate HQ & Corporate Office: Phone Number & Email Address

DHgate.com is a platform from China that supports both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer sales across borders. It helps makers sell their goods to smaller retailers. In China and other countries, the company connects over 2.3 million suppliers and provides over 25 million products.

However, the DHgate corporate office is located at 8F, Building A, U-Center, #28 Chengfu Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China. The visionary leader Diane Wang is this company’s Chief Executive Officer. If you need help or have queries, call DHgate’s customer support at (86) 10 – 8202 8870 ext. 8365, and they’ll assist you.

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Overview of DHgate Headquarters

Headquarters 8F, Building A, U-Center, #28 Chengfu Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China 
Founding Year2004 
Founding Place China 
Founders Name Diane Wang 
Contact Number (86) 10 – 8202 8870 ext. 8365 
Email intlpr@dhgate.com 
Website https://dhgate.com/ 
Facebook DHgate Facebook
Twitter DHgate Twitter 
Instagram DHgate Instagram
LinkedIn DHgate LinkedIn

DHgate Corporate Office CEO Email Address

Diane Wang is the brain behind DHgate.com, serving as its Founder and CEO. She established DHgate.com, China’s pioneer in cross-border B2B e-commerce, aiming to link local SME suppliers with worldwide purchasers. 

Before this venture, Diane played a key role in starting Joyo.com in 1999, which soon became China’s top B2C platform. She also held important positions at tech giants like Microsoft and Cisco. Recognized for her contributions, she’s received awards such as “China Top 10 IT Influential Leaders” (2010) and “Top 25 Influencing Figures for China Economy” (2009).

dwang@dhgate.com is the professional email address of Diane Wang. If you want to contact her, send an email to this address. Also, you can stay in touch with Diane by following her on LinkedIn and other platforms.

DHgate Corporate Office Executive Team Member Contact Details

Diane Wang Chief Executive Officer LinkedIn 
Daive HOU Vice PresidentLinkedIn
Michael LIU Executive Director & Vice President N/A
Amos ZHANG Chief Financial Officer (CFO)N/A
Betty HO Chief Strategy Officer N/A
Fengroung LIU VP, Organization Development & Human Resources N/A
Wentao LIU Vice President, Technology Center LinkedIn
Sean Xie General Legal Counsel N/A
Jie Shen Director of Marketing LinkedIn
Monica ChwaliszEcommerce Marketing Manager N/A

DHgate Corporate Office HR, & Media Contact Details

HR Contact

If you need information about things like job opportunities, employment benefits, etc, speak to the HR team. You can call them at (86) 10 – 8202 8870 ext. 8365. This is also the number for DHgate’s customer service.

Media Contact

If you have media questions, reach out to DHgate’s Media Relations team. Send your press and PR queries to media@DHgate.com, and the representative will respond quickly.

DHgate Corporate Office Complaint Department Contact Number 

If you have issues with the services or any official behavior concerns, ring DHgate’s customer support at (86) 10 – 8202 8870 ext. 8365. They’ll listen to your concerns and help you out quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact DHgate?

You can contact DHgate in several ways. You can directly call its corporate office at (86) 10 – 8202 8870 ext. 8365. Or you can send them an email at intlpr@dhgate.com. Also, you can directly visit or send mail to the company’s postal address.

Where is DHgate located?

DHgate is located in Beijing. Its corporate office location is 8F, Building A, U-Center, #28 Chengfu Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China. It has offices worldwide.

What company is DHgate?

DHgate is the largest and first online wholesale marketplace. It is cross-border trade or e-commerce’s fastest-growing form.

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