What Is DirecTV CEO’s Email Address?

DirecTV is a premier satellite television service provider and multichannel video programming distributor in the United States. With its launch in 1994, it revolutionized the television industry by offering digital quality, multi-channel TV directly to homes via satellite. It offers various channels catering to different interests, from sports and movies to news and entertainment.

Bill Morrow is the CEO of Directv. He focuses on improving different parts of the company based on what people say, which means he values customer feedback.

Thus, if you want to communicate with him, email him at his professional email address. DirecTV CEO Email addresses are morrowbill@directv.com & bmorrow@directv.com.

However, today’s article will show you other ways to contact the DirecTV CEO. Keep reading to learn more!

Who Is The CEO of DirecTV?

In February 2021, Bill Morrow took on the position of CEO at DIRECTV as the company started its journey to operate independently. DirecTV offers various services, including DIRECTV, DIRECTV STREAM, and U-verse video.

Bill is recognized for his vast expertise in leading intricate business revamps and initiating capital-heavy startups worldwide. He has been a key player in sectors ranging from telecom to energy utilities. Before heading DirecTV, Bill was a Special Advisor at AT&T Inc.

Prior to his stint at AT&T, Bill led several firms, acting as the CEO for entities like Clearwire in Seattle, PG&E in San Francisco, and several Vodafone and telecom companies across Australia, the UK, and Japan.

Currently, Bill serves as a non-executive director for IkeGPS and Daisee Inc. He has also held non-executive positions in other renowned organizations, both commercial and non-profit, such as Broadcom, Openwave, and the California Academy of Sciences.

How Can I Contact The DirecTV CEO?

Are you aiming to connect with the CEO of DirecTV? Look no further. In the following ways, you can get in touch with the company’s CEO:

  • One of the simplest methods is to send an email. If you have any questions or concerns related to the brand, consider emailing the CEO’s professional email addresses at morrowbill@directv.com or bmorrow@directv.com.
  • Another effective way is to send a letter to the executive’s mailing address. Written communication can sometimes be more impactful. Send your written correspondence to the CEO at 2260 E Imperial Hwy, EI Segundo, CA 90245, United States.
  • While the direct phone number of the CEO isn’t available, you can dial the corporate office’s main hotline number. When you call, explain why you want to speak with the company’s CEO. The representative will assist you based on your concerns.
  • Additionally, keep an eye on the CEO’s activity on social media. Engage with his posts on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Make sure to leave respectful comments or messages.

Is the DirecTV CEO’s Email ID Publicly Available?

Bill Morrow, the DirecTV CEO, shares his email so customers can easily contact him. If you want to give suggestions, ask questions, or voice concerns about DirecTV, you can email him. His business email addresses are morrowbill@directv.com & bmorrow@directv.com.

Is DirecTV CEO’s Phone Number Publicly Available?

Sorry, the CEO’s direct phone number isn’t available to the public. However, you can reach DirecTV’s main corporate office at 800. 531. 5000.

DirecTV CEO Postal Address

If you’re looking to send mail or written letters, the address for DirecTV’s headquarters is 2260 E Imperial Hwy, EI Segundo, CA 90245, United States. This is where the CEO works and also his postal address. You can send letters or documents to this address.

DirecTV CEO Social Media Accounts

After conducting research, we found that The DirecTV CEO, Bill Morrow, isn’t very active on social media platforms. Therefore, his social profile links aren’t available.

How Do I Contact DirecTV Corporate Office?

DirecTV’s main office is located at 2260 E Imperial Hwy, EI Segundo, CA 90245, United States. To contact the company’s headquarters, call its customer portal at 800. 531. 5000.

DirecTV Executive Team Contact Details

DirecTV team leaders bring years of expertise and have consistently shown great results. Their dedication to creating a reliable setting shapes the company’s modern, people-centric business. They are:

  • Ray Carpenter – Chief Financial Officer
  • Michael Hartman – General Counsel & Chief External Affairs Officer 
  • Henry Derovanessian – Chief Engineering Officer
  • Amy Leifer – Chief Advertising Sales Officer
  • Scott S. Smith – Chief Human Resources Officer


What is the email address of DirecTV’s CEO?

For official correspondence, you can contact DirecTV’s CEO’s professional email addresses at morrowbill@directv.com & bmorrow@directv.com.

Where is DirecTV’s headquarters located?

DirecTV’s headquarters is located in El Segundo, California, USA. Its corporate office address is 2260 E Imperial Hwy, EI Segundo, CA 90245, United States. 

How can I contact DirecTV’s corporate office?

You can contact DirecTV’s corporate office through their official website or customer service hotline at 800. 531. 5000. They have specific channels for different inquiries, including corporate-related ones.

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