Dish Network Office Location, CEO Email & All Contact Details

Dish Network Corporation is the owner of Dish, the direct broadcast satellite provider. The company is widely known as Dish Network, and it is a USA television provider. It offers Dish wireless, mobile wireless, and over–the–top IP TV service.

Dish Network’s office location is 9601 South Meridian Boulevard, Englewood, CO 80112, United States. To share your concern or to solve any problem, contact the company’s office at 720 – 514 – 5351. You can also communicate with the service team through email, fax, or chat.

We have conducted in-depth research on Dish Network Company. And in today’s guide, we will present all our findings. So, sharply read this comprehensive writing till the end and explore Dish Network’s all contact details.

Overall Information Of Dish Network Headquarters

Category Information 
Headquarter 9601, South Meridian Boulevard, Englewood, CO 80112, United States
Founding Year1996 
Founders Name Jim DeFranco, Cantey Ergen & Charlie Ergen
Contact Number 720 – 514 – 5351 
Fax(303) 723 – 1999
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Twitter Dish Network Twitter
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LinkedIn Dish Network LinkedIn

Dish Network CEO Email Address

W. Erik Carison is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Dish Network. Mr. Erik oversees all things of Sling TV and Dish TV Business. Since 1995 as a Dish veteran throughout the company, Eric has performed numerous roles.

Most recently, Mr. Erik has served the company as the Chief Operating Officer and President. To contact him, note down the CEO’s email address, erik.carison@dish. If you have any major unsolved concerns, only then knock on this email.

We discourage you from sending emails for silly issues as you won’t get the answer. However, follow the CEO on LinkedIn to learn more details about him.

Dish Network Corporate Office Executive Team Member Contact Details

W. Erik Carison Chief Executive Officer & President LinkedIn
Charlie Ergen Co-Founder & ChairmanLinkedIn
Amir Ahmed Executive Vice President, Dish TVLinkedIn
John Swieringa President & COO, Dish Wireless LinkedIn
Tom Cullen Executive Vice President, Corporate Development Bloomberg
Jeffery Blum EVP, External & Legislative AffairsLinkedIn
Narayan IyengarEVP & Chief Operating OfficerLinkedIn
Jeff McSchooler EVP, Wireless OperationsLinkedIn
Dave MayoExecutive Vice President, Network DevelopmentLinkedIn
Timothy A. Messner EVP, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary LinkedIn
Kathy Schneider EVP, Customer Experience OperationsLinkedIn
Marc Rouanne EVP, Chief Network OfficerLinkedIn

Dish Network Corporate Office HR, Media & Financial Contact Details

Want to communicate with the Human Resources, Financial, and Media departments of Dish Network? Find the contact information below:

  • HR Contact: You can chat with Dish Network’s Human Resource representative through the chat service. Or call directly the customer support center at 720 – 514 – 5351.
  • Media Contact: For your media inquiries, email
  • Financial Department Contact: If you need help transferring your stock, obtaining account information, or updating your mailing address, call 877 – 437 – 8901.

Dish Network Board Of Directors

The Board of Directors of Dish Network serves as the company shareholder’s prudent fiduciary. They also oversee the company’s overall business management. Moreover, they guide the board members to conduct their responsibility perfectly.

However, the board members involved in overseeing the company’s activity are:

  • Kathleen Q. Abernathy
  • Stephen Bye
  • George R. Brokaw
  • James DeFranco
  • W. Erik Carlson
  • Charles W. Ergen
  • Joseph T. Proietti
  • Tom A. Ortolf
  • Candy Ergen

Dish Network Corporate Office Locations Across USA

Dish Network provides its services throughout almost all the states in the USA. So it’s obvious that the company has corporate offices and retail locations across the United States.

Now we will present Dish Network’s office location in some states.

  • Englewood: (Address: 9601 South Meridian Boulevard, Englewood, CO, 80112)
  • Broken Arrow: (Address: 333 W Albany St, Broken Arrow, OK 74012)
  • Denver: (Address: 13100 E 39th Ave Denver, CO, 80239 – 3500, United States)
  • Bluefield: (Address: 294 Majestic PI, Bluefield, WV 24701)
  • Chicago: (Address: 27 N Wacker Dr. Chicago, IL, 60606 – 2800, USA)
  • Gilbert: (Address: 801 N Dish Dr. Gilbert, AZ 85233, USA)
  • Hilliard: (Address: 3315 Mill Meadow Drive Hilliard, OH 43026, USA)
  • EI Paso: (Address: 1285 Joe Battle Blvd, EI Paso, TX, USA)


How do I contact the DISH corporate office?

To communicate with the Dish Network corporate office, call (303) 723 – 1000 or 720 – 514 – 5351.

Who is the CEO of Dish Network?

Dish Network’s Chief Executive Officer and President is Erik Carlson.

What is Dish Network’s main mailing address?

The mailing address of Dish Network is 9601 South Meridian Boulevard, Englewood, CO 80112, United States.

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