Dollar Tree Corporate Office, Phone Number & Email Address

Dollar Tree, Incorporated is a discount variety store chain based in the United States. Its main office is in Chesapeake, Virginia, and runs 15,115 stores throughout the US and Canada.

Its stores are supported by a nationwide 24-inventory system. Furthermore, the company runs Dollar Bill stores in addition to a variety chain using the Family Dollar logo.

Only $1.00 was founded by Macon Brock, Doug Perry, and Ray Compton with a few stores in Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia. “Dollar Tree”-the brand started on April 27, 1989, at the Jessamine Mall in Sumter, South Carolina.

Dollar Tree Headquarters Contact Information

The Dollar Tree Headquarters is located at 500 Volvo Pkwy, Chesapeake, VA 23320, United States.

It is a 13-story building with 325,000 square feet of Class A office space and 600 high-paying jobs for the Hampton Roads area. Summit Pointe is housed in a five-story 1,500-car precast concrete garage with a loading dock. 

Summit Pointe is currently zoned for 1 million square feet of office buildings, 1,400 residential units, up to 500,000 square feet of commercial space, and 250,000 square feet of catering and conference space. These new structures are being designed by Speight Marshall Francis.

Dollar Tree Headquarters Support Center received a Merit Award for Best Commercial/Office/Retail Building from HRACRE in 2020.

Physical Location500 Volvo Pkwy Chesapeake, VA 23320United States
Zip Code23320
Name of the Founder(s)Dennis Edwards, Macon Brock, Doug Perry, and Ray Compton
Phone Number+1 757-321-5000
WebsiteDollar Tree
TwitterDollar Tree
LinkedInDollar Tree
InstagramDollar Tree

Executive Team Information

Rick Dreiling, the Chief Executive Officer of Netflix Inc., runs the Dollar Tree corporation. Along with him, Jeff Davis, the Chief Financial Officer of Dollar Tree Inc., plays an important role in the company’s decisions.

Dollar Tree’s executive team also includes the following individuals:

Personnel PostContact
Rick DreilingChairman and Chief Executive OfficerWill  update later
Jeff DavisChief Financial OfficerLinkedIn
Jen HulettChief Human Resource OfficerLinkedIn
Bobby AflatooniChief​ ​Information ​OfficerLinkedIn
Mike CreedonChief Operating OfficerLinkedIn
Neil CurranPresident and chief operating Officer, CanadaLinkedIn
John FlaniganChief Supply Chain OfficerWill update later
Larry GattaChief Merchandising Officer, Family DollarLinkedIn
Terry GoodsChief Diversity OfficerLinkedIn
Rick McNeelyChief Merchandising Officer, Dollar TreeLinkedIn
Jennifer SilbermanChief Sustainability OfficerLinkedIn
Kristin TetreauiltChief Communication OfficerLinkedIn
Emily TurnerChief Marketing OfficerLinkedIn
Pedro VoyerChief Development OfficerLinkedIn

Rick Dreiling: CEO of Dollar Tree

Rick Dreiling was appointed Executive Chairman of the Dollar Tree Board of Directors in March 2022 and Chief Executive Officer in January 2023. He currently sits on the boards of directors of Lowe’s Companies, Inc. and Kellogg Company.

Between the years 2005 and 2008, he worked at Duane Reade Holdings, Inc. and Duane Reade Inc. as the president, CEO, and chairman of the board of directors of both companies.

He has worked in retail at every level of operation over the course of his more than 50 years in the industry. He has a proven track record of success in expanding the customer and product lines of a number of different retail establishments.

Rockhurst College was where Rick earned his Bachelor of Arts degree. Here you can contact him through the official email of Dollar Tree. 

Dollar Tree Board of Directors

The following information about Dollar Tree’s Board of Directors is provided:

  • Rick Dreiling – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
  • Thomas W. Dickson
  • Cheryl W. Grise
  • Daniel J. Heinrich
  • Paul C. Hilal
  • Edward J. Kelly III 
  • Marry A. Laschinger
  • Jeffary G. Naylor
  • Winnie Y. Park
  • Bertram L. Scott
  • Stephanie P. Stahl

Dollar Tree Various Departments Contact Information

Dollar Tree’s various divisions can help you in a variety of ways. The contact information provided below will assist you in contacting various Dollar Tree departments.

Dollar Tree Customer Service

You can find answers to your questions on their website at Customer Service. You can also track your order status through this website. 

If you need urgent help, you can directly call through the phone.

Hotline: 8775308733 

Dollar Tree Job Enquiry Information

Dollar Tree accepts web forms for jobs and internship opportunities. Dollar Tree frequently has job openings in a variety of fields and locations. Visit Dollar Tree Career to view available positions and apply.

For more information regarding a career in Dollar Tree Inc, visit Careers: Dollar Tree, Inc. (DLTR).

How can I get in touch with the transfer agent for Dollar Tree?

You can get in touch with the transfer agent for Dollar Tree through the contact information given below:

  • Website: Investor Centre™
  • Cell Contact: 800-622-6757- North America, 781-575-4735- Outside America
  • Mail: Computershare, P.O. Box 505000, Louisville, KY 40233-5000

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a direct stock purchase plan available at Dollar Tree?

Dollar Tree does not currently provide a direct share buyback plan.

Is it possible to become a franchisee at Dollar Tree?

Dollar Tree does not allow for franchising. Their company headquarters in Chesapeake, Virginia, oversees all of their stores.

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  1. WHY DON’T YOU HAVE A NUMBER PEOPLE CAN CALL??? The air conditioning at the store in Camden SC has been off for months. The employees are suffering and so are us customers. YOu are sitting in your enormous high rise officers in sheer comfort and the people that are making you money have to do without. This needs to be settled or I’m going to start complaining to the TV station news. You should be ashamed of yourselves. This is nothing but coporate greed to get some district or corporate managers bonuses to keep costs down. I expect an answer soon. Call and get this air conditioner fixed. We are steady customers. But we won’t be for long if this isn’t fixed promptly.

  2. No complaint, just an observation. In New Jersey we now have “bring your own bag”. Since that started over a year ago, the employees just scan a customers items, and the customer is required to bag their own items and also pay, of course. If you have many items it takes a bit of time. The cashier has to wait till you are done, or put pressure on you to move faster, LOL. Before they scanned and packed and you were off the line and on your way. One suggestion is have a larger area at the end of the counter where you can pack your bags so as to leave room for the cashier to place the scanned items of the next customer on line. I personally have seen cashiers and customers get frustrated or annoyed when the line gets longer and longer. Whereas before when the employee also packed your bags, the lines moved much faster. Yes true while the cashier waits for the customer to pack, they get a bit of a break. But the line does not move. I see more and more customers buying less and going elsewhere for more items. I’ve been doing that myself, just for that reason. I used to be a very frequent customer of Dollar Tree. I still go there of course, but not as often, and for less items. Thank you very much !!!

  3. Good morning< I"m a manager at dollar tree on West trade st charlotte n.c i have been getting bullied and harassed for a month or better by the store manager Margret Smiley because she don't like me i never had a write up or called in the office for behavior!! She stated July 17 Rex told her to write me up for something didn"t occur Rex came to our store to move packaways i tried to talk to him about the matter he was very rude and unprofessional brush me off!! The next week I"m getting in my car going home Margret sends Titi another manager saying turn in my key and i responded no let HR tell me too l haven"t done anything to be demoted!! Hbc is my aisle she took that from me thinking she hurting me when it"s hurting the customers it has been empty for two weeks!! Margret was scheduled on August 8 to work morning shift with me a frozen truck came in it was three big pallet"s she never showed i was there by myself until cashier came in!! I called Margret she said l"m not coming you do it with attiude we are in a bad area so i could"nt watch the front and put up frozen truck Margret be on the schedule and don"t come stealing time several employees see it!! I told her she has to come when she got there she embarrassed me in front of customers and Evonee cashier saying go home i don"t need you she gets mad when she has to work!! she called Rex and so did i he sent me home i asked him could i talk to him but Rex is one sided when he should know it"s always two sides i had to call corporate three times because Rex has no concern for how employees are getting treated the worst HR I"ve ever seen he feeds into the matter instead of resolving it i have plenty textes on how i tried to reach out to him!! Margret been cutting my hours down to 6hours she has it out for me!! I wish someone would come to the store besides Rex it"s other employess want to talk also the store is going down bad Margret no longer let"s us stock doing the day and freight is overloaded she saying their working nights but the store shows other wise and Rex knows what"s going on!!! All the jobs i supervised on i never been treated this bad for no reason Margret is Vindictive lazy and a Bully the store didn"t get bad until she came everybody were getting along!!!! Please transfer me out of Dollar tree West trade immediately!!!!!!!

  4. Dear HR indiana!
    My name is marines chapa
    I am try to reach you about have a attached copy of the w2 or 1099
    so i can file my tax . I seems impossible to reach someone to respond to my request . I am not sure if it is my web or it is a company problem
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