Espn Email Address: How Do I Send An Email To Espn?

Espn is the abbreviated form of Entertainment and Sports Programming Network. The Walt Disney Company and Hearst Communications own this American International cable sports channel. Espn is headquartered in Espn Plaza, Bristol, CT 06010, USA.

The company’s Chairman is James Pitaro. You can share your feedback, questions, or thoughts with Espn over the phone or email. Espn’s email address is Drop your queries at this email or call the customer care team at 1 – 888 – 549 – ESPN (3776).

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Espn Inc. Company – Overview

Espn is a basic cable sports channel in America.The company primarily conducts its activities from Bristol, Connecticut. But this network also operates auxiliary studios and corporate offices in New York City, Miami, Seattle, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC.

Espn reached USA’s 76 million TV approximately, till November 2021. Moreover, Espn broadcasts globally in over 200 countries. The company operates regional channels in Australia, Africa, the Netherlands, and Latin America.

Category Information
Founding Year 1979 
Founding Place Bristol, Connecticut
Founders Name Bill Rasmussen, Ed Eagan & Scott Rasmussen 

What Is Espn Headquarters Address?

Espn is headquartered in Bristol, Connecticut. Its corporate office address is Espn Plaza, Bristol, CT 06010, USA. You can visit Espn headquarters in person or contact its team via telephone or email.

Is Espn Email Address & Phone Number Publicly Available?

Yes! The Espn email address is publicly available. If you are a working media member using the email address, you can send your press-related inquiries to Espn. Espn’s email address is

The Espn customer support team’s contact number is 1 – 888 – 549 – ESPN (3776). The Espn team is available from 9:00 AM to 1:00 AM ET seven days a week. And call 800 – 727 – 1800 to provide Espn+-related comments or questions.

In How Many Ways Can I Contact Espn?

You can get in touch with Espn’s customer support department in various ways. Whether you want to provide feedback or ask a question to Espn, follow the ways below to contact them.

  • Send an email to Espn at Remember, Espn can provide you with assistance only in English or Spanish.
  • To get the answer to your common questions, visit Espn’s help center if possible.
  • Directly you can contact the Espn support team by calling them at 1 – 888 – 549 – ESPN (3776). For your Espn+-related feedback or questions, call 800 – 727 – 1800
  • Follow Espn on social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram etc. For your questions or feedback, send a message to these accounts.
  • Last but not least, by filling out this Form, you can provide feedback to Espn.

Who Is The CEO Of Espn?

Espn’s Chairman is James Pitaro. In February 2023, he became the Chairman. Mr Pitaro is responsible for Espn’s full financial and operational control. Previously he was Espn and Sports Content’s Chairman from October 2020.

Before that, on March 5, 2018, he was named Espn co-chair and president of Disney Media Networks. He has served continuously for eight years as a top executive at Disney.

Pitaro has a successful record in leading businesses. He always focused on digital initiatives, consumer products, and sports. This visionary leader has focused on communicating externally and internally with the customers.

How Can I Contact The Espn CEO?

To contact the Espn CEO, James Pitaro, email him at his professional email address Through the Espn official channel, you can also try to contact the CEO.

Or follow the CEO on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook etc., to keep in touch with him.

Espn Social Media Accounts

To remain updated about Espn news, follow and connect with the Espn social media accounts. The links are given below:

Espn Corporate Office Executive Team Contact Details

Almost every executive team member of Espn has a long experience and expertise history in the media industry. The team members have worked in different media companies for years and are now leading in Espn.

Check the list and find out who is playing the senior executive leadership roles in Espn:


Where are Espn studios located?

Espn is headquartered in Bristol, Connecticut. Primarily Espn Inc. broadcasts from its corporate office facilities. But it also has auxiliary studios and other corporate office networks in New York City, Miami, Charlotte, Las Vegas, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Washington DC.

Who is the CEO of Espn?

James Pitaro is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Espn. He assumed the Espn Company’s Chairman’s role in February 2023. Pitaro has the company’s full operational control.

How do I contact Espn customer care?

Contact the Espn customer support team at (888) 549 – 3776. Or you can email to reach Espn’s customer care representative.

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  1. I didn’t buy a big screen TV so I could watch split screen TV’s, cutting in half the show I wanted to see.
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    ESPN has dropped the ballon coverage of the games this year

  2. Your broadcast of the premier football game of the week, Alabama-Texas is pathetic. Your chatty giggling sideline reporters instead of professional booth announcers are horrible. The split screen is awful. I get all ESPN channels thru COXCommunications and I pay for ESPN+. McAfee may be “popular” but he has ruined this broadcast.


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