How Do I Send an Email To Fox News? Fox News Corporate Office Contact

The Fox News Channel (abbreviated FNC) is a New York City-based American transnational conservative news and political analysis television station and website. Its headquarters is located at 1211 6th Ave, New York, NY 10036, USA.

The firm’s key offerings include allowing clients to access and acquire various forms of news and other kinds of programs created and broadcast by the corporation. Political news, company announcements, and even flash news articles are included in the diversity and variety of news. Fox News has become the most reliable news organization on tv in the United States.

Fox News Headquarters Contact Information

The majority of Fox News programming is aired out of its headquarters in New York City at 1211 Avenue, at its street corner studio on Sixth Avenue in the west wing of Rockefeller Center, which it shares with sister network Fox Business Network. The Studios are-

Fox News corporate information is given below:

Physical Location1211 6th AveNew York, NY 10036USA
Zip Code10036
EstablishedOctober 7, 1996
Name of the Founder(s)Rupert Murdoch & Roger Ailes
Phone Number+1 212-301-3000
Fax Number212-301-8588
FacebookFox News | Facebook
TwitterFor News Twitter
LinkedInFox News Media | LinkedIn
InstagramFox News Instagram

Executive Team Information

The Fox Corporation’s executive team is led by Lachlan K. Murdoch. On the other hand, Fox News Media is led by Suzanne Scott. Here is the list below of the executive team of Fox News Media. 

Personnel PostContact
Lachlan K. MurdochExe. Chairman and CEOLinkedIn
Suzanne ScottCEO of News MediaWill update later
Joe DorregoCOO and CFO, FOX News MediaLinkedIn
Jay Wallace VinisPresident and Exe. Editor, FOX News MediaWill update later
Jeff CollinsExe. VP, Advertising SalesLinkedIn
Meade CooperExe VP, Primetime ProgrammingLinkedIn
John FiedlerExe. VP, Digital Product and Technology, FOX News Media and Fox CorporationLinkedIn
Jason KlarmanPresident, FOX Nation, and Exe. VP, MarketingLinkedIn
Kevin LordExe. LHR, Fox Corporation, and FOX NewsLinkedIn
Sharri BergPresident, FOX WeatherLinkedIn
Bernard T. GugarGeneral Counsel and Exe. VP,  Corporate DevelopmentLinkedIn
John FinleyExe. VP, FOX Nation and DevelopmentWill update later
Irena BrigantiS. Exe. VP, Corporate CommunicationsLinkedIn
Tom LowellExe. VP and Managing Editor of Fox NewsWill update later

Suzanne Scott: CEO of Fox News

FOX News Media, which also includes the two networks FOX News Channel (FNC) and FOX Business Network (FBN)  is currently led by Suzanne Scott as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Who was among the most influential 100 Women in the Entertainment and Media Industries in 2021, according to Forbes magazine.

Ms. Scott presided over programs for both FNC and FBN prior to being the organization’s first female CEO in May of 2018.

Suzzane Scott’s contact information is given below:

Fox News Board of Directors

Since Fox News is a subsidiary to Fox Corporation, its Board of Directors includes the Board of Directors of Fox Corporation. Names of members of the Fox News Board of Directors are mentioned below. 

For further information, go visit the Board of Directors.

  • Rupert Murdoch 
  • Lachlan K. Murdoch 
  • William A. Burck 
  • Chase Carey 
  • Anne Dias 
  • Roland A. Hernandez 
  • Jacques Nasser 
  • Paul D. Ryan

How to Send an Email to Fox News?

Fox News may be contacted for comments, ideas, suggestions, and more by the link below: Submit a request – Fox News.

They can also be contacted via their social media site.

You can also directly send an email through

You can also call the Fox News corporate office directly at (888) 369-4762

Fox News Job Enquiry Information

Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network are seeking seasoned reporters, media practitioners, and support staff who are aware of what viewers demand from today’s headlines. 

Visit Fox Career to see a list of available openings.

You can submit your CV to if you would want to do so.

Your cv can be sent to 212-301-8588 via fax also.

You can submit your resume to the following address if you prefer:

  • Fox Business Network and Fox News Channel
  • Avenue of the Americas 1211
  • ATTN: Employment/Human Resources
  • NY 10036, New York, United States.

Can I email the host or the host’s favorite show?

Yes, you can.  The majority of programs feature a contact page on their sites and want your feedback.

  • The whole schedule is provided below: Fox Shows
  • You can “tweet” at their various hosts if you’re on Twitter. All of their on-air talents may be found here: Fox Personalities

Also, you may contact them on Facebook.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a news hotline at

You may reach Fox News in a few additional ways with your news. The contact details are given below.

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9 thoughts on “How Do I Send an Email To Fox News? Fox News Corporate Office Contact”

  1. I am absolutely horrified that Tucker Carlson is no longer with Fox. I am sure that I am not the only one as I cannot get through to Fox by phone. Losing Dan Bongino was bad enough but now Tucker Carlson?? What is wrong with you people? You are getting rid of the ONLY people who tell the truth! I will certainly NOT be watching Fox anymore and you will lose your following of viewers for doing this outrageous step. I have been a Fox viewer for years and have had respect for what these men represent. You are quickly eliminating the reason people watch Fox!

  2. You really screwed up when you lost Tucker Carlson and Dan Bongino. I have been a Fox News follower for years but you lost me as a viewer because of it . Looks like you got sucked into the Liberal “go woke and go broke” philosophy.

  3. I’m done watching FOX NEWS . Your actions in the firing of Tucker Carlson, was proof you will bow down to the liberals because money not truth is important. I’ve been watching F.N. for years but I’m done with you now. Simply put everyone I know who watches Fox News feels betrayed by your actions. Fox News should change it name to Fox News @ C.N.N.

  4. Hey Fox News, Or now I can really say what the left have said for years. It’s not Fox News Its False News. You gave been caving to the left so long now you might as well just go ahead and become the same a CNN and the rest. It is time for everyone that watches you to move on. The real truth is still out there and not hard to find. it just cannot be found on Fox News anymore. Like so many others that went this way. GO WOKE AND GO BROKE is my prayer for you. I will never again look at online or watch FALSE FOX NEWS

  5. I am a long time viewer. When Bill O’ Reilly left Fox I didn’t think anyone could replace him. Was I wrong! Tucker Carlson Has been more than excellent. I don’t know your reason but you have shot yourself in the foot. Your replacement of Tucker with Lawrence Jones exhibits your current poor Judgement. Lawrence is a fine fellow with tremendous potential but to fill Tuckers slot with him is putting a second stringer in from a JV team.

    I am watching NewsMax and One American News. I don’t expect you to come clean with the public but if you laid out your reasons to the public and apologise for the poor judgement call, re-instate Tucker and turn him loose, his instincts will revolutionise the industry and with 2024 elections coming, Fox would be the undisputed leader in the industry.

    Roger Allen
    4330 NW 32nd Place
    Chiefland, Fl 32626

  6. GoodBye FOX – If I wanted to hear the “fair and balanced” views of the Liberal Left, I have plenty of alternatives to choose from without getting more of the same plus censorship of contributors opinions such as you permitted a few nights back when airing a piece that included Speaker Newt Gingrich and Liberal Icon Marie Harf​.​

    As a dedicated viewer of the FNC weeknight lineup for many years, I was shocked to learn of your dismissal of Dan Bongino and now Tucker Carlson. You’ve now confirmed that FNC is just as Left leaning as most of the other propaganda spewing media outlets.

    Enjoy your foxhole with your “Socialist Friends”… you dug it!

    P. S. – Cancel my subscription to Fox Nation too.


  7. I have been a Fox News fan for many years. But, my focus has been geared toward Newsmax as they seem more relavant now that Tucker and Bongino are gone. I have also cancelled my Fox Nation account as the network seems to be moving away from its roots. Sorry to see that happen

  8. I am a liberal-leaning woman but used to enjoy watching “Outnumbered” to observe the dynamics between the dimwits on the couch and their occasional Democratic guests. I have been so hurt by these dimwits joking about Joe Biden using a CPAP machine. Their frequent ignorance is sometimes displayed more heavily. A CPAP machine has nothing to do with aging; it is a treatment for sleep apnea in people of all ages, including children. The same thing happens with laughing about Joe Biden in diapers, which is untrue. Were they talking about Trump whose diaper has been clearly observed under his trousers? I wore diapers for a while after some serious surgical issues. Those cretins of women are disgusting and should apologize to their targets.

  9. After watching Hannity on Thursday evening, 10/12/23, I can no longer hold my comments to myself. I can not understand what is happening to Fox News that was once a great conservative network.

    The decline of Fox started previously, prior to excusing Tucker Carlson and Dan Bongino, two great American Patriots. The steady decline of quality broadcasting is happening right before your viewing audience eyes.

    I cringe everyday, knowing that Fox and Friends is on for three hours (Monday-Friday). If it wasn’t for Brian and the new addition of Lawrence Jones, the program is a total waste of time. Ainsley is totally unqualified and is unable to hold an intelligent conversation, interrupting and making a fool of herself for the lack of knowledge. She has appeared on several other hourly programs as a fill in and they are just as disastrous. Working three hours a day and Fox allowing her to continue without improvement, it is obvious that “on the job training” does not work. Unfortunately, we all know why Fox is allowing this to happen is because of her secret (not so secret) relationship with Hannity. I guess qualifications do not count. Nepotism at the Fox News organization rules.

    As mentioned above, watching Hannity on Thursday, who does he think he is? His interview with Vivek was nothing but an angry Representative of Fox News that is suppose debate and control his anger and language, allowing the guest to answer his questions without interruption. This is nothing new and again, Fox News allows this to continue. His program, Monday-Friday, 9pm eastern time is one hour. Maybe, with commercials, that leaves 45 minutes or less of the program? It does not matter who he has on to interview, it is all about his opinion that he repeats nightly and takes up 95% of interview(s), giving the guest a few seconds to answer. He interrupts, has anger issues and should come down off his pedestal that Fox News built for him.


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