Harmons Grocery Corporate Headquarters, CEO, Legal, HR, Executive Team Contacts

Harmon’s Grocery Company operates as Harmon’s Neighborhood Grocer. It is a retail grocery shop chain having 19 shops and 1 flower shop throughout Utah, United States. Apart from having grocery items, it has pharmacies, post offices, coffee shops, cooking schools, etc. 

Harmons Grocery corporate office headquarters at West Valley City, Utah, United States. It has 20 other locations where it has expanded within Utah. You can contact the headquarters anytime at 801-969-8261.

Harmon’s grocery is a family business owned by George Reese Harmon and co-founded by Irene Harmon. By 2021, their total revenue was US$850 million. They have over 4000 employees currently working for them. 

Figure 1: Harmons Grocery Corporate Office

Harmons Grocery Corporate Office Contact Information

Harmons grocery is a locally owned family restaurant. It is currently owned by the Harmons family. Although it started as a small grocery store, Harmon’s grocery also has on-site dietitians, food clubs, etc. 

In 2009 Utah business magazine awarded Harmons with Utah Green Business Award. What started as a grocery store has now expanded to 20 grocery stores throughout Utah. 

Location Of HeadquartersWest Valley,3540 south 4000 west street 500, Utah, United States
ZIP Code84120
Founder(s)George Reese Harmon; Irene Harmon
Inauguration Year1932
Phone Number801-969-8261
Email Addresssocial@harmonsgrocery.com
Official WebsiteHarmons Grocery
Facebook Facebook Official
Twitter Twitter Official
LinkedInHarmon | LinkedIn
YouTubeHarmons Grocery Stores
InstagramHarmons Grocery (@harmonsgrocery) 
PinterestHarmons Grocery Pinterest
Figure 2: Harmons Grocery Corporate  Office Contact Information

Harmons Chief Executive Team

The current president/CEO of Harmons Grocery is Mark Jensen. He looks over the departments and instructs the department heads. Bob Harmon, current Vice President of the Customer and one of the owners of Harmon’s grocery, is quite famous for his unique insights and skills. 

Dean PetersonPresidentLinkedIndeanpeterson@harmonsgrocery.com
Andrew HarmonicsCEOLinkedInandrewharmonics@harmonsgrocery.com
Mark Jensen President/CEOLinkedInmarkjensen@harmonsgrocery.com;
Bruce HatchCIO; VP; TechnologyLinkedInbrucehatch@harmonsgrocery.com
Reagan PufferSenior Sales ExecutiveLinkedInreaganpuffer@harmonsgrocery.com
Seth SpearsExecutive ChefLinkedInsethspears@harmonsgrocery.com
Aaron BallardCorporate Executive ChefLinkedInaaronballard@harmonsgrocery.com
Nicole LengelCFOLinkedInnicolelengel@harmonsgrocery.com
Aimee SmithVP; the PeopleLinkedInaimeesmith@harmonsgrocery.com
Lindee NanceVP; Marketing & AdvertisingLinkedInlindeenance@harmonsgrocery.com
Tod JensenVice President; SalesLinkedIntoddjensen@harmonsgrocery.com
Frank LundquistVice President; Store DevelopmentLinkedInfranklundquist@harmonsgrocery.com
Curtis HathenbruckVP; OperationsLinkedIncurtishathenbruck@harmonsgrocery.com
Bob HarmonVP; The CustomerLinkedInbobharmon@harmonsgrocery.com
Amber HarmonVP; Customer ExperienceLinkedInamberhauber@harmonsgrocery.com

Board Of Directors

Members of the board of directors take the necessary decision on how to run a company or organization. Harmons grocery corporate office also has a board of directors. It mostly consists of the co-owners. 

Laurie LarOwnerLinkedInlaurielar@harmonsgrocery.com
Tim CutlerBoard HeadLinkedIntimcutler@harmonsgrocery.com
Doreen HarmonOwnerLinkedIndoreenharmon@harmonsgrocery.com
Bob HarmonVice President of the Customer/OwnerLinkedInbobharmon@harmonsgrocery.com
Jamie HarmonFamily Board Member/ConsultantLinkedInjamieharmon@harmonsgrocery.com

Harmons Grocery All Store Location

There are more than 16 stores in different locations in Utah belonging to Harmon’s grocery. They all have individual contact numbers and specialities. As far as it is known, Harmons does not have any subsidiaries or affiliates.

7th Street MidvaleMidvale, 7755 South 700 East UT 84047(801) 561-2286
Bangerter CrossingDraper, 125 East 13800 South UT 84020(801) 617-0111
BrickyardSalt Lake City, 3270 South 1300 East; UT 84106(801) 487-7736
City CreekSalt Lake City, 135 East 100 South; UT 84111(801) 428-0366
Cougar4872 West 6200 SouthKearns, UT 84081(801) 965-9450
Daybreak4727 West South Jordan, Utah 84009(385) 297-9750
DraperDraper, 672 E 11400 South, UT 84020(801) 576-9911
Emigration MarketSalt Lake City, 1706 E 1300 South; UT 84108(801) 583-3663
Harmons Flower ShopBlvd, West Valley City, 3143 Parkway, UT 84119(801) 957-8477
Holladay MarketHolladay, 4675 S Holladay Blvd., UT 84117(385) 257-8300
Mountain View VillageRiverton, 13330 S. Kestrel Range Rd. UT 84096(385) 257-6440
OremOrem, 870 E 800 North, UT 84097(801) 225-1770
RoyRoy, 5370 S 1900 West, UT 84067(801) 825-9002
Santa ClaraSanta Clara, 3520 Pioneer Parkway, UT 84765(435) 773-6200
South JordanSouth Jordan, 10507 S. Redwood Road, UT 84095(801) 446-9984
St. GeorgeSt. George, 1189 E 700 South, UT 84790(435) 628-0411
Station ParkFarmington, 200 N. Station Parkway, UT 84025(801) 928-2600
TaylorsvilleTaylorsville, 5454 S. Redwood Road, UT 84123(801) 967-9213
Traverse MountainLehi, 1750 Traverse Parkway, Utah 84043(385)352-8011
West ValleyWest Valley City, 3955 W 3500 South, UT 84120(801) 968-3577

Contacting Customer Service and Other Departments

Figure 3: Harmons Grocery Headquarters

Harmons grocery corporate office only has one phone number for every department. 

To contact the HR department, Legal department, Finance department, Sales Department, or Customer service department you have to call at 801-969-8261. Then you’ll have to follow the instructions properly to contact your desired department. 

To know more about the career opportunity, you can go through their career page for openings

Harmons Grocery Google Location

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Harmon’s grocery accept returns or exchanges?

Yes. Except for magazines, alcohol, books, tobacco, activated gift cards, and prescriptions, they try to give a 100% refund. You will require to present your receipt for a refund or will get to exchange it with some item of the same value. For the exchange of products over $20, you’ll require face recognition. 

Who is the head of Harmons Finance Department?

Nicole Lengel is the Chief Financial Officer of Harmons Grocery. She runs the Finance Department of the store with 7 other members of her team.

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  1. Just went to get dinner after work…. Hamid decided when I was at the back of the store with tums that I was stealing. I have it all recorded. He told me I had to zip my purse. I said I did not have to and he yanked them out of my cart. I called the manager apologized but nope. Not OK! That embarrassing! Manager said it’s a new security guy he didn’t know and he shouldn’t have done that but that’s not my problem. I Have both recordings in the store and also the manager Apologizing to me multiple times. Again I have the recordings and I’ve seen this before.

  2. Jordan in customer service is wonderful! He is friendly, helpful, professional, and a great attribute is how he makes one feel validated and gives a customer a sincere feeling he (the company) care 100% about you. Don’t lose him. He is invaluable for any company. A raise in $$. I did not get his last name.
    My question which comes from a complaint over your vanilla cupcakes with butter cream icing, of which I have been close to an addicted fan and consumer for over a decade. I use to buy for nursery children, relatives, neighbors, friends, with the claim that your vanilla cupcakes with this icing were hands down thee very best anywhere. When you decided to bake smaller cupcakes, cut the number down to 6 only and double your price (almost), it really put a negative spot for my once favorite store and where to shop first for all our groceries. I knew I would only purchase for our home now, WHEN I chose to buy these. Last week we purchased a 6 count and NOW we are wondering what have you done to change the icing and the cake? They both were horrible. Did you change brands on the products you use? We purchased around 9 pm and when we took them out of the bag, it was as if the icing began to melt some. Different texture and a terrible taste. Lacking taste. The cake wasn’t moist either and yet they are light in color. Very light. We all spoke at once with the same, “What is wrong with these?” “What have they done now?” When companies cut and cut and cut just to create more wealth (that they do not need. Not all companies need to raise prices to take advantage of consumers, because others lacking morals have done. aka Oil Co). I live in Alpine and my over the top wealthy neighbors like too many Americans of wealth, don’t or did not see the hypocrisy in believing they are the best Christians (Mormon), yet said ‘they vote one party because they hardly pay any taxes.’ I replied, “Is that what Christ taught? Greed for the rich?”
    My question is, what not only drove Harmons to drive the price way up on cupcakes, which also was cut down to a 6-pack and THEN cut size of each cupcake extremely down in size? Are you now using cheaper products? Less no taste brand ingredients? WHY? 😉 You can pick up the uneaten yuck in our refrigerator. We live in Alpine. From Holladay… normal good people in SL County. UT County people – eek. lol btw, Traverse Mtn Harmons looked like the Draper stores’. I doubt I will dare buy your product I once pushed like a drug pusher. I will probably say, “don’t buy.” Unless you fix whatever. Thank you. I am a nice person. So I am a bit of a joker add a bit of sarcasm also. Please please fix. The price is horrible also. Or at least keep the same count and size when you up the price so drastically. ‘Come on Harmons. Dang

  3. Do not stop taking checks…..that is discrimination to many older folks that shop at Harmons…not everyone uses cards, if this happens I will go somewhere else after 30 yesrs…..


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