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The Hertz Corporation is a USA-based Car rental company. Across the United States, it’s one of the biggest rental car holding companies. It operates under the name of the Hertz brand and other brands, Firefly Car Rental, Dollar Rent-A-Car, and Thrifty Car Rental.

Hertz corporate headquarters address is 8501 Williams Rd Estero, FL, 33928 – 3325, USA. Stephen M. Scherr is this car rental company’s CEO.

Hertz commits to satisfy its clients with the highest level of customer service. Therefore for any need, call its customer service team at 1 – 800 – 654 – 4173.

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Overall Information Of Hertz Headquarters

Category Information 
Headquarters 8501 Williams Rd Estero, FL, 33928 – 3325, USA
Founding Year1918
Founding Place Chicago, Illinois
Founders Name Walter L. Jacobs
Contact Number 1 – 800 – 654 – 4173 (M – F: 6:00 AM – 7:00 PM CST)
Website https://www.hertz.com/ 
Facebook Hertz Facebook
Twitter Hertz Twitter
YouTubeHertz YouTube
Instagram Hertz Instagram

Hertz Phone Support

  • Future Rental Assistance: 800 – 654 – 3131 & 800 – 654 – 3001 (International)
  • Car In the Shop: 800 – 704 – 4473 (USA)
  • Future Reservations: 800 – 704 – 4473 (USA)
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance: 800 – 654 – 5060
  • Gold Plus Rewards Questions: 888 – 999 – 4900
  • Change the Return Location: 800 – 654 – 4174
  • Postal Rental – Billing Comments/Questions or Feedback: 800 – 654 – 4173

Hertz CEO Email Address

Stephen M. Scherr is the Chief Executive Officer and Chair of Hertz. He aims to transform this iconic USA-based company into a global leader in electrification, shared mobility, and digital-first customer service experience.

Stephen joined Hertz in February 2022. Before that, he served at Goldman Sachs for nearly three decades. From 2018 – 2021, he worked as the Chief Financial Officer at Goldman Sachs. During his period, this firm experienced considerable growth across its existing and new businesses.

Stephen also serves on the New York Stem Cell Foundation and Jewish Museum’s board. In addition, he is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and Business Roundtable. Furthermore, he is the USA Travel & Tourism Advisory Board’s member.

However, connect directly with Mr Stephen Scherr, the CEO extraordinaire, through his professional email address sscherr@hertz.com.

Share your thoughts, concerns, or innovative ideas with the CEO that ignite your passion. Also, follow Mr. Stephen on LinkedIn if you don’t want to miss out on the latest updates from this industry luminary.

Hertz Corporate Office Executive Team Member Contact Details

  • Stephen M. Scherr – Chief Executive Officer & President
  • Darren Arrington – Executive Vice President, Revenue Management & Fleet Acquisition 
  • Paul E. Stone – President & Chief Operations Officer
  • Alexandra Brooks – Chief Accounting Officer & Interim Chief Financial Officer
  • Liz Bowyer – Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs
  • Wayne Davis – Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer
  • Eric Leef – EVP & Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Laura Smith – Executive Vice President, Sales & Customer Experience Officer
  • Tim Langley – Hawthorne – Executive Vice President & Chief Information Officer
  • Ned Ryan – EVP & Chief Product Development Officer

Hertz Corporate Office HR, Media & IR Contact Details

HR Contact

Whether you are a client or Hertz’s partner, contact the company’s Human Resources team by filling out this form. Ask employment or job-related questions by calling 072 72 72 77 and get the answer.

Media Contact

Hertz’s Media Relations team or Corporate Communications department is pleased to help you with your Hertz-related news or media-related requests. If you are a media or press member, direct your inquiries to mediarelations@hertz.com.

Investor Relations Contact

Hertz’s existing or new investors can ask questions or leave comments at investorrelations@hertz.com. Company’s IR team will soon evaluate your query and answer your questions.

Marketing Contact

If you have an interest or inquiry about Hertz marketing, drop your PR-related question at brand@hertz.com. Hertz appreciates its customer’s interest. And they will soon address your inquiry quickly and promptly.

Reservation Contact

For reservation purposes, call Hertz’s support team at +385 7272 7277. The reservation center remains open M – F, 09:00 to 17:00.

Hertz Corporate Office Complaint Department Contact Details

If you have any complaint or problem with Hertz’s service, submit this form explaining your problem.

Or directly call the Hertz customer support team from 6:00 AM through 7:00 PM CST M – F at 1 – 800 – 654 – 4173. Soon the team will focus on your issue and solve it.


Who is the CEO of Hertz?

Stephen Scherr is Hertz’s Chief Executive Officer and Chair. He is leading the iconic American company Hertz into a global leader.

How do I contact Hertz customer service?

To contact Hertz customer service, submit your questions or comments to this contact form. In submitting this form, if you face any issues or questions, call the customer care representative at 1 – 800 – 654 – 4173 from 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

How do I contact Hertz’s CEO?

Directly contact Hertz CEO through his business email address sscherr@hertz.com. If you don’t get a reply, contact the CEO through the headquarters’ official channel by calling (239) 301 – 7000.

Also, you can send your written correspondence to the CEO at his mailing address, 8501 Williams Rd Estero, FL, 33928 – 3325, USA.

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  1. Have been charged and unwarranted charge. Was told I’d be refunded and three days later told refund will not be processed. Horrible and unprofessional customer service. Been a loyal gold member who rents monthly. Will be notifying BBB, disputing charges with credit company and taking business elsewhere since your company did not help to rectify the situation.

  2. I was issued a voucher for $50.00 due to a a reservation I made that was unable to be ratified due to the rental company not having any vehicles when I arrived. I am now being told that I cannot use the voucher to reserve a car; I must arrive in person to use this particular voucher. Obviously, that is not feaseable as I will be flying to a destination and will need to have a reservation prior to arrival. I have attempted to speak to a supervisor at the customer care line but am repeatedly told that I will have to wait for a call back. I have attempted to call Corporate HQ but it appears that this company works very diligently to avoid accountability to its customers. I will not use this company or its subsidiary companies again. I will however go to a local rental company and rent a car just to be sure that I utilize the $50.00 voucher. They will give me what is owed to me for my many inconveniences and I will file a claim with the BBB and I will write a letter to the CEO.

  3. From the desk of
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    Thrifty Car Rental
    Thrifty Rent A Car
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    Dear Manger of Thrifty Rental
    We still have not had the returned overage transferred to my son’s account. There was a $700 charge on our rental bill that somehow got added. The items you listed were bogus charges! There was neither a need for them nor a request for them!Besides paying online, we also paid at the car rental company. Paying close to $1,300 is unheard of. Could you please investigate the reason for this added expense and refund it.
    Thank you, Elbert Burdick


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