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Hobby Lobby Stores Inc. is a USA-based retail company. Formerly it was known as Hobby Lobby Creative Centers. It owns an arts and crafts stores chain. The chain across the USA has 969 stores. The Christian media own it and incorporate American conservative and Christian values.

Hobby Lobby’s corporate office location is 7707 SW 44th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73179, USA. Its founder and Chief Executive Officer is David Green. This company’s customer service desk’s number is 1 – 800 – 888 – 0321. For any need, contact the customer support team.

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Overall Info Of Hobby Lobby Headquarters

Category Information 
Headquarters 7707 SW 44th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73179, USA
Founding Year1972
Founding Place Oklahoma City
Founders Name David Green
Contact Number 1 – 800 – 888 – 0321 
Website https://www.hobbylobby.com/  
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Twitter Hobby Lobby Twitter
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Hobby Lobby CEO Details

David Green is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Hobby Lobby. Mr. David, with his idea and $600 loan, founded Hobby Lobby to make miniature picture frames. David acts as the affiliate companies’ chairman, merchandise buyer, and Hobby Lobby’s CEO.

If you want to communicate with the CEO, David Green, fill up this contact form. Also, you can follow the CEO on Twitter and LinkedIn to learn more about him. Try to contact Mr David Green only for your major unsolved trouble.

Hobby Lobby Corporate Office Executive Team Member Contact Details

Hobby Lobby Corporate Office HR, Media & Financial Contact Details

Find the Hobby Lobby HR, Press, and financial department contact information below:

  • HR Contact: For career-related information, to get the available job opportunities or for reasonable accommodation during the hiring process, call (877) 303 – 4547. The HR team will soon help you.
  • Media Contact: The media members or reporters must fill out this form to contact Hobby Lobby’s press and media team. Fill it up and submit it, and soon the Media team will reply to you.
  • Financial Department Contact: To get the answer to your investment-related inquiries, contact Hobby Lobby at (405) 745 – 1275.

Hobby Lobby Stores Locations In The USA

Hobby Lobby operates stores in different states of the USA. It is successfully growing its company by opening new stores in new states. Now check out some of its store locations details below:

  1. Aberdeen, SD: (Address: 2424 6th Avenue SE, Aberdeen, SD 57401) (Telephone: (605) 225 – 1061)
  2. Albany, GA: (Address: 2709 Dawson Road, Albany, GA 31707) (Telephone: (229) 639 – 1077)
  3. Battle Creek, MI: (Address: 5500 Beckley Road, Battle Creek, MI 49015) (Telephone: (269) 979 – 1436)
  4. Bellingham, WA: (Address: 4305 Meridian St, Bellingham, WA 98226) (Telephone: (360) 650 – 1090)
  5. California, MD: (Address: 45315 Alton Lane, Suite 16080, California, MD 20619) (Telephone: (301) 866 – 1723)
  6. Carrollton, GA: (Address: 1301 South Park Street, Suite B, Carrollton, GA 30117) (Telephone: (770) 838 – 4671)
  7. Cedar Park, TX: (Address: 1335 E Whitestone Blvd, Cedar Park, Texas – TX, 78613, USA)
  8. Danville, KY: (Address: 2900 S. Danville By-Pass Suite B, Danville, KY 40422) (Telephone: (859) 238 – 7419)
  9. Easton, PA: (Address: 3750 Easton Nazareth Highway, Easton, PA 18045) (Telephone: (610) 258 – 8678)
  10. Elizabeth City, NC: (Address: 3850 Conlon Way, Unit W Elizabeth City, NC 27909) (Telephone: (252) 331 – 1754)


Who is the CEO of Hobby Lobby Corporate?

Hobby Lobby corporate’s Chief Executive Officer is David Green. He is also the founder of this company.

Does Hobby Lobby have a customer service desk?

Yes! The customer service desk of Hobby Lobby is available from Monday to Friday at Central Time from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Call 1 – 800 – 888 – 0321 to contact the customer service desk.

Where is the Hobby Lobby Headquarters?

Hobby Lobby is headquartered at 7707 SW 44th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73179, USA.

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  1. We went to the Hobby Lobby in Lake Mary Fl, yesterday, June 15, 2023, around 4PM to have some pictures framed. The employees were all busy but the young woman in “frames” was very busy, AND YET, was more than eager and ready to help us. She continued to do her other chores but attended as well to us. She was extremely helpful, and then, when we were ready to have the pictures framed, with a big smile, she slipped on some white gloves and started working on our project. She was so professional, cheerful, and did a wonderful job. She went above and beyond, offering to put little rubber feet on the corners , and a wire on the backing. My husband wanted to give her a tip,actually larger than the bill, but she just smiled and declined. Another employee suggested we contact corporate and tell them what a fine job “Julia” had done. Sorry we did not get her last name.Please try to find her, she is a star employee. She said she is currently a senior in college in Orlando. THANK YOU

  2. I live in batavia ny and we need a hobby lobby in the worst way. The only craft store we have is a michaels that is very small and a Joanna fabrics that just closed. The nearest hobby lobby is 30 mins from me. Help. We need a hobby lobby.

  3. We purchased a puzzle at Hobby Lobby by Brother Sister Design Studio. It was a 1000 piece 39 x 27 and took 2 weeks to finish. Unfortunately it was missing one piece. Very disappointed since we planned on sealing and framing it. We decided to go to our Hobby Lobby store in Altamonte Springs, FL and found that the assistant manager and the manager were very sympathetic and helpful, offering us a new replacement puzzle. We went through half the pieces before we found the one we were missing. Very grateful and pleased with the service we received from our store. When we went into Brother Sister Design Studio corporate website there were several complaints of missing puzzle pieces along with complaints of other products they sell.

  4. I went to Hobby lobby this evening there are signs posted throughout the store 40% off on items you purchase these items which I did I’m counting and I’m adding because I need to finish some items that I had started a project on I get to the register I informed the cashier that I purchased the items from the 40% off over there and these the items that I were not on sale I put up and told her as well. I said this twice no reply from the cashiers she’s ringing I asked will the discounts be applied because I asked the total and it was at $100 or something and I said OK so will you be applying the discount or with the discount automatically the 40% come on she said some will, and the other she will apply, I found that odd so I said well these items I purchased and appointed to the aisle right behind me that clearly shows a sign in big bowl black lottery 40% off and I said I purchased those items from there so will the 40% be coming up and she stopped and then replied oh those items are food items they’re not 40% off well the manager hears this and comes over to the register to tell me oh that’s not for the 40% off on food items if you would read down further in the smallest of print, which you are not looking at because your eyes are only diverted to the marketing strategy that they intended it to which is to assume that those items are 40% off, which causes you to overspin, and when you do spin like that, there is a extremely long line of disgruntled people who are already ready to check out, and they have limited cashier Open so you go into a full-blown panic attack like I did and I started to tell her well I’m taking off the food items because I didn’t plan on being $257 which was the total. I’m told them by the manager that the registers are only allowed to void two items and then it will delete and you have to start over People are hearing this and they become uneasy and I hear, mumbling myself I have panic attacks in situations of sort and I’m now faced with feeling trapped and confused and tripped what I don’t. Like is the fact that if you don’t have 40% off on those items do not post a sign next to those items, put it where it belongs do not do that you are very much aware and been in business way too long to do such a thing I am not pleased and I want 40% off of the items that I purchased every single one as posted in front of them. otherwise it is called Misleading not being transparent and tricky and I will pursue it to the full assistant because I don’t appreciate what happened to me. I spent money I did not have or intended to spin. I added it up before I got to the register and I was under $200 and Hobby lobby. I hold you responsible and accountable for these actions because you know now if this is something your store practice is not your store practice then you need to be doing some evaluation of your companies because I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’ve heard this and I am not a happy customer and I will not be returning there, because I don’t like what had happened and if this is how you’re planning on making money, and on other items, charging more for Shredded paper, not offering larger quantities it’s ridiculous people come there to save into be able to do their arts and crafts for market, but they cannot make a profit when you are overcharging or misleading. I’m very upset and I have every intention on making sure I go to pissed off, consumer or wherever I need to until this solve is this is rectify I want the 40% off of my items every single one and until that happens I’m not gonna let it rest and I don’t recommend that you go to Hobby lobby if you’re not for certain what you’re buying, ask questions first, because they will wait till you get to the line and give you some bogus. They cannot void out more than one item knowing that they have limited cashiers, and that people are already ready to go . They put you in a situation that’s not right hobby lobby shame on you, but I do expect this to be resolved, and I will not stop until it does and I will update you guys on how loyal they are to their customers who made them what they are today .


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