What Is JetBlue CEO Robin Hayes’s Email Address?

The American airline service provider company JetBlue Airways Corporation is headquartered in Long Island City. Daily, JetBlue operates more than 1000 flights. It serves 100 international and domestic network destinations, including the USA, Mexico, Canada, South America, Central America, and Europe.

Robin Hayes is the Chief Executive Officer of JetBlue. For many years he has been serving this company. Mr. Robin focuses on customer feedback to improve the airways services.

So if you have anything to share with him, write to the JetBlue CEO Email address at robin.hayes@jetblue.com.

However, sending an email is not the only way to reach him. There are many more ways following which you can contact the JetBlue CEO. You will surely explore all these communication mediums through today’s guide. So start reading!

Who Is The CEO Of JetBlue?

Robin Hayes is the Chief Executive Officer of JetBlue Airways Corp. He is leading JetBlue – New York’s Hometown Airline and its subsidiaries JetBlue Travel Products and JetBlue Technology Ventures.

In 2008 Mr. Robin joined JetBlue. Until becoming the President in 2014, he served as the company’s Chief Commercial Officer and Executive Vice President. Mr. Robin became the third Chief Executive Officer of JetBlue in February 2015. Till 2018 he serves the company as its President and CEO both.

However, before joining JetBlue, he was the EVP at British Airways. In his 19 years of career, he also worked as the area general manager for Latin America, Europe, and the Caribbean.

How Can I Contact The JetBlue CEO?

Tired of searching for a contact way with the JetBlue CEO? Well, stop searching. Now through the below section, we will take you through the ways in which you can contact the JetBlue CEO.

Let’s check what those ways are:

  • The first and most effective way is to email the JetBlue CEO at his professional email address at robin.hayes@jetblue.comMr. Robin communicates with JetBlue users or customers through this business email address. So send your query or concern to the CEO through this email.
  • The second way is to check out the JetBlue CEO’s personal or professional phone number. Call the CEO’s official number directly to communicate with him if any number is available. But this method of communication isn’t that effective.
  • JetBlue CEO’s mailing address is 27 – 01 Queens Plaza, North Long Island City, NY 11101, United States. You can send your written correspondence to this address as well.
  • Social media has made communication with anyone easier than ever before. So obviously, these platforms offer you another chance to reach the CEO. Follow Mr. Robin on LinkedIn, Instagram and other social media accounts and contact him via this medium.

Is the JetBlue CEO’s Email ID Publicly Available?

Yes! JetBlue CEO Robin’s Email ID is available for everyone, and it’s robin.hayes@jetblue.comYou can easily share JetBlue service-related thoughts or issues with the CEO using this email address.

Is JetBlue CEO’s Phone Number Publicly Available?

No! JetBlue CEO’s phone number is unavailable. But his headquarters’ official hotline number is available. By calling 1 – 800 – JETBLUE (1 – 800 – 538 – 2583), you can request them to make your way of communication with the CEO.

JetBlue CEO Postal Address

Mail your query, written document or anything else to the JetBlue CEO’s postal address. His mailing address is 27 – 01 Queens Plaza, North Long Island City, NY 11101, United States.

JetBlue CEO Social Media Accounts

While researching to find out the JetBlue CEO’s social media account link, unfortunately, we found he isn’t much active on social platforms. And we found only a few account links. Those links are given below; check it out:

How Do I Contact JetBlue Corporate Office?

JetBlue Airways is headquartered in Long Island City. Its corporate office is 27 – 01 Queens Plaza, North Long Island City, NY 11101, United States. To contact the JetBlue Airways representative, go through the contact information below:

  • Customer Service Phone Number: 1 – 800 – JETBLUE (1 – 800 – 538 – 2583)
  • Customer Service Email Address: corpcomm@jetblue.com

JetBlue Executive Team Contact Details

  • Andres Barry – President, JetBlue Travel Products
  • Warren Christie – Head of Safety, Security, Fleet Operations, Airports & JBU
  • Amy Burr – President, JetBlue Ventures
  • Dave Clark – Head, Revenue & Planning
  • Peter Boneparth – Chairman


How do I email JetBlue corporate?

Write your questions or concerns to JetBlue Airways at corpcomm@jetblue.com. You can directly reach the corporate team via email or call them at 1 – 800 – JETBLUE (1 – 800 – 538 – 2583).

What is the corporate address for JetBlue?

JetBlue Airways headquarters address is 27 – 01 Queens Plaza, North Long Island City, NY 11101, United States.

What is JetBlue’s official company name?

JetBlue’s official company name is JetBlue Airways Corporation. This company serves customers with non-stop passenger flight services.

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