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The Jetblue headquarters address is Long Island City, Queens Island (27-01), New York, USA. It is an American airline operating since the year 2000. It has 2 other corporate offices in Florida and Utah.

The key people of Jetblue and other officers and employees have been handling the company from their leadership positions for a very long time. See the contact information and social media accounts to learn more about the employees and the company.

Jetblue Headquarters Address 

The main corporate office or Jetblue headquarters is in Queens Island, NY. There are two other corporate offices. They have transferred their head office twice prior to choosing the current location.

There are different contact numbers for people in North America, South America, Europe, etc. Here’s the headquarters address in the table below. 

Physical AddressLong Island City, Brewster Building, Queens Island (27-01), New York, USA
Phone1-800-538-2583; 1 718-286-7900
FounderDavid Neeleman
LinkedInLinkedIn| Jetblue
TwitterTwitter| Jetblue
FacebookFacebook| Jetblue
InstagramInstagram| Jetblue

Executive Leadership Team of Jetblue Headquarters

The founder of Jetblue was David Neeleman. He founded the airline in 1999 by the name NewAir. Then the airline started operating in 2000. 

Currently, the company is being run by highly skillful employees. The current CEO of the company is Robin Hayes, and the chairman is Peter Boneparth. The COO and President Joanna Geraghty also play important roles in the company. These three are the most important and key people behind running the airlines.

Personnel PostContact
Amy Burr Jetblue Ventures – PresidentLinkedIn
Lisa ReiferFinance and Treasury – HeadLinkedIn
Warren ChristieHead- Fleet Operation, SafetyLinkedIn
Carol ClementsChief Officer – Digital and TechnologyLinkedIn
Joanna GeraghtyCOO, PresidentLinkedIn
Tracy LawlorChief Officer – Strategy and Business Development LinkedIn
Robin HayesCEORobin Hayes | Email
Rob LandHead – Associate General Counsel, Government Affairs LinkedIn
Ursula HurleyCFOLinkedIn

Robin Hayes-CEO of Jetblue Email

The journey of Robin Hayes in Jetblue started in 2008. He served as the EVP and CCO of the company until 2014 when he became the president of the whole airline. Then in the very next year, in 2015, Robin was elected as the CEO of the company.  The email of Robin Hayes is

Prior to that, Robin was the EVP of British Airways (Americas). Overall, he had around 19 years of experience. As of 2023, the current net worth of Robin Hayes is around 4 million Dollars. 

Robin got his BSc in EEE and Masters in engineering from the University of Bath, UK. he has also been active as an activist. 


List of Board of Directors 

  • B. Ben Baldanza
  • Thomas Winkelmann
  • Peter Boneparth
  • Vivek Sharma
  • Monte Ford
  • Sarah Robb O’Hagan
  • Robin Hayes
  • Nik Mittal
  • Ellen Jewett
  • Teri P. McClure
  • Robert Leduc
  • Ellen Jewett

Customer Service Contact Information

You may have many inquiries regarding Jetblue’s flights, and carriage services, or if you are a passenger and have issues to report, call 1-855-ADA-LINE (232-5463). You can also visit their web page, Jetblue | Contact Us

If you have IR-related issues or inquiries, call (718) 709-2202 or email IR@JETBLUE.COM. for media-related queries, visit Jetblue | Media. For disability-related concerns, you can visit Jetblue | Complaint Resolution

Call 1-202-366-2220  to file a complaint against the airline and  1-800-778-4838 or 1-800-455-9880 if faced with issues regarding anything sensitive, for example, some types of disability.

HR Department Contact of Jetblue

At Jetblue Airlines, you can work in different fields. You can work at Support Centers, Inflight jobs, Technical or system support, customer support, flight officer, travel officer, etc. Visit Jetblue | Careers to find all types of available vacancies in Jetblue.

Before applying to the company, you may want to know if the company is inclusive or not. So visit Jetblue | Diversity and Inclusion

Stephanie Hansen is the manager of the HR department. You can email her at or visit her LinkedIn profile, Stephanie Hansen | LinkedIn.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. how to report cyber-security threats to Jetblue?

You can email Jetblue to report cyber-security-related threats. The email address is Jetblue | Email

2. How to complain about job inequality or harassment of employees?

As a crew member, you can report any abuse by calling 1-877-241-2430. Or you can email Crew Relations | Email

3. How to contact the legal department of Jetblue?

You can contact the legal department of Jetblue via email. The email address is Legal Department | Email.

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  1. Dear Mr. Robin Hayes.

    I’m writing this letter to share the most atrocious experiences I ever experienced on an airline.

    I booked 5 round trip tickets from HPN to MCO for a family trip to Disney. The flight going (#0195) on 6/12/23 was pleasurable. The flight attendants were accommodating and proficient with delivering a good customer experience.

    However, my flight (#1294)returning on 7/16/23 (MCO to HPN) was horrific. Our flight was suppose to depart from MCO at 6pm and arrive to HPN at 9:41pm. In effort to ensure we were on time we arrived to the airport at 3:30pm. Within a two hour span I received 8 email notifications of flight changes.

    We finally boarded the aircraft at approximately 7:10pm. After everyone boarded the the aircraft sat at the gate for approximately 45 mins. The pilot finally announced there was a delay due to other planes sitting on the tarmac . He then stated our estimated departure wouldn’t be for another hour at best.

    Another 15 minutes passed and I inquired with a flight attendant on our ETA for departure. I was told it was uncertain. I them asked if I could stand up to stretch because I was feeling anxious from sitting in a dark aircraft for an hour plus.

    The flight attendant then asked if I was okay and I stated I was getting nervous and anxious. I sat back down and was approached by two flight attendants (Steph and another female) who stated they needed me to exit the plane due to me feeling anxious. (They stated it was for my safety)

    Please note at no point did I act in a manner to make anyone on the plane uncomfortable.

    Once I approached the ticket counter I stated that I was okay to fly; however, the agent stated that my seat/ticket was resold to another passenger. My wife and three daughters had to travel back to HPN without me and no form of transportation with getting home being my car keys were in my possession. I also was t able to retain my luggage to get my medication.

    Please note that this interaction with exiting and getting to the gate was less than 3 minutes. Within that amount of time my seat/ticket was sold.

    After a brief conversation the agent rebooked me for a 12:14am flight to SYR. At approximately 12am an announcement was made advising that this flight was canceled.

    I went to the JetBlue customer service area and explained my situation and was told that I shouldn’t have been removed from the plane with out showing physical sighs of illness.

    I then asked to speak with a supervisor (Jamie) and he apologized for the experience; however, he advised that the earliest flight to HPN and or a surrounding airport wasn’t until 7/17/23.

    I’m am very angered by this experience and will be filing a formal complaint with the FAA and seeking legal counsel for my rights being violated.

    Signing off as One Unhappy Customer.

    Chester Pearson

    TrueBlue #

  2. Dear corporate office,

    First of all you tell us to be at the airport 3 hours before departure. I waited for 2 hours to check my bag in. Then when the customer service came out they didn’t greet any of us. The customer service was yelling and disrespectful. Then told us to get away from the counter. I asked if we just need to set our luggage up on weight scale. Your customer service representative disrespectful said no go behind the line. I didn’t call you up here. Well we waited for two hours for some service so there is not a line to stand behind. Many of us waited a long time.

    Then my plane got delayed five times and canceled. We went up to the desk in JFK and the representative told me to go get my luggage and hit the street until we get an email. What kind of service do you give? I said to him no I am not from New York where would you like us to go? I was told by the representative that’s what he was told in briefing to tell us. Then we go over to customer service and we get a food voucher that we wasted because the date on it was until August 1, 2023, and we already ate. So we
    didn’t even eat the food because we weren’t hungry.

    I was put on a different flight but I was already stressed to no end by then. I couldn’t even enjoy the one drink I’m offered for being a vacation buyer for Jet Blue vacation. Not one drink or any food because I was nauseated. The kid behind me kicked my Seat the whole way. I was sick on arrival and didn’t enjoy one day at the hotel I paid good money for. I shit my pants after vomiting all night in the hotel room. How is that for enjoying my 4,218.00 vacation I planned 6 months ago. This is caused when your stressed out.

    Then when I get back to the airport we fly out of Bahamas but the plane was supposedly new. Well the seat fell off and kept pulling forward. Not one tv worked on any of the planes we sat at. On the plane from Bahamas seat 8 C and D the tv doesn’t even turn on. While the seat fell apart underneath me for 3 hours. The other ones were fuzzy and you couldn’t see the screen. This is how you like treating your paying customers? This is not acceptable. Then we get to JFK and there is a flight that was leaving sooner since waiting 8 hours that was given to us. That plane was delayed for hours due to weather. I asked for the sooner flight and I went to customer service counter and told they cannot get the bags transferred to the new flight. Really? The flights were going to the same airport. Then I was told to go to baggage and get my checked bag and ask if they will allow me to take on my next flight. I had 1 hour to do this. They couldn’t cap down to have my checked bag transferred? According to JFK no they couldn’t. Well when I got to Detroit the customer representative in baggage claim said they could have put your bags on the plane I was on. So now who is lying to me. Then you have the audicity to give me 50.00 credit because of your mistake. Your company literally ruined my vacation. You wasted my money because I didn’t enjoy one day in Bahamas. Now I have to spend 3 hours to get my luggage from the Detroit airport tomorrow. Like I haven’t had enough time traveling. Your staff are rude and disrespectful to the customers. I have never had this type of service from Jet Blue. What a shame. You can have your complaint department call. I only get so much vacation time off work, so leaving us stressed and stranded is unforgivable. You advertising that you get tv’s, comfort when I seat literally kept falling off and slipping forward. End of story. Then I was lied to about my luggage. I need my luggage now. Stop plying games or I am suing your company for the $5,000 that’s in my luggage.


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