What Is Kia CEO Email Address?

Kia is well known as Kia Corporation. It is a multinational South Korean automobile manufacturer company based in Seoul, South Korea. In terms of automobile manufacturers, the second largest company in South Korea is Kia. Hyundai Motor Company is Kia’s parent company.

However, Kia in America is headquartered in Irvine, California.  Seungkyu (Sean) Yoon is the CEO of Kia America. The Kia CEO’s email addresses are syoon@kiausa.comsyoon@kia.com, and skyoon@kiausa.com.

Using these email addresses, you can contact the Kia CEO. Getting a reply from the CEO isn’t guaranteed.

However, this guide is for you if you want to explore other ways of communication with the Kia CEO. Keep reading this article’s each point till the end!

Who Is The CEO of Kia?

Kia America’s Chief Executive Officer and President is Seungkyu (Sean) Yoon. He is leading the long-term strategy of Kia in North America. Also, he is handling sales and regional operations in the US, Mexico, and Canada.

Formerly he was Kia Canada’s President. From 2006 – 2012 Mr. Yoon served as the Executive Coordinator in the Kia sales department. After that, in 2018, he returned to Kia Motors America.

How Can I Contact The Kia CEO?

Contacting the Kia CEO will be more accessible if you know how to communicate with him correctly. This section will take you through all the details of communicating with the KIA CEO. So, let’s start going through the points below:

  • Email the KIA CEO’s professional email address at syoon@kiausa.comsyoon@kia.com or skyoon@kiausa.com. Drop down what you want to share with him. The CEO’s professional communication team deals with the client’s message. So avoid sending unnecessary emails to him.
  • Mailing address is the best official channel to reach the CEO. So you can send the written correspondence to the KIA CEO at his postal address.
  • A rapid communication medium is social media. You can connect to the CEO and share your thoughts through social platforms. Add or follow the CEO’s social media profile if there is any. Also, like, share and comment on his post to remain active.
  • Another communication medium is calling the KIA’s headquarters to contact the CEO. Call the headquarters official number (1 – 800 – 333 – 4KIA) 1 – 800 – 333 – 4542 and tell them your reason for communicating with the CEO. They may consider your issue and allow you to reach him.
  • The last one is you can directly visit the Kia US headquarters at 111 Peters Canyon Rd Irvine, CA 92606, USA, to contact the CEO. But this idea will only work for some.

Is the Kia CEO’s Email ID Publicly Available?

Yes! After conducting rigorous research, we found Kia CEO’s 3 email addresses, and those are syoon@kiausa.comsyoon@kia.com or skyoon@kiausa.com. In any of these emails, you can send your query or concerns.

Is Kia CEO’s Phone Number Publicly Available?

No! Kia CEO’s phone number is unavailable. But keep hope. Here is the Kia headquarters hotline number (1 – 800 – 333 – 4KIA) 1 – 800 – 333 – 4542. You can request the company’s representative to connect you with the Chief Executive by calling this number.

Kia CEO Postal Address

111 Peters Canyon Rd Irvine, CA 92606, USA is the Kia US CEO’s postal address. You can send your document, questions or query in written form to the Kia CEO’s mailing address.

Kia CEO Social Media Accounts

Kia US CEO Seungkyu (Sean) Yoon is active on social media platforms like Facebook, Bloomberg and LinkedIn to ensure his professional presence. Check out the CEO’s social account’s links below:

How Do I Contact the Kia Corporate Office?

In the USA, Kia is headquartered at 111 Peters Canyon Rd Irvine, CA 92606 USA. To contact Kia America headquartered, use the contact information below:

  • Customer Service Email Address: msales@kia.com
  • Customer Service Phone Number: (1 – 800 – 333 – 4KIA) 1 – 800 – 333 – 4542

Kia Executive Team Contact Details


Where is the Kia corporate office in the US?

Kia’s corporate office is located in Irvine, California. Its location is 111 Peters Canyon Rd Irvine, CA 92606, USA.

How do I contact the CEO of Kia?

Send the CEO messages to his professional email addresses at syoon@kiausa.comsyoon@kia.com or skyoon@kiausa.com. Or you can reach him through the official channel of his headquarters mailing address or phone number.

How do I report a problem with Kia?

Call 1 – 800 – 333 – 4KIA (4542) to contact Kia Consumer Affairs or your preferred Kia Dealer. You can report your problem to Kia or ask Safety Recalls-related questions by calling this number.

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