Kroger Headquarters Address, CEO Email, Executive Contacts & All Details

Kroger Company is the USA’s one of the largest retailers based on annual sales. The company, under different banner names, operates retail grocery stores. It includes seamless digital shopping options, multi-department stores, supermarkets, price–impact warehouse stores, etc.

The location of Kroger Headquarters is 1014 Vine St, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 – 1100, USA. For any inquiries, directly connect to the headquarters’ customer service center number 1 – 800 – 576 – 4377 (1 – 800 – KRO – GERG).

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Overall Information of Kroger Headquarters

Headquarter 1014 Vine St, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 – 1100, USA
Founding Year1883
Founding Place Downtown Cincinnati
Founders Name Bernard Kroger
Contact Number 1 – 800 – 576 – 4377 (1 – 800 – KRO – GERG)
Corporate Switchboard(513) 762 – 4000 
Facebook Kroger Facebook
Twitter Kroger Twitter
YouTubeKroger YouTube
Instagram Kroger Instagram
LinkedIn Kroger LinkedIn
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Other Contact Details Of Kroger Co.

Find the mailing address of different departments in Kroger Company below:

  • Media Relations Mailing Address: Corporate Affairs Department, The Kroger Co., 1014 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 452020 – 1100.
  • Human Resources Mailing Address: The Kroger Co. Attn: HR, 1014 Vine Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 452020 – 1100.
  • Financial Information Mailing Address: EQ Shareowner Services, PO. Box 64874, St. Paul, MN 55164 – 0874.
  • Transfer Agent Toll-Free Phone Number: 1 (855) 854 – 1369

Kroger CEO Email Address

Since 2014 W. Rodney McMullen has been heading Kroger as the Chief Executive Officer. He is also the Chairman of the Board since 2015. Before being elected CEO, he served this company as the Chief Operating Officer and President.

Previously Mr. McMullen chaired the company’s different higher positions. If you want to share any concerns with the CEO, email him at or

Don’t send your general inquiries to this email address because you won’t get a reply. However, to get in touch with the CEO, follow him on LinkedIn.

Kroger Corporate Office Executive Team Member Contact Details

W. Rodney McMullenChairman & Chief Executive OfficerLinkedIn
Mary Ellen AdcockSenior Vice PresidentLinkedIn 
Gabriel Arreaga Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Bloomberg
Stuart W. Aitken Senior Vice PresidentLinkedIn
Valerie L. Jabbar Senior Vice PresidentLinkedIn
Yael Cosset SVP & Chief Information OfficerLinkedIn
Timothy A. Massa SVP, Human Resources & Labor RelationsLinkedIn
Kenneth C. Kimball Senior Vice President N/A
Gary Millerchip SVP & Chief Financial Officer LinkedIn
Christine S. Wheatley Group Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary LinkedIn

Kroger Corporate Office HR, Media & Financial Department Contact Details

Below find the information to contact the HR, Media & Financial Department.

  • HR Contact: Contact the HR Department’s direct correspondence at (513) 762 – 4000 for any inquiries.
  • Media Contact: For media relations or corporate affairs inquiries, directly mail at Kroger. The mailing address is Corporate Affairs Department, the Kroger Co. 1014 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202 – 1100.
  • Financial Department Contact: For Investor Relations & Shareholder services or financial information, call (513) 762 – 1220. Or drop an email at

Kroger Board Of Directors

The Board of Directors oversees the performance and activities of Kroger. The Board makes decisions regarding adding or removing board members. Also, they aim to uphold the company shareholder’s interest.

However, Kroger’s board of directors contains the following members:

  • Nara A. Aufreiter
  • Elaine L. Chao
  • Kevin M. Brown
  • Anne Gates
  • Clyde R. Moore
  • Karen M. Hoguet
  • Mark S. Sutten
  • Ronald L. Sargent
  • Ashok Vemuri
  • J Amanda Sourry Knox

Kroger Corporate Office Branches In the USA

Across the United States, Kroger operates its functionality in different states. Some branch addresses are:

  • Tolleson, AZ: (Address: 500 S 99th Ave, Tolleson, AZ 85353, USA)
  • Denver, CO: (Address: King Soopers 65 Tejon St. PO. Box 5567, Denver, CO 80217, USA)
  • Compton, CA: (Address: 1100 W Artesia Blvd Compton, CA, 90220 – 5108, USA
  • Atlanta, GA: (Address: 3155 Royal Dr. Suite 100. Atlanta, GA 30022, USA)
  • Boca Raton, FL: (Address: 4700 Exchange Ct Suite 200, Boca Raton, FL 33431, USA)
  • Indianapolis, IN: (Address: 3241 N Shadeland Ave Indianapolis, IN, 46226 – 6234, USA)
  • Louisville, KY: (Address: 1600 Ormsby Station Ct, Louisville, KY 40223)
  • Detroit, MI: (Address: 11310 Cornell Park Dr., Detroit, MI Lansing, MI Flint, MI)
  • Novi, MI: (Address: 40399 Grand River Ave. Ste 110. Novi, MI 48375)
  • Westerville, OH: (Address: 55 W. Schrock Road Westerville, OH 43081, USA)
  • Memphis, TN: (Address: 3444 Plaza Ave Memphis, TN 38111 – 4614, USA)
  • Portland, OR: (Address: 3800 SE 22nd Ave Portland, OR, 97202 – 2999, USA)


Where is Kroger’s main headquarters?

Kroger’s main headquarters address is 1014 Vine St, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 – 1100, USA.

How do I contact Kroger corporate?

To contact the Kroger company, call (800) 576 – 4377.

Who is Kroger owned by?

BlackRock Inc. and Vanguard Group, Inc own Kroger.

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    I was so upset when I saw Kroger building a gas station almost across the street from the shitty ass store you have here in Canon City Colorado! I wanted to puke. You sure as hell have enough money to build a gas station and to continue to raise prices on just about everything. You greedy, horrible people. You are hurting people and you could care less as long as your effin pockets are lined. You are no good and if there is a God, you will have to answer for your greed! Your people work damn hard for this company and you pay them pennies and treat them like dirt! OPRESSION!!!! Shame on you! If there is a hell, I hope you find it!

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