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Lowe’s is a well-known retail home improvement specializing company based in America. Being the second-largest hardware chain in the world, they have managed to build trust with their many customers.

Lowe’s corporate office address ( headquarters) is in Mooresville, NC, United States. There are around 8000 corporate offices of Lowe’s Companies, Inc.. worldwide. 

There are many ways of contacting the Lowe’s office for different queries. Information regarding their current CEO, other executive officers, and members of the board of directors are also mentioned for you. 

Lowe’s Headquarters Address 

Lowe’s headquarters is in Mooresville. Lowe’s or Lowe’s Companies, Inc. was founded by Lucius Smith Lowe back in 1921. North Wilkesboro Hardware was the first store established in North Carolina, US. 

Later on, the company ended up with Carl Buchan, Lucius Smith’s son-in-law. He was the one that expanded by opening more stores and started the Lowe’s food chain. 

What started as a small hardware store is currently one of the most successful companies in the world. Lowe’s holds the 41st position on the fortune 100 list.

Physical Address100 Lowe’s Boulevard; Mooresville; North Carolina 28117; United States
Zip code28117
Phone800 445 6937
FounderLucius Smith Lowe

Executive Leadership of Lowe’s Corporate Office

Currently, the Lows Corporation is led by Marvin Ellison. He is accordingly, the President and CEO of the company. William P. Boltz is assisting him as the Executive Vice President of Merchandising Department. 

The full list of the Executive team of Lowe’s Corporation is given below. 

PersonnelPostContactSocial Network
Marvin EllisonPresident; CEO(704) 758-1000LinkedIn
William P. BoltzExecutive Vice President; (Merchandising)(800) 445-6937Will be updated
David M. DentonExecutive VP; CFO(212) 733-2323LinkedIn
Donald E. Frieson Executive VP (Supply Chain)(901) 382-0919LinkedIn
Seemantini Godbole Executive VP; CIOWill be updatedLinkedIn
Ross W. McCanlessExecutive VP; Corporate Secretary and General CounselWill be updatedLinkedIn
Joseph M. McFarland IIIExecutive VP; Stores(908) 283-0574LinkedIn
Anthony T. HurstWest Division PresidentWill be updatedLinkedIn
Marisa F. ThalbergChief Brand & Marketing Officer(212) 873-9796LinkedIn

Marvin Ellison – CEO of Lowe’s Corporation 

Marvin Ellison is the CEO and president of Lowe’s Corporation, elected on the 2nd of July 2018. He has previously worked in JCPenney, The Home Depot, Target, etc., with over 30 years of experience in this field; he has proven himself to be great in his roles.

You can contact him through his email- marvin.ellison@lowes.com. Also, if you want to reach him directly over the phone, you can contact him at (704) 758-1000. 

He did his bachelor’s degree in business marketing from The University of Memphis and his MBA from Emory University – Guizueta Business School. His current net worth is around 100 million USD. 

List of Board of Directors

  • Raul Alvarez
  • David H. Batchelder
  • Scott H. Baxter
  • Sandra B. Cochran
  • Laurie Z. Douglas
  • Richard W. Dreiling
  • Marvin R. Ellison
  • Daniel J. Heinrich
  • Brian C. Rogers
  • Bertram L. Scott
  • Colleen Taylor
  • Mary Beth West

Customer Service Contact Information

For inquiries, you can call (1-800-445-6937) or visit the Contact Us page. To make inquiries regarding investment, you can contact them via email:  investorrelations@lowes.com

You can also visit  Investor Relations or call 1-800-813-7613 for further questioning. For media inquiries, visit Newsroom and Contact Media Relations

All websites of Lowe’s: Lowes.com, Lowe’s Canada, Innovation Labs, Lowe’s for Pros, and Find a Store

Job Opportunity in Lowe’s Corporate Office- HR Department Contact

There are many diverse job opportunities available at Lowe’s. Corporate, Supply Chain, Internship, Technology, and many other types of jobs can be found at Lowe’s. They are also welcoming students and graduates into their company.

For job inquiries, call  1-844-HR-Lowe’s or 1-844-475-6937 or visit Lowe’s Career. You can also visit Lowe’s Home Improvement Supplier Program  to look up supplier service-related jobs.

Lowe’s is also known for being a top veteran-friendly company. Since the very beginning, the company has been employing veterans for its corporate support center, stores, and supply chain. They have around 26,000 veterans currently working for them. You can find more about their military career at Military| Lowe’s Career.

Lowe’s is also a very diverse place in terms of employing men and women from different backgrounds and ethnicity. It is also known as the best place for the LGBTQ community.

Frequently Asked Questions

What industry is Lowe’s?

Lowe’s is a home improvement company. The company does repairing, decorating, maintenance, remodeling, etc., and associated work. 

How many Lowe’s stores are there?

There are around 80 stores of Lowe’s in the US. they sell groceries, seafood, meat, dairy, deli, bakery, and many more. 

Final Words

Lowe’s has been in business since 1921 and is still going strong after all these years. Being a widely recognized organization and bagging many awards in its respective field, it is one of the top picks for investors or job seekers.

Lowe’s corporate office address is at 100 Lowe’s Boulevard; Mooresville; North Carolina 28117; United States. They have many stores in the US and have expanded in other countries as well. 

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  1. To whom it may concern. Lowes has major issues in kitchen/bath renovation department. The suppliers you contract with deliver poor quality, damaged products and Lowes sells them at top dollar. Major lack of quality control with Kraftmaid cabinets. They ship defective items. The installers Lowes contracts with is like dealing with a three ring circus. One party installs the cabinets, another party makes the cut outs, and another party installs appliance’s. If one party doesn’t complete their part or does it wrong the other parties can’t do theirs and you keep going around in circles. We signed a contract with Lowes June 7th 2022. It’s going on a year now and we still don’t have a kitchen. I have a book of documented issues dealing with Lowes and have lost all confidence that Lowes is capable of fulfilling their part of the contract.
    It’s been a nightmare from the day the first set of cabinets arrived damaged and we are still trying to get a wall cabinet that’s usable.
    My name is Kim Houston. My email address is houstonkw@gmail.com and I would like a meeting with the CEO of Lowes. I want my money back for Lowes failure to complete their end of the contract.

    • Good luck on meeting with the CEO, or him even hearing your concern. I’ve been writing him regarding my terrible customer service experience that has caused me discomfort and financial harm by its unprofessional installation department. It has been a nightmare.
      The customer service executive leadership team is worthless and only interested in defending the terrible service offered by Lowes and not the interest of its customers.

  2. Danielle,

    Please scroll down to the first message I received from Jeff Stuchen General Manager Spectra Kitchen & Bath. His decision to pass me back to Lowe’s was made prior to me even sending the pictures. I knew this was going to happen, that I would have to get stressed out and fight to have this situation rectified. You will see I included two executives from Lowe’s in my email because they need to see how their customers are misinformed with no accountability.

    I suggest Lowe’s revisit their partnership with Jeff Stuchen. Just Google his company and look at the negative reviews. When I contacted Lowe’s to have this countertop installed, I had no idea it would be with a company as poorly rated and unprofessional as their one to which I was assigned.

    I mistakenly left out the attachments which I would like noted you were supposed to review before making a decision on my concern.

    —–Original Message—–


    I am very sorry, but you have been misinformed. I am not aware of an email coming from Lowe’s nor do I care to know how many years you have been doing business with them. Despite which method you use to measure mistakes happen. In this case after I returned home to inspect the counter, I noted an error. An error made when using cardboard, rulers, and pencils to create the temp let. (Photo attached clearly showing a difference in measuring. The left side of the front lip sticks out further than the other side.) Your professional installers or as you refer to them “your guys” did not do anything wrong. They properly installed what was given to them to install.

    When I called Lowe’s to inquire about countertops it took almost 20 minutes just to have the phone answered. They were very busy and was finally assisted by an associate helping from another department. I followed the process given to me by that associate as instructed. When I asked about samples I was assured not to worry when they come to measure that they will provide samples to choose from. As the customer I did nothing wrong. Is Lowe’s to blame for misinforming me, that is something that needs to be discussed with them. When the person came out to my house, and I asked him about the samples that he simply replied I don’t have them. He stated nothing of not EVER bringing samples. Did I find this to be disappointing and a little odd, yes because who spends over $1000 on something they have not seen. I do not need to be told what customers typically do. This situation is based solely on my experience and the way I was walked through the process. The countertop chosen as you try to deflect blame is very different than that of the picture I saw online. Let me be very clear, I did as instruct by Lowe’s and whether or not you are two different entities you have a partnership and in the customers eyes you represent them as they do you. In our eyes you are the same. So Mr Stuchen it is untrue what you are stating is the reason I am unhappy simply just being the color. You did not even have the courtesy to call me to speak of this. You came to the conclusion on your own in an attempt to clear you of wrong doing. This is not just about the color you say I chose. I will not be calling Lowe’s on your behalf I will be waiting to hear back from you to discuss not only my experience from start to finish, but how you did not even get the full story or have the courtesy to call your customer before passing on your unfounded reason to Lowe’s in an effort to protect your payment for this service. I am very sure the Lowe’s name accounts for a very large part of your success. My call to Lowe’s will be to point out your poor rating with the BBB and the number of customer reviews that are rated a one or a two which is far greater than the positive ones. As the proud business owner, you like to believe you are your call to Lowe’s should be a partnership in how to turn this terrible experience into one would come to expect when spending over $1000K.

    A final note, your threat or attempt to place the blame on me when you state you have already notified “the online group” which I have to assume is part of the Lowe’s team about my not being happy with the color is not the full story. And based on this letter and the way you have handled this situation so far, I do not doubt you leaving out specific details about the real reason I am dissatisfied. Let me also note yes, I signed off on the template, that is protocol is it not? Does everyone who is REQUIRED to sign off on the templet know that it will be made incorrectly? No. The completion form, what is that. I did not get a copy and I was told it was for the instillation.

    Someone has to accept responsibility for this. Perhaps the associate who gave me the wrong information. Either way when I called Lowe’s about a service, and I followed the process as I was told I am not at fault. So, this does not get swept under the rug like I predicted it would I have included Lowe’s customer service, and the top two executives Marvin Ellison and Joseph Mcfarland in this email so they can see the poor service that is given.

    Here is a statement made by you on Yelp, forgive me for not attaching the complaints about your business there were far to many to list.
    We believe that our spaces should welcome people with comfort and practicality. That’s why at Spectra Kitchen & Bath, we blend the best of technology with natural materials to create something truly special. We provide exceptional quality in custom-stone countertops, cabinets, and more that turn your house into a dream home. With integrity at the core of our business, we are proud to stand behind our work so that you can be proud to stand beside it.

    Mr. Jauch,

    I am emailing you with regards to the email we received from Lowe’s. I sent my guys back to your home as they were near by and they tell me you are not happy with the color. We are subcontracted out by lowe’s to template & fabricate. We have been doing this for Lowe’s for 10 years. The way we template has no bearing on how the jobs come out. Some companies use a laser and some do by hand, both are acceptable in the industry. We do not control the color of the stone. Customers typically go to the Lowe’s store and view the color samples they have displayed on the floor. We do not have samples to bring out to the customer’s house. Some customers even order samples directly from lowe’s. at this point if your not happy with the color you chose, you will need to contact Lowe’s or the online people who manage this for lowe’s. I have notified the online group about you not liking the color. I also see you approved the template and sign off the completion form, after we installed.

    If you have any other questions, you can contact Yvonne or myself

    Thank you,
    Jeff Stuchen
    General Manager
    Spectra Kitchen & Bath LLC

  3. In as much as NONE of your email links work (Access Denied), and I’m certain that you won’t really give a damn about my issues with Lowes as a “comment” which it seems you neither read nor respond to, I’ll nevertheless copy what I’ve tried to send. How the hell you stay in business is a complete mystery to me.

    Wednesday March 15, 2023, at your Redding store, I bought two 44
    Gal. Rubbermaid barrels (item #735502) for my chicken food.  They’re the perfect size for that purpose so I took them out to the muddy chicken area and filled them with feed and scratch.  When I went to put the two lids into place (which were directly above the 44 Gal. display and seemed to be the right lids) the lids are about 6″ total too small in diameter.

    The receipt had apparently been placed in the barrels and, of course, blew out on the way home.  Nobody’s fault.  Nevertheless, I brought the two lids back to exchange them with the correct, larger lids and the lady at the customer service desk allowed me to take them back to the aisle to do the exchange and I would return when I found them.  Two different and extremely helpful associates tried to help me but both found that every single barrel in the display was Rubbermaid 44 Gal. and every single lid was for the 32 Gal. barrels which didn’t exist on the floor nor on the shelves nor in stock.  So, you have about 20 44 Gal. barrels, zero lids for the 44 gal. barrel, but a ton of lids for a barrel that’s not even in the display.

    When I returned to the customer service desk to ask to be notified when lids are available, there was just one girl that was frantically trying to assist the other 11 people in line, I simply had to leave.

    So, I’m now stuck with two barrels that are very muddy on the outside and full of feed and scratch and would probably never be accepted as a return and absolutely no way to protect the contents of those barrels from the rain, birds, and rats. 

    I’m done with Lowes.  You need twice the associates at customer service, you need to have someone whose sole job is to inspect deliveries, and, as a side note, you truly need to find local people to do the installations as the crew you hire all the way from Sacramento lie and try to constantly force you into unnecessary and unscheduled work or claim that I “didn’t specify exactly what I wanted done” so up go the costs, when they show up at all. 

    From now on I’ll shop local and get vastly better service and products from companies that actually care.

  4. I bought two bird houses on-line that gave me free shipping. The arrived separately on different days. The first one arrived undamaged, but the second one didn’t have a perch so took it to local store and got a a refund. I reordered the broken bird house on-line and received it this week the bird house, but with no packing material and in several pieces. I took to the the local store and they refunded me again and they tried to order for delivery to the store, but weren’t able. I contacted the company Exhart about ordering from them directly the bird house model 17173. They sold out of the bird house, yet Lowe’s still has them on-line and they are the ones who are shipping damaged and without packing material. It isn’t the local store’s problem, it is warehouse shipping problem. The local store can’t seem to find where it is being shipped from, since they believe the Exhart is shipping something that aren’t carrying or sold out of. I would have contacted Corp. office by email, but it isn’t listed, so decided to post her in case anybody reads these posting and tries to help.

  5. Lowes, your customer service has failed to provide any level of satisfaction to me with my order. For details, reach out to your internal customer service department, ask them for the records for Phillip Hall, who tried to buy a dishwasher at your Ames, Iowa store.
    Then, tell me that you all did a great job when it will cost you my money, my loyalty, and the money and loyalty of every person I can reach. I have chosen, because of these failures, repeated, and egregious, to cancel my order and demand a full refund.
    Additionally, stop using CRST in Iowa. They are incapable of doing the job for which they are contracted.

  6. On September 11, 2023, I ordered the 12-pack fasteners for exterior shutters (item# 3653340, model # V9131012167) through Lowe’s website. I received the order on September 22. Soon after I unpacked the envelope, I noticed that the plastic that holds the fasteners was opened, and there were only 11 in quality. I contacted Lowe’s the next day, but they didn’t do much to help. They want me to return the product to the locals or contact the vendor. Firstly, I needed to use the product, which is why I ordered it since Lowe’s doesn’t sell this item in store. So, I used 3 out of the 11. Secondly, I refused to get a hold of the vendor because I felt that they were too cheap and big-time cheaters. I am not going to waste my time on them. I called Lowe’s headquarters to complain about this nonsense; an associate was helpful but didn’t solve a thing for me. I asked for a manager, and after 5 minutes, she offered me that she could contact the vendor on my behalf (which she refused to do earlier). A minute later, she told me that “today is Saturday, and the vendor will be open on Monday”. She stated that I have to call back, and then Lowe’s can go ahead and contact the vendor. So after all that, I have to waste more time on this matter. This is totally unexpected to me. I, as a customer, should not go through all this because of the careless vendor. I wish they would be out of business soon, and Lowe’s deserves to get fewer customers.


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