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The American company McKesson Corporation is a healthcare information technology company. It distributes and provides medical supplies, health information technology, and care management tools. The company is a global healthcare leader, and it is dedicated to improving care in every setting.

McKesson Corporation headquarters address is 6535 N. State Highway 161, Irving, TX 75039, USA. Brian Tyler is this organization’s CEO. However, to get healthcare-related support, call McKesson’s customer support representative at 972 – 446 – 4800.

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Overall Information Of McKesson Headquarters

Category Information 
Headquarters 6535 N. State Highway 161, Irving, TX 75039, USA
Founding Year1833 
Founding Place New York City
Founders Name John McKesson & Charles Olcott
Contact Number 972 – 446 – 4800 
Facebook McKesson Facebook
Twitter McKesson Twitter
YouTubeMcKesson YouTube
Instagram McKesson Instagram
LinkedIn McKesson LinkedIn

McKesson Corporation Other Phone Support

Check out the useful contact information of McKesson Corporations below:

  • Pharmaceutical Distribution: (972) 446 – 4800
  • Oncology Providers: (800) 482 – 6700
  • McKesson Medical-Surgical: (855) 571 – 2100
  • McKesson Life Sciences: (888) 646 – 8776
  • All Other Specialty Providers: (855) 477 – 9800
  • RelayHealth Pharmacy Solutions: (800) 388 – 2316
  • The US Oncology Network: (281) 863 – 1000
  • McKesson Europe AG: +49 711 5001 – 00
  • McKesson Canada: (514) 745 – 2100

McKesson Corporation CEO Email Address

Brian Tyler is the Chief Executive Officer of McKesson Corporation. More than 25 years ago, Brian joined McKesson. Since his joining the organization, he has held numerous leadership roles. Before being named CEO, he was McKesson’s Chief Operations Officer.

Under his tenure, McKesson has expanded its value throughout the company’s manufacturer-to-patient supply chain. Before joining McKesson, Mr. Brian was Integral, Inc.’s Senior Associate, specializing in healthcare consulting.

Brian is on the Republic Services Board of Directors. He is also a National Academy of Medicine Action Collaborative member. In short, Mr. Brian has held numerous leadership roles in different companies. is the McKesson Corporation CEOs professional email address. Write your questions or concerns at this email address. Also, follow the CEO on LinkedIn to get in touch with him.

McKesson Corporation Executive Team Member Contact Details

McKesson Corporation HR, Media & IR Contact Details

To connect with McKesson Corporation’s HR, IR, and Media team, use the contact information below:

HR Contact

McKesson Corporation handles income and employment verification through a third-party service call. Call (800) 367 – 2884 for your employment verification at McKesson.

In addition, to get McKesson careers-related or technical help call (415) 983 – 8300 or email Also, you can see your application status under the option “View Profile.”

Investor Relations Contact

The investor relation team of McKesson Corporation is ready to provide you the investor presentations, corporate secretary, and financial news. Email to connect to the company’s IR team.

Media Contact

If you have a business or national media inquiries, contact the McKesson Corporation’s Media Relations team at

Only for your media inquiries, you can also use the following information to communicate with the media team:

Category Contact Number Email Address 
McKesson Corporate Media Relations (214) 952 – 0833 
McKesson Medical – Surgical (804) 553 – 2068
McKesson Canada N/ 
McKesson Specialty Provider (281) 825 – 9927
Ontada (651) 335 – 2338 
US Pharmaceutical Distribution & Pharmacy Technology (214) 683 – 6457
Cover My Meds (614) 360 – 1735 

McKesson Complaint Department Contact number

The toll-free integrity line of McKesson is available 24/7. If you experience any unethical or illegal activities in the company, call 877 – 625 – 4625. By calling this number, you can also report the company’s policy violations.


Who is the CEO of McKesson?

McKesson’s Chief Executive Officer is Brian S. Tyler. Since 2019 he has been serving this organization as its CEO. Under his tenure, McKesson has experienced significant growth.

How do I contact McKesson’s specialty?

Whether you are a caregiver or patient, call 800. 850. 4306 to share your problem with McKesson Specialty. After calling, to speak to the company’s customer care team member, press 1. Also, you can reach to McKesson support team through email at

Where is McKesson Headquarters located?

McKesson is headquartered in Irving, USA. Its corporate office address is 6535 N. State Highway 161, Irving, TX 75039, USA.

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