What Is Merrick Bank CEO’s Email & Contact Address?

Merrick Bank is a well-regarded financial institution specializing in credit card services, particularly for individuals looking to rebuild or establish their credit. Founded in 1997, Merrick Bank is based in Draper, Utah, and is an FDIC-insured institution. This Bank primarily serves customers who are in the process of rebuilding or establishing their credit.

Richard Urrutia has served as the CEO of Merrick Bank. If you’re looking to get in touch with him, using email is the most effective method.

Merrick Bank CEO’s email address is rick.urrutia@merrickbank.com. Besides email, you can also leave a note on his social media or contact Merrick Bank’s central office directly.

In this article, we’ll dive deeper into the Merrick Bank CEO’s details, how to contact him, and more. Keep reading!

Who Is The CEO of Merrick Bank?

Richard Urrutia is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Merrick Bank. He has been associated with Merrick Bank for a long time. Merrick Bank specializes in credit card services, boat financing, and RV loans, among other financial products.

As the CEO, Richard Urrutia is responsible for the bank’s overall strategic direction and operational management. Mr Urrutia has a wealth of experience in the banking and financial sector.

The CEO oversees the Bank’s growth strategies to ensure regulatory compliance. Moreover, he nurtures relationships with stakeholders, including customers, employees, and investors.

How Can I Contact The Merrick Bank CEO?

Rick Urrutia holds the position of CEO at Merrick Bank. If you wish to get in touch with him, you can consider the following ways. Here are some suggestions to help you connect with the CEO, Mr Urrutia:

  1. Sending an email to the CEO’s professional email address is a straightforward way. You can write a concise message and send it to rick.urrutia@merrickbank.com.
  2. Look for Mr Urrutia’s presence on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter. Consider dropping him a short and polite message there.
  3. Another option is to dial Merrick Bank’s corporate office number and request the support team to assist you in connecting with the CEO. Always ensure your communication is brief and to the point.
  4. If you prefer traditional methods, mailing a letter to the CEO’s office address is also a viable approach. You can post your written correspondence to the CEO at his postal address at 10705 South Jordan, Gateway, Suite 200, South Jordan, UT 84095, United States.

Is the Merrick Bank CEO’s Email ID Publicly Available?

You will feel good to know that, yes, the CEO’s email address is publicly available. If you want to send a message, just pen down your main points and forward it to the mentioned email at rick.urrutia@merrickbank.com.

Is Merrick Bank CEO’s Phone Number Publicly Available?

Unfortunately, there’s no direct phone line to the Merrick Bank CEO. But you can call Merrick Bank’s hotline numbers at 1 – 800 – 204 – 5936 if you wish to communicate with the CEO.

Merrick Bank CEO Postal Address

If you prefer mailing, send it to 10705 South Jordan, Gateway, Suite 200, South Jordan, UT 84095, United States. You can send letters, cards, or packages.

Merrick Bank CEO Social Media Accounts

For updates and news, many people turn to social media. While many CEOs are active on various platforms, the Merrick Bank CEO primarily uses few platforms to share insights and information.

How Do I Contact the Merrick Bank Corporate Office?

Merrick Bank’s headquarters is located at 10705 South Jordan, Gateway, Suite 200, South Jordan, UT 84095, United States. If you need to contact their customer service, dial 1 – 800 – 204 – 5936.

Merrick Bank Executive Team Contact Details

The leadership team at Merrick Bank is committed to serving their clients. They focus on maintaining long-term shareholder value and developing a culture of accountability and excellence. Here are a few of their exceptional team members:


Who is the current CEO of Merrick Bank?

The current Chief Executive Officer of Merrick Bank is Richard Urrutia. He is an experienced veteran who has served the banking industry for many years. 

How can I contact the CEO of Merrick Bank?

You can contact Merrick Bank’s CEO via email, the company’s hotline number, postal address, or his social media profiles.

Where is Merrick Bank headquarters?

Merrick Bank headquarters is at 10705 South Jordan, Gateway, Suite 200, South Jordan, UT 84095, United States.

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