Michael Kors Headquarters & Corporate Office

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Michael Kors is a renowned international designer of luxury ready-to-wear and accessories. It was founded in 1981. The headquarters and the Corporate office of Michael Kors are located at 11 West 42nd Street, New York, NY, United States, 10036.

Michael Kors Headquarters & Corporate Office

Company NameMichael Kors
Headquarters11 West 42nd Street, New York, NY, United States, 10036
Mailing Address11 West 42nd Street, New York, NY, United States, 10036
EmailWrite through this link
Phone1-866-709-KORS (5677)

Michael Kors Corporate Phone Number: What is the Corporate phone number of Michael Kors?

Michael Kors’s phone number is 1-866-709-KORS (5677).

If you want to contact the Michael Kors headquarters office directly over the phone, then please call the above number and follow the instructions that will direct you to the Michael Kors department of customer service, Human resources, Business Affairs, Legal, finance, operation department, etc.

What is Michael Kors’s Mail Address?

11 West 42nd Street, New York, NY, United States, 10036.

How to Contact Michael Kors Human Resources Department?

Sarah Villari is the director of Michael Kors’s HR department. The Phone number of Sarah is 212-201-8100

You can connect & contact Sarah Villari through her LinkedIn account

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  1. I received very poor customer service/satisfaction with an online order that this business shipped that was shockingly damaged, soaking wet, busted, wrong and a missing item (the MK hat). Additionally, I have witnesses from the store and pictures regarding the condition of the shipment which was also infested with insects. The damaged items were discarded because they had no use/value and was unsanitary for me or any retailer.

    I asked to refund the missing item (MK hat) immediately which was not received, as well as a refund for the entire order which is the appropriate procedure for a issue of this magnitude where the vendor has committed an error and the customer has been extremely inconvenienced by that error.

    However the online customer support haven’t refunded me for the missing item, and have also ignored the facts which clearly shows what kind of business MK is and why they have consistent terrible reviews all over social media. Some of the reasons for these consistent bad reviews over years, I have experience myself like the high cost for mostly bad quality items that, peel, unglue, fake leather, ripped without even using it, so embarrassing!

    I regret the amount of money and will not continue to donated to a business who had treated me worse than an animal. Exhausting bullies who always have issues with the basic.

  2. To Whom it may concern,

    I have experienced technical issues with the site to place an order, Capri Flex, as well as Spark…

    The Michael Kors site kept freezing and I had to make several attempts to place my order.

    I tried to place an order on Michael Kors…after adding 7 items I tried to check out. I tried several times to add my promo code (employee number) and it would not work.

    I also noticed that although I’ve completed all modules on Capri Flex that they show as completed but I can not select Mark Done. This has happened on several modules. I also had one section restricted…not sure why. I asked my manager and she didn’t know why either.

    I also noticed that on Spark although I’ve added posts and or commented on posts by others that my points still show as zero. I reached out and asked but no one seemed to know the answer.

    Are the platforms experiencing technical difficulties?

    Tracey Gilpin

  3. To whom it may concern, July 31, 2023
    I have just had the most bizarre, shocking, and frustrating experience with a purchase from your company. I do most of my shopping online nowadays, I have made many purchases through your company, this is in reference to order number Z000062637. I have never had this happen before and hope it never does again. I purchased an MK wallet, but what I received was a Guess wallet.
    I called customer service as soon as they opened at 9 am, I explained the situation, She said I should take a picture of the wallet and save it, I said I took a picture right before I called because I figured you would want to see what I received, she asked if the packaged looked like it was tampered with in any way, I told her it did not look like it was, she sent me a return label. I asked if she could see any more in stock, because it was sold out online, or if she knew if they would be getting anymore in, I really wanted that wallet, it matches my purse and was a great price! She said the wallet was sold out completely, and she had no way of knowing if anymore would be coming in, but to keep checking because sometimes that does happen. The sale had ended and there was a similar wallet still in stock, the only difference is the number of pockets/slots inside the wallet. I asked if she could honor the price for this one that I had paid for the other, she said I would have to pay for it, that the amount I had paid for the other couldn’t be used because that had to go through the return policy, I was fine with that, I just really wanted the wallet, like I stated previously it is a perfect match and a great price. She said she could not do that without getting it approved. She asked if I wanted het to do that and I said that would be great, she sent an email to someone, in the meantime we chatted. She suggested that I write an email and state what had happened, reference the order number, send the pictures of the wallet I received, and state the request for honoring the other wallet if she couldn’t get it approved. Then she asked if I could send a picture of the wallet to customerservice@michaelkors.com, So I did. She said whoever she had sent the email to, needed it to be able to justify the approval for return. Then I asked her you mean the replacement wallet or are you now saying this approval is so you will accept the return? She said yes, for the return of the wrong wallet I received, then she said, he said that the tag was not attached to the wallet, you could not really see it in the picture, so I took another picture of just that part where you can clearly see the tag is attached. Before he even opened the email to look at the picture, he denied the claim for the return. At this point I am getting upset at this whole situation. I was shocked and appalled. I said that I found this to be completely unacceptable and asked to speak to a manager. I was on hold for a bit after I was transferred, I spoke with a supervisor named Steve. We confirmed what the situation was, that I had received a Guess wallet instead of the MK one I had ordered. He said: well, I don’t know what happened, but perhaps the package sat on the porch or something and was intercepted before you got it, I let him know that the package did not sit on my porch (I was home when I was delivered), and that the package did not look tampered with in any way and that it came like that from wherever it was mailed from. He said this was impossible that MK products are all that is carried there. I asked if he saw the pictures that I sent he said yes, then he said he could tell the tag was tampered with and explained that the “cone” was not in between the nubs on the plastic, I didn’t know this but why would I. He did credit back the purchase price. I asked about the other wallet, he said he could not honor the price for the other one because it was not in the outlet. We hung up. If I was going to do something stupid like this, I wouldn’t have called customer service, I would have wrapped it up like I never opened it and returned it. But I would never do something so deceiving and dishonest!!! Someone, somewhere, switched out the wallet I ordered, was it an employee in the store/factory wherever the products are stored, or did a customer order the wallet, kept the MK and returned the Guess wallet in its place, and whoever received this wallet back in its place did not do a thorough check, they didn’t realize it was not a MK wallet. It was wrapped in a piece of tissue paper (that was not taped and was missing a small part of the paper where tape might have been), put back in the plastic bag with the product info tag on it. I could not tell it wasn’t the correct wallet until I unwrapped it. I was on the phone for 1 ½ hours trying to get this resolved! This was a very upsetting experience. I am now feeling very apprehensive about making anymore purchases! I hope this message makes it to someone in management that will share this situation with employees to educate them on accepting and checking returns, so that situations like this can be avoided.

    Pamela Lea


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