Olive Garden Headquarters, Corporate Office, Phone Number & Email Address

The American casual dining restaurant chain Olive Garden specializes in Italian–American cuisine. It is Darden Restaurant Inc.’s subsidiary. The original slogan of Olive Garden is “Good Times, Great Salad, Olive Garden.” Olive Garden aims to serve its customers the best food.

The address of Olive Garden corporate office is 1000 Darden Center Dr, Orlando, Florida, 32837, USA. The experienced leader Dan Kiernan is this restaurant chain’s CEO.

If you have questions or comments about its food or service, tell the customer care team by calling them at 800 – 248 – 4935.

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Overall Information Of Olive Garden Headquarters

Category Information 
Headquarters 1000 Darden Center Dr, Orlando, Florida, 32837, USA
Founding Year1982 
Founding Place Orlando
Founders Name General Mills 
Contact Number 800 – 248 – 4935 
Website https://www.olivegarden.com/ 
Facebook Olive Garden Facebook
YouTubeOlive Garden YouTube
Instagram Olive Garden Instagram
LinkedIn Olive Garden LinkedIn

Olive Garden CEO Email Address

Dan Kiernan is Olive Garden’s President and Chief Executive Officer. In January 2018, he was named as the President. He is also the Darden Restaurants executive team member. He leads the company with over 8,000 team members, 860 restaurants and $4 billion in annual sales.

Before becoming the CEO, Dan served as Olive Garden’s Executive Vice President of Operations for over 6 years. Dan at Olive Garden established an operations-focused culture based on his unique ability to simplify and clarify complex information. He believes in the management’s people-first approach.

dkiernan@darden.com is the Olive Garden CEO’s professional email address. Share your concerns or thoughts with the CEO through this professional channel. Also, follow Dan’s LinkedIn profile to learn his latest updates.

Olive Garden Corporate Office Executive Team Member Contact Details

Olive Garden Corporate Office HR, Media & Guest Relations Contact Details

If you want to contact Olive Garden’s HR, Media, and Guest Relations team, use the contact information below to reach them.

HR Contact

If you are looking for an opportunity to join the Olive Garden family, then check its Career Opportunities page. Here you will find the latest job circular.

However, if you are already an existing employee and want to learn about your job’s benefits, employee relations, or payroll, go through the contact information below:

  • Employment Benefits: 888 – 374 – 3343
  • Employee Relations: 800 – 932 – 2558
  • Payroll: 407 – 245 – 4400
  • Vendor Contact Number: 800 – 367 – 2884
  • Employer Code: 11533

Media Contact

The media members are requested to contact Olive Garden’s media relations representative Lauren Bowes via email and phone. The media team’s phone number is 407 – 245 – 4164, and the email address is lbowes@darden.com.

Whether you want to cover new news or request an interview with the authority, use this contact information to reach the media team.

Gift Card Purchase Contact

To purchase the Olive Garden Gift Cards online, call 9 am – 8 pm EST at 1 – 800 – 248 – 4935 in the USA and o1 – 888 – 888 – 3341 in Canada.

After purchasing the gift card online, call or email giftcardservices@gift.olivegarden.com to check its status.

Real Estate Department Contact

If you have comments or questions about the real estate’s sale or purchase, call 407 – 245 – 4555 to contact the company’s Real Estate department.

Guest Relations Contact

If any guest feels uncomfortable with the service, has any issues or wants help, they can reach out to the guest relation team via phone. The guest relation contact number is (800) 331 – 2729.

Olive Garden Corporate Office Complaint Department Contact Number

To complain at the Olive Garden, call its customer support team at 800 – 248 – 4935. Or submit a complaint or feedback through this Contact Us form and get your questions answered.

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Who is the CEO of Olive Garden?

Olive Garden’s Chief Executive Officer is Dan Kiernan. He assumed the company’s President Role in 2018. He has years of experience serving in the restaurant industry.

Where is Olive Garden’s corporate office located?

Olive Garden’s corporate office is in Orlando, Florida. The headquarters address is 1000 Darden Center Dr, Orlando, Florida, 32837, USA.

Is Olive Garden a chain or a franchise?

Olive Garden is a franchise. It is franchised in numerous countries, including South and Central America, the Philippines, and Canada.

How to contact the Olive Garden headquarters?

Call 800 – 248 – 4935 to reach out to the Olive Garden headquarters customer care representative.

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    1961 Jonesboro Rd
    McDonough,GA 30253


    My name is Manny i own a restaurant and this past saturday we went to have dinner and it was an amazing experience.

    The food was great but i had to call the manager which he was very professional and i had to tell him about our amazing server Courtney Manning she was amazing very professional,attentive and great attitude.

    Olive Garden should hired more people like her.Great experience we will definitely be back and ask for Courtney.

    Thank you so much for being our server. Manny Llera

  2. I am 74 years old, served 20 years in the Army, and 10 with each the Navy and Airforce. I presentley work at the INN at the Air Force Academy, where I take care of guest services. I get a lot of requests for restraunt referals,, and you were always on my list. I have removed you. I am hanhicapped, and had to park far away because many of the handicapped spaces are noe maked for pick up orders only. When I complained I was told that the county approved that, and to go orders are now a large part of the bussiness. I left and will not return, or give any referals.

  3. I’m so upset with the Silverdale Washington store. Why would corporate send out coupons thru email if this location is REFUSING to take them? I even said BEFORE I ordered I had a coupon. The waitstaff at the end then proceeded to tell me that we understand it came from corporate but we won’t accept coupons.

  4. The Olive Garden in Clarksville is a joke! Everyone was rude to us and when we asked if they did a first responders or military discount. They was rude to us and said why are y’all asking for. I’m sorry but EVER Olive Garden I been to gave me us a discount and was nice to us. This one I will never go back to.

  5. I am 76 year woman and I am furious. Yesterday I went to Oliver Garden to pick up an order to go. I told her on the phone I would go inside to pick and pay. The girl asked me what I needed, she was slouching ( never smiled) no one else was waiting and the parking lot wasn’t full. She POINTED to where I needed to pickup. I don’t understand sign language and as a long time customer, I expect to b treated like a human with dignity and respect. After waiting at least 10 minutes, finally another person came and I asked her if she was a supervisor, she said no OMG finally a supervisor came I explained how I was treated and how disrespectful the girl is. All she said to me is” I’m sorry “I’m sorry ” I have worked all my life in customer service , medical insurance. We wouldn’t dare treat anyone like she did. Also, as I was talking to the supervisor the rude impolite girl just stood and listened as if it didn’t matter to her or even cared. I doubt that that any thing was said to her. My family gives me gift cards from there and the young man treats me with so much respect and kindness. PLEASE TELL ME YOU CARE. The restaurant is in Albq ( Juan Tabo and Copper. Furious in Albq MC

  6. Hello David Dunnigan worked at Olive Garden, 5120 Monroe Street in Toledo Ohio for 8 years; he met Sarah while working there and they live in Las Vegas now and I have the absolute pleasure to know both of them and love them both so much they are wonderful people.

    David and Sarah are renewing their vows after 10 years of marriage after having met at the Olive Garden!! ❤ See attached story, pictures and vow renewal information. They really are made for each other and the most sweetest loving couple – it’s so cool that they met at Olive Garden while David was a server there, my family and I absolutely LOVE Olive Garden and go there all the time. I am hoping Olive Garden could do something amazing for them for their vow renewal celebration because they are having Olive Garden catered for their event! Also, I was thinking you could publish their sweet story somewhere and send some type of congratulations to them.

    They are special and Olive Garden is the reason David & Sarah met, I really hope you can do something for their 10 year vow renewal celebration ❤

    Thank you SO MUCH! My contact information is below

  7. While my family was on vacation we happened to stay in Redding ca., We decided to go to eat some place casual, their was 10 of us which is no small task to seat on a Saturday evening. We waited 15 min’s to be seated, that was not the best part as we had the pleasure of having Gaby as our server. Gaby was courteous, attentive, and a general pleasure. We have gone to several different Olive Garden’s in several states today. We also had my mother-in-law who has a pepper allergy and the manager, Virginia Sellers, came to our table to Xpress concern about some menu items she ordered. Virginia told us that she would have the cook maker pasta with butter and some vegetables as an alternative as well as put the dressing on the side of her salad being oil and vinegar. During our dinner, we all were talking about the service from the manager down to the server and how polite they were. As a member of a family, whose owned a business in a small town for more than 58 years. When your server and manager treat your customers more like family it doesn’t go unnoticed. I just wanted to take this time to express our pleasure in having dinner at the Olive Garden in Redding California.

  8. My sister and I were at Natomas area in Sacramento, Ca. today and decided instead of going to the Olive Garden in Elk Grove,Ca for lunch we happen to see your Olive Garden in Natomas and decided to eat lunch there. The people there were so kind, our watress Leslie was terriffic and so was the manager !!! That place has only been there a little over a year.
    My reason for writing is to request that Olive Garden opened a new place at Delta Shores! We in the South area need a sit down place to eat and NOT another fast food place!!! We in the South area knows theres one father down in Elk Grove but would love to have a place in Delts Shores. Were a very growing community and you certainly would have a lot of people dinning there and happy if you would build here! Please have someone check out the area for they are now building 300+ homes in the area and it has an easy access off the freeway (hwy 5). Please consider building here for I’m keeping my fingers cross that you would consider mine and many of us, request! We love OG!!!! Thank you.
    Lu Houghtaling…

  9. My wife and I had lunch today at the Olive Garden in Catoosa, OK., We were seated immediately and greeted by Katherine our server, she was friendly, polite and professional. We received our drinks and salad so quickly, our food was delivered quickly and cooked to perfection, we both reordered food and the GM Angel Hughes brought it to us and made sure we were having a wonderful experience, she returned to our table again and was such a pleasant person, she helped make the entire visit the most amazing time we have ever had in any restaurant, I wish everyone could experience Katherine and Angel’s dedication and desire to make your time in Olive Garden the best it can be. We will return to this location again and again to hopefully experience Katherine and Angel’s professional and pleasing attitude towards customers. They should receive employee and manager of the year awards. Olive Garden is lucky to have them.
    Thank you Katherine and Angel.


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