Orbitz Corporate Office, CEO Email & HR Phone Number

Orbitz is a prominent player in the online travel industry. A group of major airlines, including Delta Airlines, Continental Airlines, United Airlines, Northwest Airlines, and American Airlines, launched Orbitz.

It offers services such as airline tickets, hotel bookings, car rentals, and vacation packages. Since its establishment, Orbitz has grown to become a key competitor in the travel services market.

The Orbitz corporate office address is 500 West Madison Street., Suite 100, Chicago, IL 60661, USA. Its current Chief Executive Officer is Barney Harford.  However, you can reach out to Orbitz’s main office at (877) 397 – 6489 or (312) 279 – 7777 for prompt assistance.

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Overall Information on Orbitz Headquarters

Category Information 
Headquarters 500 West Madison Street., Suite 100, Chicago, IL 60661, USA
Founding Year2001
Founders Name Jeffrey G. Katz
Contact Number (877) 397 – 6489 & (312) 279 – 7777 
Website orbitz.com/ 
Facebook Orbitz Facebook
Twitter Orbitz Twitter
YouTubeOrbitz YouTube
Instagram Orbitz Instagram
LinkedIn Orbitz LinkedIn 

Orbitz Corporate Office CEO Email Address

Barney Harford is the CEO of Orbitz. He sharpened his skills in business consultancy and the internet, starting in Manchester with a love for travel. 

However, his leadership at Orbitz transformed the company, focusing on customer needs and efficient teamwork. Harford’s story highlights the value of adopting new directions and the impact of understanding customer needs in achieving professional success.

The CEO’s professional email address is barney.harford@orbitz.com. For your travel-related inquiries or if you face any issue while getting Orbitz service, write it to the CEO’s email address. But avoid sending unnecessary emails to the CEO.

Orbitz Corporate Office Executive Team Member Contact Details

  • Barney Harford – Chief Executive Officer
  • James Miller – Vice President, Marketing
  • Cheryl Scheideler – Vice President, Supplier Marketing
  • Peisi Chen – Market Manager
  • Jared Beltowski – Software Engineer
  • Melissa Hayes – Vice President, Finance
  • Katherine Abbott – Vice President & Treasurer
  • Cristina Alcocer – Senior manager E-Marketing
  • Kathleen Flesch – Senior Director, Digital Marketing

Orbitz Corporate Office HR, Media & IR Contact Details

HR Contact

Are you eager to kickstart your career journey with Orbitz? If so, first you should check out their Career Page for job openings.

If you’ve got questions or need more information, the HR team is just a phone call away at (877) 397 – 6489 or (312) 279 – 7777. They’re there to guide you through any employment-related queries.

Media Contact

If you are in the journalism or media industry and want to connect with Orbitz’s media relations team, email your query to press@orbitz.com. Or just fill out this Contact Us form.

This form lets you message your media-related questions, interview requests, or press materials. The team representative will ensure quick and helpful responses.

PR Contact

If you have PR-related inquiries, email your questions to the PR professional team at service@customercare.orbitz.com. The team representative will soon reply to your questions.

Investor Relations Contact

If you are an investor or analyst and want to know about the Orbitz stock-related information, email the company’s IR team at ir@orbitz.com. The IR team representative will answer your investment or stock-related questions.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the address of the Orbitz corporate office?

Orbitz’s corporate office is located in Chicago, IL. Its headquarters address is 500 West Madison Street., Suite 100, Chicago, IL 60661, USA. 

How can I contact the Orbitz corporate office?

You can contact the Orbitz corporate office by phone at (877) 397 – 6489 or (312) 279 – 7777.

Who is the CEO of Orbitz?

Barney Harford is the CEO of Orbitz. He has been leading this company successfully with his experience and skill.

We’ve covered all the crucial contact details for Orbitz’s corporate office. If there’s anything else you need to know, just drop a comment below, and we’ll respond quickly. Thank you!

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