PETSMART Corporate Office, CEO Email Address & All Contact Details

The leading pet company in North America is PETSMART. It is an American Chain of pet superstores. The company sells small pets, pet products, and services.

The passionate associates of PETSMART ensure the full-filled lives of the pet by bringing them closer to their pet parents. Pet and pet parent’s trusted partner is PETSMART.

The PETSMART corporate office location is 19601 N 27th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85027, USA. J.K. Symancyk is currently leading this company as the CEO and President. Whether you need help or want to share your pet-related problem, call the company’s customer service department at 888 – 839 – 9638.

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Overall Information of PETSMART Headquarters

Category Information 
Headquarters 19601 N 27th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85027, USA
Zip Code 85027 – 4010 
Founding Year1986
Founding Place Phoenix, Arizona
Founders Name Jim Dougherty & Janice Dougherty
Contact Number 888 – 839 – 9638 (8:00 AM – 10:00 PM EST)
Facebook PETSMART Facebook
Twitter PETSMART Twitter
Instagram PETSMART Instagram
LinkedIn PETSMART LinkedIn

PETSMART CEO Email Address

Since 2018 J.K. Symancyk has been the Chief Executive Officer, President, and member of the Board of Directors. With over 25 years of experience, he is ruling the consumer retail industry. He has been in different top executive positions at PETSMART. Under his superior leadership, the company became profitable.

However, share your thought with the PETSMART CEO email at We discourage you from sending an email about an unnecessary issue that you can solve with the help of PETSMART’s customer support team.

J.K. Symancyk shares his thoughts on LinkedIn and is active on other social media. So you can follow PETSMART’s CEO on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

PETSMART Corporate Office Executive Team Member Contact Details

J. k. Symancyk Chief Executive Officer & PresidentLinkedIn
Greg Fancher EVP, IT & Chief Information Technology OfficerLinkedIn
Stacia Andersen Executive Vice President & Chief Customer OfficerLinkedIn
David Redfield Executive Vice President & Chief Operating OfficerLinkedIn
John BorkSenior Vice President, Vet Health ServicesLinkedIn
Matt Byrnes SVP, Proprietary Bands & SourcingLinkedIn
Alan Schnaid Executive Vice President & Chief Financial OfficerLinkedIn
Lacey Bundy EVP, Chief Legal Officer & Secretary LinkedIn
Ed Oldham SVP, Supply Chain & Chief Supply Chain OfficerLinkedIn
Jim Persinger President, PetSmart CanadaLinkedIn
Cherise OrdlockSenior Vice President, DigitalLinkedIn

PETSMART Corporate Office HR, Media & Investor Relations Contact Details

  • HR Contact: To contact the Human Resources Shared Services Team of PETSMART, call 1 – 866 – 263 – 8411. Or you can email your query to
  • Media Contact: The news media or press’s accredited member who wants to work on the PETSMART story are requested to email The PETSMART corporate communications team will soon reply to you.
  • Investor Relations Contact: The authorized representatives can email to contact PETSMART’s Investor Relations Team.

Other Contact Details Of PETSMART Corporate Office

The frequently used phone numbers and email addresses to contact different departments of PETSMART are:

Organization or GroupPhone Numbers Email Address 
PetSmart Benefits Team 1 – 866 – 263 – 8411 
Benefits Mobile DirectoryAt 67936 Text BenefitsN/A
Leave Of Absence Team1 – 800 – 521 – 7387
United HealthCare1 – 866 – 501 – 3061 
Able To Counseling 844 – 622 – 5386  
Real Appeal 1 – 844 – 344 –
Personal Wellness Coaching 1 – 800 – 478 – 1057

PETSMART Board Of Directors

The Board of Directors of PETSMART is the company’s authoritative and governing body. The Board is responsible for overseeing the proprietary brands of PETSMART.

The company’s Board of Directors ensures that each shareholder receives the highest benefits and value from it. However, the name of the Board members who are leading PETSMART are:

  • Andrew Skrilow
  • David A Brandon
  • Chris Drumgoole
  • Yves Sisteron
  • Jamie Migdal

PETSMART Corporate Office Locations In The USA

PetSmart is headquartered in Phoenix. But it operates its stores in different states of the USA. So find a few PETSMART office locations below.

  • San Mateo, CA: (Address: 3520 S EI Camino Real, San Mateo, CA 94403, USA)
  • Phoenix, AZ: (Address: 19601 N Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85027)
  • Pinole, CA: (Address: 1380 Fitzgerald Dr, Pinole, CA 94564)
  • Daly City, CA: (Address: 315 Gellert Blvd, Daly City, CA 94015)
  • San Leandro, CA: (Address: 15555 E 14th St#603, San Leandro, CA 94578)


Where is the headquarters for PetSmart?

PetSmart is headquartered in Phoenix, AZ. The address is 19601 N 27th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85027, USA.

Who is the CEO of PetSmart com?

PETSMART’s Chief Executive Officer and President is J.K. Symnacyk.

How do I make a complaint to PETSMART?

To complain or share your thoughts with PETSMART, call 888 – 839 – 9638. Call to make a complaint from 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM EST.

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  1. I no longer shop at stores that promote the WOKE agenda that demoralize family values. I have shopped Petsmart for the last time. I am now shopping at locally owned stores or stores that are not WOKE. I maintain a list of all companies that promote the WOKE agenda and even though it may cause me a little inconvience I find it has been offset by the joy I feel in doing so. I will never understand the corporate mentality that wishes to cow toe to less than 2% of its customer base (allowing that all of that <2% shop at Petsmart), especially a 2% that are hell bent on polluting minds with their depravity and corrupting our youth with their disgusting life choices. No more … I have taken action and I will encourage anyone that will listen to stop supporting anything, anyone or any business that thinks WOKE is ok. Goodbye PetSmart…you are on my list.

    • You should wake up…smell the coffee…educate yourself. Woke is not an agenda, but I guess you would not be capable of gaining access to information or common sense judging from the odd overreaction of your unknowledgeable perception of a store’s policies…woke agenda? Really?
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