P&G (Procter & Gamble) Corporate Headquarters, Leadership Team, Dept. Contacts, Locations

The Procter & Gamble Company (P&G) is An American-based multinational company. It produces fast-moving consumer goods. P&G has business all over the world, especially in Asia, Europe, Africa, America, and the Middle East. 

P&G Headquarters is located at 1 Procter & Gamble Plaza, Cincinnati, OH 45201, USA. Anyone can contact their headquarters at (513) 983-1100 for any information about P&G.  

William Procter and James Gamble founded P&G in 1837. The company manufactures and provides a wide range of household, personal care, and hygiene products around the world. You can check out their official website www.pg.com

P&G’s Headquarters Contact Information

The headquarters of the Company was founded in 1837 when William Procter and James Gamble merged their own businesses in Cincinnati and extended the product line. About 300,000 people are living in the city and getting opportunities as professionals and families. 

There is several business and technical centers and sales offices located in the US to help the employees and customers. P&G is the number one manufacturer of consumer products which are available in 140 countries. It has 101000 employees all over the world. 

Physical location1 Procter & Gamble Plaza, Cincinnati, OH 45202, USA 
EstablishedOctober 31, 1837; 185 years ago
Founders’ nameWilliam Procter, James Gamble
Founding placeCincinnati, Ohio, The USA
Phone number1 (513) 983-1100
ZIP code45202-3315
FacebookProcter & Gamble
Procter & Gamble
LinkedinProcter & Gamble
InstagramProcter & Gamble

Leadership Team Information

The leadership team personnel are forming the future of P&G with a vast range of knowledge, expertise, and experiences. Here the information of the team members is given below-

Jon R. MoellerChairman of the board, President, and CEOAllLinkedIn
Shailesh G. JejurikarCEOP&G ProfessionalLinkedIn
Jennifer DavisCEOHealth CareLinkedIn
R. Alexandra KeithCEOBeauty (Executive Sponsor, Corporate Sustainability)LinkedIn
Sundar G. RamanCEOFabric & Home careLinkedIn
Andre SchultenChief Financial OfficerP&G Professional LinkedIn
Hesham Tohamy and El HakPresidentFeminine CareLinkedIn
Victor AguilarChief Research Development & Innovative OfficerP&G Professional LinkedIn
Laura BeckerPresidentGlobal Business ServicesLinkedIn
Eric BreissingerPresidentFamily CareLinkedIn
Vittorio CretellaChief Information OfficerP&G Professional LinkedIn
Matthew S. pricePresidentHome Care and P&G ProfessionalLinkedIn
Marc S. PritchardChief Brand OfficerP&G Professional LinkedIn
Bala PurushothamanChief Human Resource OfficerP&G Professional LinkedIn

P&G Board of Directors

The members of the board of directors act and represent on behalf of the Company’s shareholders. They represent according to the Board’s Corporate Governance Guidelines. 

Jon R. MoellerVice Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer; Procter & Gamble Company (Manufacturing) Ireland Ltd. 
B. Marc AllenChief Strategy Officer and Senior Vice President
Christine M. McCarthySenior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Debra L. LeeLeading Women Defined, Inc., Procter & Gamble Co. Cedars Sinai Health System, Burberry Group Plc 
Joseph JimenezCo-founder and Managing Director of Auditum Bio (Biotech Venture)
Patricia A. WoertzFormer Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer of Archer Daniels Midland Company
Angela F. BralyFormer Chair of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer of WellPoint, Inc.
Amy L. ChangFormer Executive Vice President and Executive Advisor at Cisco Systems, Inc.
Christopher KempczinskiPresident and Chief Executive Officer of McDonald’s Corporation
Terry J. LundgrenFormer Executive Chairman, Chairman of the Board, and Chief Executive Officer of Macy’s, Inc. 
Rajesh SubramaniamPresident and Chief Executive Officer of FedEx Corporation

Some Office Locations and Addresses of P&G in the USA

Pennsylvania5188 PA-87, Mehoopany, PA 18629, United States
Phone: +1 570-833-5141 
Wisconsin 501 Eastman Ave, Green Bay, WI 54302, United States
Phone: +1 920-430-2101 
Pennsylvania 9300 Olde Scotland Rd, Shippensburg, PA 17257, United States
Phone: +1 717-477-3232
Ohio  6330 Center Hill Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45224, United States
Phone: +1 513-945-4300  
California 800 Rice Ave, Oxnard, CA 93030, United States
Phone: +1 805-485-8871 
Iowa 2200 Lower Muscatine Rd, Iowa City, IA 52240, United States
Phone: +1 319-339-2000

Various departments Information

HR department:

HR department measures upgraded human resources for the company. The P&G HR team works intimately with business people and explores new ideas and talents for success. P&G Human Resource Team is playing a leading role. 

Tracey GrabowskiChief Human Resource Officer (P&G)LinkedIn
Matthew DonthnierVice President- HR (P&G)LinkedIn
Niall D.Senior Vice President- HR (P&G) LinkedIn

Finance and Accounting (F&A) Department

this department ensures the sustainable growth of P&G. As a member of P&G the professionals are given the responsibility to lead his/her own projects and identify business growth opportunities.


Andre SchultenChief Finance Officer (P&G)LinkedIn
Matt JanzarukSVO chief Accounting Officer (P&G)LinkedIn
Lacin OguzCFO / Finance Vice President Europe Fabric Care at (P&G)LinkedIn


P & G Brand Management Brand Management includes four disciplines- Design, Communication, Market knowledge, and Consumer. And altogether it creates value for shareholders, consumers, and customers. 

P & G Professional

P & G has an important division that serves healthcare service, food service, office service, hospitality, and more. A company’s first impression depends on cleanliness and its level. P & G helps businesses to make better and positive and lasting impressions on clients, guests, and employees.

P & G Professionals Phone number  800.332.7787

P & G Chemicals

P & G is the manufacturer, and marketer of fatty alcohols, fatty acids, glycerin, and methyl esters. 

Americas and Headquarters Phone Number  800.447.8899
Chemicals Asia PacificPhone Number +65.6712.5121
Chemicals Middle East, Africa, Europe/IndiaPhone Number +4158.004.5273

Frequently Asked Questions

How many employees are currently working at P & G?

There are 101000 employees working at P & G all over the world. Every year, they conduct a survey of all employees globally starting from plant technicians to office employees.

How many people live in the city of the P&G headquarters?

About 300,000 people are living in Cincinnati, Ohio, US where P&G’s headquarters was founded. They are getting opportunities as families and professionals.

How many manufacturing sites does P&G have in the US?

P&G has 19 manufacturing sites in the US. There are 12 distribution and service centers.

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  1. For the attention of your CEO David S. Taylor.

    Dear Mr Taylor,

    Million to one you will ever read this email, but before you do is it a civil, capital or cardinal offence for those in your company to get resolutions to valid complaints?

    If companies today learnt how to communicate with each other, they could unlock vast sources of profit.

    David Kirk.

    ——– Forwarded Message ——–
    Subject: Re: Excuse me for asking, but are you – Consumer Care consumercare.im@pg.com acting as a Call Center for Proctor & Gamble? Or are you in fact directly employed by Proctor & Gamble. [ ref:_00D80PUz7._5004U15IZLA:ref ]
    Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2023 15:52:04 +0700
    From: David Kirk
    To: Ivy Joy Camarao

    Hi Ivy,

    Thank you for your reply and response – progress.

    Okay you have clarified – All our consumer’s feedback and comments are passed to P&G on a daily basis.
    You are effectively in the delegating business, fair enough and nothing wrong with that, but my issue and complaint from my perspective will have to go right up the long chain and process, to senior management.

    First lets start with the good news, I have been using your Oral B electric toothbrushes since they were invented, by the way I’m 71.
    By definition you could say I have been a life long customer.

    The history of this complaint goes back to 3rd September 2011, and since then has raised 85 emails.
    A record I don’t know, but when you factor in that they have been constructive, I feel that this is second to none.
    First started off with the latest models going black on the blue rubberised handle.
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    Now if you don’t know what I am referring to, for sure all your colleagues do.
    So for the past 12 years you have been passing your Feedback without any kind of reaction.
    This has not been a quest, campaign but nothing short of a crusade.
    A case when Feedback isn’t Feedback, but nothing less than Pushback.

    So Ivy what are we going to do about this?
    First up can you please escalate this email, to all of those that might be concerned in your consumer care.
    Next up I have got to be able to reach those in Cincinnati, Ohio.
    So that they are at least aware, and secondly that I live long enough that this fault is finally taken to heart, and that we as your customers don’t have to think fondly of you, every time we go to clean our teeth.

    So where do we go from here.
    Could you at least acknowledge this email please?
    I know that your hands are tied, but there must be some way, by someone, to break through this concrete wall of denial.
    Put hdkirk@gmail.com into your search engine, and tell me if anybody has actually tried harder.

    David Kirk.

    On 21/02/2023 14:25, Ivy Joy Camarao wrote:
    > Hi David,
    > Thank you for contacting Procter and Gamble.
    > Please be guided that you have reached Philippines Consumer Care. We work on behalf of P&G to handle consumer queries. All our consumer’s feedback and comments are passed to P&G on a daily basis.
    > If you have other concerns/inquiries, please do not hesitate to let us know.
    > Thank you.
    > Kind regards,
    > Ivy
    > Oral-B Consumer Care
    > ————— Original Message —————
    > From: P&G Care Line [hdkirk@gmail.com]
    > Sent: 2/21/2023 2:14 PM
    > To: consumercare.im@pg.com
    > Subject: Excuse me for asking, but are you – Consumer Care consumercare.im@pg.com acting as a Call Center for Proctor & Gamble? Or are you in fact directly employed by Proctor & Gamble.
    > Excuse me for asking, but are you – Consumer Care consumercare.im@pg.com acting as a Call Center for Proctor & Gamble? Or are you in fact directly employed by Proctor & Gamble.
    > ref:_00D80PUz7._5004U15IZLA:ref


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