Red Lobster Headquarters & Corporate Office Details [+CEO Email Address]

The USA-based casual dining restaurant chain Red Lobster Hospitality LLC is headquartered in Orlando, Florida. This company operates globally, including the USA, Canada, Ecuador, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Mexico, Japan, Turkey, the Philippines, and UAE. Worldwide this company is operating its activity in more than 700 locations.

The Red Lobster corporate office is at 450 South Orange Avenue, Suite 800, Orlando, FL 32801, USA. Kim Lopdrup is leading Lobster as its CEO. Whether you have a query or comment about the company, call 1 – 800 – LOBSTER (1 – 800 – 562 – 7837) to share your thoughts.

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Overall Information Of Red Lobster Headquarters

Category Information 
Headquarters 450 South Orange Avenue, Suite 800, Orlando, FL 32801, USA
Founding Year1970
Founding Place Lakeland, Florida
Founders Name Bill Darden
Contact Number 1 – 800 – LOBSTER (1 – 800 – 562 – 7837)
Facebook Red Lobster Facebook
Twitter Red Lobster Twitter
YouTubeRed Lobster YouTube
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LinkedIn Red Lobster LinkedIn
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Red Lobster CEO Email Address

Kim Lopdrup is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Red Lobster. He is an innovative servant leader. Lopdrup has turnarounds and growth track records in the restaurant industry’s segments. From fine dining to quick service, Mr. Lopdrup has experience in everything.

He has led approximately 64,000 employees. The expert leader Kim Lopdrup has experience doing business in 57 countries. Under his leadership, Red Lobster has undergone sufficient growth. During the Covid – 19 Pandemic, Mr. Lopdrup guided this company through its most challenging period. is the Red Lobster CEO’s professional email address. So drop your comment and thoughts, or share your problem in this email. Also, you can follow Mr. Lopdrup’s LinkedIn profile to learn what he shares there.

Red Lobster Corporate Office Executive Team Member Contact Details

The talented leaders in the industry are the leading team members of Red Lobster. Check out their names and contact information below:

  1. Kim Lopdrup – Chief Executive Officer & President
  2. Horace G. Dawson III – General Counsel
  3. Patty Trevino – Chief Marketing Officer
  4. David Schmidt – Chief Financial Officer
  5. Nelson Griffin – Chief Procurement & Real Estate Officer
  6. Cijoy Olickal – Chief Information Officer
  7. Destiny D’Errico – Host, Bartender, Server, Restaurant Supervisor
  8. Bill Lambert – CFO, EVP Finance, IT, Supply Chain & Real Estate
  9. James Finley – VP, Operations
  10. Lou Grande – SVP, Information Technology

Red Lobster Corporate Office HR, Media & Financial Contact Details

Whether you have a good experience, are disappointed with the service, or have any queries, you can ask or share with the Red Lobster authority. Feel free to use any of the contact information below to reach out to Red Lobster’s different team.

HR Contact

The former or current employees who have questions or comments about Red Lobster’s benefits or payments are requested to call 1 – 800 – 762 – 5637. Promptly the right person will connect to you to give your question’s answer.

Additionally, you can email PAYROLLPROCESSING@REDLOBSTER.COM or ENEFITSTEAM@REDLOBSTER.COM to contact the HR team. Moreover, for your employment verification purpose, you can call 1 – 800 – 367 – 5690.

Media Contact

For your press inquiries or media-related questions, contact the Red Lobster Media Relations Team at

Financial Department Contact

To reach out to the Red Lobster Financial department team, call its corporate phone number +1 407 – 734 – 9000.


Who is the CEO of Red Lobster?

Red Lobster’s Chief Executive Officer & President is Kim Lopdrup. Lopdrup returned to Red Lobster in 2014, when it became an independent company. Mr. Lopdrup guides the company in its most challenging period.

What company owns Red Lobster?

Once Red Lobster was a family-owned single restaurant in Lakeland, Florida. But now it is a subsidiary company under some Parent organizations. Thai Union Group, Golden Gate Capital, and Red Lobster Management LLC own Red Lobster.

How many locations does Red Lobster have?

Around the world, Red Lobster has operated its business in over 700 locations. Successfully Red Lobster is expanding its footprint globally.

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    Poisoning. Today ordered Thursday special which from the menu thought included free drink and linguini and
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  2. It seems that one of your managers at 6728 S Memorial Dr Tulsa Ok has learned to be quite crafty with his customers! We come to your restaurant and use a points system to gain points for food, but what happens is your points disappear after midnight when the restaurant is closing only the one person can do this it’s your manager. I went to your store and talk to the manager Brad he said oh it happens to us all the time it’s corporate doing it. He said he was sorry. He gave me some receipts from other tables which I received 375 points and once again after midnight 300 of those points disappeared I guess you don’t pay your managers enough money for them to steal points from customers, when you eat off of your customers for free and what else are these managers doing with are credit cards? I feel you suck to the lowest point with these managers. I’ve even stepped out to the other restaurant on 51st St. and they’ve never gotten back with me either probably because they’re doing the same thing. It seems your manager is a hacker. I am going to report this Monday morning here to the authorities since I haven’t gotten a decent email back from the corporation.


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