Rural King Headquarters, Corporate Office, Phone & Email Address

The farm supply store Rural King is based in Illinois, United States. It began its journey in 1960. Currently, across the USA, it has 135 stores.

It operates stores in Florida, Kentucky, Illinois, Tennessee, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, Missouri, Virginia, Michigan, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Alabama. The company also has an online store along with an online gun store.

Rural King corporate office location is 4216 DeWit Avenue, Mattoon, IL 61938. Alex Melvin is Rural King’s Chief Executive officer. If you want to contact Rural King’s customer care team, call 217 – 235 – 7101 Or 1 – 800 – 561 – 1752.

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Overall Information Of Rural King Headquarters

Category Information 
Headquarters 4216 DeWit Avenue, Mattoon, IL 61938
Founding Year1960 
Founding Place Mattoon, Illinois
Founders Name Kermit Speer & Keith Beaird 
Contact Number 217 – 235 – 7101 Or 1 – 800 – 561 – 1752 
Fax217 – 235 – 6014
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Rural King CEO Email Address

Alex Melvin is Rural King’s Chief Executive Officer and President. He leads this privately owned farm across 13 states in 135 store locations. is the CEO’s email address. To communicate with him, send an email to this professional email address.

Rural King Corporate Office Executive Team Member Contact Details

The executive team members of Rural King oversee the company’s activity and implement the strategies. Rural King corporate office’s executive team comprises the following:

Rural King Corporate Office HR, Media & Financial Contact Details

Rural King corporate office has no designated contact number for its human resources, media and financial department. So whatever your question is, call 1 – 800 – 561 – 1752 and ask for help. The representative of the customer service team will soon help you.

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How many locations does the rural King have?

Rural King operates its activities in different states of the United States. Right now, it has 135 stores. It has stores in Florida, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Alabama, and West Virginia.

Who is the CEO of Rural King?

Rural King’s Chief Executive Officer and President is Alex Melvin. He is leading this privately owned farm. Alex’s Great Uncle founded this third-generation family-owned business.

How do you contact the rural king corporate office?

Rural King corporate office’s contact numbers are 17 – 235 – 7101 and 1 – 800 – 561 – 1752. Call these numbers, and soon, the company’s customer care team will help you.

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  2. Morganton NC store NEVER has what is advertised on sale. Been there so many times to find nothing in the sales paper actually there. False advertising in every paper.The employees don’t have an answer do yyou?

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  4. Shelbyville Indiana Rural King must have very low standards when it comes to their hiring , In their Stihl department . On 07/07/23 1:30 PM I was approached by the department employee . This guy was very rude from the start which turned into a verbal confrontation!!! Need Rural King be reminded “Bad Employees = Bad Business “ . There were two managers who helped and they were very helpful and respectful and I thanked them for their help. As for the employee, he should not be on Rural Kings payroll!!!!! I’ll shop elsewhere for farm needs.

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