What Is RyanAir CEO Michael O’Leary’s Email Address?

RyanAir is known for revolutionizing European air travel. It is a leading low-cost carrier headquartered in Swords, Dublin, Ireland. Founded in 1984, RyanAir started as a small airline, flying short journeys from Waterford in Ireland to London. However, it quickly transformed into one of Europe’s largest and most successful budget airlines.

Michael O’Leary leads RyanAir as its CEO. However, we’ve successfully located the CEO’s email address for contact purposes. So, to share your RyanAir flight-related issues or any concerns, you can write to the RyanAir CEO’s email address at michael.oleary@ryanair.ie.

When you decide to email, being polite, professional, and focused on relevant subjects is important. Other than email, there are also other ways to reach the RyanAir CEO.

In today’s guide, we will explain all those ways. So, keep reading!

Who Is The CEO of RyanAir?

Michael O’Leary is the Chief Executive Officer of RyanAir. He has been holding pivotal roles since 1988. As a key figure, he first joined RyanAir DAC as a Director. Later, his leadership extended to RyanAir Holdings in 1996.

However, O’Leary’s journey with the company took a significant turn in 1994 when he stepped into the role of CEO. In 2019, he expanded his responsibilities further by becoming the Group CEO.

Under Michael’s leadership, RyanAir has seen transformative growth and innovation. He has been instrumental in shaping the airline’s strategic direction, driving efficiency, and spearheading customer service initiatives. His visionary approach has reinforced RyanAir’s position in the airline industry and laid the foundation for its future endeavors.

How Can I Contact The RyanAir CEO?

If you want to contact the RyanAir CEO, follow the easy ways below:

  • Sending email is the easiest way of reaching the CEO. Start by sending a concise, respectful email to the RyanAir CEO’s email address at michael.oleary@ryanair.ie
  • If you don’t get a response via email, consider using social platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter to engage or send a direct message.
  • However, for more direct contact, you might try calling RyanAir’s main office hotline number and request to be connected with the CEO.
  • In addition to the email, you can contact the RyanAir CEO through traditional mail. His mailing address is the same as the company’s main office address: C/O RyanAir Ltd Corporate Head Office, Dublin Airport, Dublin, K67NY94.

Is the RyanAir CEO’s Email ID Publicly Available?

Yes, it is. Our extensive research found the CEO, Michael O’Leary’s email address, michael.oleary@ryanair.ie. You can quickly and easily contact the CEO by dropping an email to this address.

Is RyanAir CEO’s Phone Number Publicly Available?

Unfortunately, we don’t have the CEO’s work or personal phone numbers. However, you can contact RyanAir’s main office. By calling the headquarters customer support number, you can ask them to connect you to the CEO.

RyanAir CEO Postal Address

For those who prefer traditional methods, mailing is an option. You can send letters to the CEO at the main office of RyanAir. The address is C/O RyanAir Ltd Corporate Head Office, Dublin Airport, Dublin, K67NY94. This is the official mailing address for both the company and the CEO.

How Do I Contact the RyanAir Corporate Office?

RyanAir corporate office is at C/O RyanAir Ltd Corporate Head Office, Dublin Airport, Dublin, K67NY94. To contact its headquarters, call 353 1 945 1212.

RyanAir Executive Team Contact Details

The top executives at RyanAir are:


What is the email address to contact the RyanAir CEO?

RyanAir CEO’s current email address is michael.oleary@ryanair.ie. You can write to this email for official concerns.

Where is the headquarters of RyanAir located?

RyanAir’s main office is in Swords, Dublin, Ireland. The headquarters address is /O RyanAir Ltd Corporate Head Office, Dublin Airport, Dublin, K67NY94.

How can I contact RyanAir for business inquiries?

RyanAir headquarters customer care number is 353 1 945 1212. For business-related inquiries, call at this number. You can also ask for help or related answers by calling this number. 

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