Samsung Ceo Email, Headquarters Locations & A – Z Details

Globally electronic device’s one of the largest producers is Samsung. It is a South Korean company. Samsung produces a vast range of industrial and consumer electronics. It produces appliances, semiconductors, digital media devices, integrated systems, and memory chips.

Worldwide, in the technology field, one of the most recognized names is Samsung. Samsung Electronics is headquartered in Suwon, South Korea. North American Samsung Electronics CEO is KS Choi.

To solve any problem, call headquarters’ customer service number at 82 – 31 – 200 – 1114. And For any unsolved inquiries, you can drop your question at Samsung CEO Email

Throughout this guide, we have organized all the contact information of Samsung electronics, including the company’s CEO email. So sharply read this article till the end.

Overall Information Of Samsung Headquarters

Category Information 
Headquarter 129 Samseong – ro Yeongtong – gu Gyeonggi – do, 16677 S Suwon – Shi Korea, South Korea
Founding Year1938
Founding Place Taegu, Korea 
Founders Name Lee Byung – Chul
Contact Number 82 – 31 – 200 – 1114 or 1 (800) 726 – 7864 
Facebook Samsung Facebook
Twitter Samsung Twitter 
YouTubeSamsung YouTube
Instagram Samsung Instagram 
LinkedIn Samsung LinkedIn 

Samsung CEO Email Address

KS Choi is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Samsung Electronics North America. Mr Choi is responsible for driving the region’s growth. Also, he ensures that the innovative technology of Samsung continues to lead and shape the North American markets.

Mr Choi has held commercial and strategic roles in Samsung Electronics in numerous positions. KS was the Global Sales and Marketing Head before joining the executive team at Samsung Electronics North America.

However, the Samsung CEO’s Email address is and For your unresolved customer service queries, drop an email at these addresses.

If it’s really a major concern, you will get a reply from the CEO. Also, to learn about the CEO’s activities, you can follow him on LinkedIn.

Samsung Corporate Office Executive Team Member Contact Details

KS ChoiChief Executive Officer & PresidentLinkedIn 
Jenogwoo KimChairman, Samsung Electronics PolandLinkedIn
Jae – Yong Lee Vice ChairmanLinkedIn
Chan Hoon Park Ph. DPresident, Samsung Austin SemiconductorLinkedIn
Yong – Jong Park Managing  DirectorLinkedIn
Jude BuckleyEVP, Mobil Business, Samsung Electronics AmericaLinkedIn
Yoonie Joung EVP, Mobile Business, Samsung Electronics AmericaLinkedIn
Dr. Jung-Bae Lee President & GM, Memory Business, Device Solutions DivisionLinkedIn
Dr. Siyoung ChoiPresident & GM, Foundry BusinessLinkedIn
Mr. Yong – In Park President, System LSI Business LinkedIn
In – Yong RheePresident, Corporate Communications TeamLinkedIn
Min – Hyouk LeeHead, Mobile TeamLinkedIn

Samsung HR, Media & Investor Relations Contact Details

Customers, media team members, investors or shareholders may need to contact Samsung Electronics for their requests and queries. So according to your types of queries, send them to the following address:

  • HR Contact: To contact Samsung’s Human Resource team, call the company’s customer service number on 82 – 31 – 200 – 1114. 
  • Media Contact: The Press or Media team members can get in touch with the Samsung Media team by dropping an email at
  • Investor Relations Contact: The investors and Shareholders can contact the IR team of Samsung electronics through phone or email. The phone number is +82 – 2 – 2255 – 9000. And the email address is

Other Contact Details of Samsung Electronics

Along with the above, there is more information available to contact the company’s different departments.

Samsung Board Of Directors

Samsung’s Board of Directors leverages their skills and expertise in numerous fields to ensure strategic and efficient decision-making. The Board of Directors comprises six independent Directors and five Executive Directors. Independent Directors constitute the Board’s majority.

The board member’s names are:

  • Han – Jo Kim
  • Kye – Hyun Kyung
  • Hark Kyu Park
  • Jong–Hee Han
  • Tae – Moon Roh
  • Jung – Bae Lee
  • Jeong Kim
  • Eun – Nyeong Heo
  • Sun – Uk Kim
  • Eun – Nyeong Heo
  • Jun – Sung Kim

Samsung Corporate Office Branches In Different Countries Of The World

Samsung has offices in different parts of the world, and globally, it is one of the largest electronic appliance producers. The company’s addresses in a few countries are presented below:

  • Korea: (Address: 1, Samsung-ro, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do 17113, Korea)
  • North America & South/Central America: (Address: 3655 North First Street, San Jose, California 95134 – 1713, USA)
  • China: (Address: SCC Building A, No. 88, Haide Yi Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province 518054, China)
  • Japan: (Address: 10F, Shinagawa Grand Central Tower 2-16-4, Kounan, Minato – ku, Tokyo 108 – 8240, Japan)
  • Europe, Middle East & Africa: (Address: EinsteintraBe 174, 81677 Munchen, Germany)
  • Southeast & Southwest Asia: (Address: 3 Church Street #26 – 01/02, Samsung Hub 049483, Singapore)
  • Austin, USA: (Address: 12100 Samsung Boulevard, Austin, Texas 78754, Chip Fabrication)
  • Denmark: (Address: Niels Jernes Vej 10, 9220 Aalborg Oest, Denmark)
  • Israel: (Address: 2 Shoham Street Rahat Gan City 5251003, Israel)
  • United Kingdom: (Address: St John’s House, St John’s Innovation Park, Cowley Road, Cambridge, UK)

Samsung Worldwide Contact Details

Contact your country’s Samsung care center if you have any questions or comments about Samsung products.

CountryContact Number
Argentina 0800 – 555 – 7267
Australia1300 362 603 
Algeria 021 36 11 00 
Belarus 810 – 800 – 500 – 55 – 500
Brazil0800 – 124 – 421 
Canada 1 – 800 – 726 – 7864 
China 400 – 810 – 5858 
Croatia 072 726 786 
Denmark 70 70 19 70 
Ecuador 1 – 800 – 10 – 7267 
Estonia 800 – 7267
France 01 48 63 00 00 
Finland 030 – 6227 515 
Hong Kong (852) 3698 4698 
Indonesia 021 – 56997777
Japan 0120 – 363 – 905 
Malaysia 1800 – 88 – 9999 
Nigeria 0800 – 726 – 7864 
Paraguay 009 – 800 – 542 – 0001 
Puerto Rico 1 – 800 – 682 – 3180 
Russia 8 – 800 – 555 – 55 – 55 
Serbia 011 321 6899 
Sweden 0771 726 7864 (0771 – SAMSUNG)


Where is Samsung’s headquarters in the world?

The Headquarters of Samsung is located in Seoul, South Korea.

How do I contact the Samsung customer service number?

You can reach Samsung customer service by phone. And the number is 1 – 800 – SAMSUNG, 82 – 31 – 200 – 1114 or 1 (800) 726 – 7864.

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  1. I am currently using Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and S21 Ultra, 5G. Samsung is the best for me and my whole family! I am planning to buy S23 Ultra now…..My name is Chancy Kamanga from Malawi, Central Africa.

  2. my order number 1054457536 we are order mobile and charger still they were not send charger 320 days completed it was very bad experience to us the warranty time is completed and phone also not activated.
    samsung is cheting us this very bad experience.
    Thanking you,
    With Regards,
    Ravi narayana

  3. Hi,
    I am Arun Kumar Vellaichamy,my TV suddenly stopped working. Samsung service team checked the TV, they told that due to power fluctuation screen panel was crashed. I am really shocked because I am using TV stabilizer from the TV purchasing day onwards. I don’t know how the power fluctuation happens to my TV while using stabilizer. I already sent email to Samsung support India team on May 9th, still my issue is not sorted. My last ticket reference number:1186496201, I have already sent email to Service Head India Team still my issue is not sorted. Yesterday Prasanna from Service Head Team spoken to me around 20 minutes, while speaking he did not give any resolution and disconnected the call. I am totally disappointed on your service to the valuable customer, kindly check my issue and do needful.

    • Don’t buy any Samsung Product in the world, they are cheating consumers with their marketing strategy. They did not bother about their quality and never give quality product.

  4. Reference Number 2670615

    Dear Sir, (Hope you are well)

    I am extremely disappointed to contact you under such circumstances.
    I have exhausted myself for months speaking to your customer services without any result.

    This is my final try and I will leave the matter all together if this is also unheard.
    I know your time is valuable and I will keep this short.

    Long story very short. I wanted to purchase s23 ultra with discounts available unfortunately used finance for the first time and it was declined while I was in process to find out why is it declined as I have credit rating of 97 percent, I was nearing the end of date to use my discount so I contact your customer services in order to find out if the discount will be applied if I past the date as I haven’t heard back from your financial team yet, they assured me that it will be taken in account.

    Unfortunately that was a lie as I wanted to purchase the phone outright but they told me that discounted figure has expired. Rest you can read from reference number above.

    A very short background I was hard-core iphone apple user and converted to samsung from s6 onwards and in process converted my friends and family as I have networking background.

    I love Samsung products and I have purchase washing machines to fridge and all my phones from Samsung. Currently using s21 ultra. I would like to maintain this relationship in future and hoping that you respond with positive news. I’ll be eagerly waiting for your response.

    Wish you very best of luck for future . Hoping for miracle

    Kind Regards

    Sent from S21Ultra for Android

  5. Dear team

    Today it’s been 31 days since my phone no one has done anything yet. This is the condition when I have got insurance which covers the entire phone and extended warranty of 2 years. I didn’t know that Samsung does this with the customer too. Rejected my case after talking to someone else. I did not get any verification call from Samsung. I called Samsung repeatedly and said that I do not have any call, even after that nothing happened, I prayed many times.

  6. Dear sir.

    I’m India based businessman. I’ve been using mobile handsets for the last 25 years. I love to buy ultra-modern products as I’m tech-savvy and have used mobile brands starting from Ericson, Motorola, Nokia, Blackberry, Apple & Samsung.

    Last year, on the first day of the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, I purchased this product with great enthusiasm. But I regret to say that this product is not worth purchasing as it is being advertised. Please note the following feedback:

    1. Manufacturing & designing defects: This product is very delicate. Even handled with the utmost care, it comes across with a folding issue. Is this product made for showcasing purposes or routine use? I used at least 4 versions of NOTE models & many models of the iPhone. There was no durability issue ever arising earlier with any device.

    2. Service issue: This product comes under the top premium quality phones with a heavy price tag. But I regret to say that service quality is hopeless. One has to visit multiple times to service centres to get it repaired, which is completely undesirable for a working person to leave his office for many days. Then, there is a Samsung Special bureaucratic system of investigation of the handsets 3-4 times & by layers in the hierarchy of your co, even for the under-warranty product.

    It is evident that the manufacturer completely understands the defective design & production blunder for this model. This product is not worth what you are advertising. I’m not being listened to & being dictated harsh company terms in the first year of purchase, I fear who will take care of the buyer’s concerns after the end of the warranty year.

    So, I reject this product on the grounds of poor durability, low quality, tough & costly maintenance. I asked you to buy back this sub-standard product asap and return my money without further delays, as I purchased this product for my convenience & not for undue botherations.

    I hope for your quick action.

    thanks & regards
    Raghu Gupta,

  7. Samsung is leading me on a merry dance. Its Upgrade Programme took me through instead to a direct purchase agreement. Samsung is saying that there is absolutely nothing that it can do, leaving me with two handsets and two finance agreements. So far, all routes have got me nowhere – it looks like legal processes may be required.

  8. Siento una extensa desilución y arrepentimiento de haber gastado mi teléfono con una empresa que es estafadora y falta de honorabilidad es una tristeza dado que proviene de asiáticos que normalmente son gente honorable y con principios de respeto y honestidad, pero dado a que venden equipos que son inservibles y que tienen vendedores que solo se dedican a timar a los compradores con promesas falsas uno pierde su dinero de manera horrible y más a un que nunca encuentra una respuesta a las solicitudes de servicio a su porquería de equipo, ya no quiero más que solo me devuelvan lo que pague por este centro de lavado que no tiene más de dos años de compra y nola veo llegar de tantas broncas que he tenido con el de verdad que espero pueda tener una respuesta

  9. I bought samsung led tv in oct22, technician came frm service center on 5th july told that panel will be changed, but till date it has not been changed, says part will come when change will be done, please change my led to new one ASAP. Comp no.4373880729.Avoid buying Samsung products, there is no hearing in the name of service, very poor material is being used, whoever buys their product will repent.

  10. The lack of concern,

    I am a disabled veteran, mother, grandmother, aunt, great-aunt, best friend, and daughter. Never have I thought that a company would be so shameful, and utterly ridiculous in the policy of those who have purchased their living necessities from them.

    In 2019, I purchased my first home in San Antonio, TX. We needed a refrigerator and found one at CONN’s that fit our family’s needs wonderfully, or so we thought. Starting my in-home bakery came into play with the use of the capacity of the refrigerator. But now, only 3 years and 9 months later, my whole motherboard, and compressor are out, but that’s after my mother paid $85 due to having two disabled family members, a two and three-year-old, and needing to have refrigerated medicine as well.

    After the technician finished his diagnostic testing, it was determined the motherboard and compressor were out, we had already been having issues with the ice maker, but now we have NO refrigerator and spoiling food. Because your policy states “It must be a Samsung-approved technician.” Have you ever stopped to think that some people are working ONLY God’s grace and not an extravagant budget? As I lay in this hospital typing to you, I can truly say; “I am disgusted.”

    We strive to do our best, we strive to live for one another, but at the end of it all when policy doesn’t speak to the humanity side of life after all that we have experienced in these past few years. Yeah, you won’t ever have to worry about me buying anything else SAMSUNG. Have a blessed one.

    Respectfully, Without Prejudice,

    Jada L. Sullivan

  11. We never buy a samsung product , your Technician and customer service is too bad, we buy a washing machine on 2nd august 2023 , they never installed the product thanks to samsung

  12. I purchased a SAMSUNG 55AU8000 Tv last year from Reliance Digital store on 20/02/2022 after 1 yr 6 months my Tv not working and i raised a complaint to customer care (complain no -4377085302 ) &amp they have found a fault on the display panel .they are saying display panel need to change &amp cost of full panel i need to pay.
    how come new Tv got damaged within 1.5 yr you tell me how any consumer will trust samsung if product will damage in 1.5yr . i need solution on this i will not pay single amount.
    Invoice is attached below.pls look into this &amp i am hoping for a better solution .

  13. Dear Concerned All Officials,
    I am one of your (Senior Citizen) customers. I bought a Samsung LED 138cm, 55AU 8200 UHD 4K television on 21.12.2021 vide invoice No.SL 132 RS 3321782 from Caroma New Delhi.
    On 16.08.2023, I noticed a slight cut in the top screen, shaking & dobling of the picture, as such, I reported fault to Samsung Customer Care under warranty [expiring on 21.12.2023] on 17.08.2023 and I was allotted Service No. 4376622356 through SMS dated 18.08.2023 at 1.37 pm and also that Engineer visited on the same date and after taking photos of all the related parts submitted report to concerned officer for replacement of TV panel and scheduled his next visit to 22.08.2023.
    Since 22.08.2023, I am contacting customer care, sending emails to concerned offices and Officials as well. But till date no resolution to my complaint. I am being given lies, flimsy grounds, assurances, which has shattered my belief in Samsung and I am confident that I & even I will convince my family and friends to never buy Samsung products because your after sales service [which has caused mental agony, anxiety, stressed on account of staring at black screen and finding it difficult to pass time] is worse than a lower grade electronic company of India.I find it so disgusting while writing you this mail.
    Today one of the technical team member called from phone No. 91 120 3680162 and apprised me about details and assured that replacement will now be implements on 30.08.2023 [which is a festival day (Raksha Bandhan)] as such, I have all doubts that issue will be resolved on this day too.
    I, therefore, hopelessly solicit to please look into my service request and get needful done ASAP.
    Satvinder Singh

  14. Dear Team,

    Unsure of whether you people will have a solution to the problem or you only want the user to suffer because of your incompetence to perform your tasks effectively. OR maybe you guys don’t even know the exact problem.

    Still would like to know a couple of answers from your end:

    1. Do you guys speak the same language or every time I should expect a new person telling me about a new problem in my device. Ever since I visited or I spoke to the customer care staff, every time I discovered a new problem in my handset which was different than others. Please explain How’s that possible.

    2. Some of your staff are accepting that there is some problem with the software which even the data on the internet is also supporting. Still to my surprise nobody is willing to assist. What everyone is bothered about TO MAKE MONEY out of one’s misery.

    3. As per a few of your staff, there’s a problem in the device’s jack, few have claimed I have dropped my phone somewhere, few said I need to get the motherboard fixed, few said my phone has a software issue.

    4. Do you understand the importance of a device in one’s professional & personal life? My professional life is 100% dependent on my mobile phone because of the profession I am in. It’s been almost a week, I am managing without my mobile phone.

    There are no reverts from your end. Every time after following up what I get to hear is “Your phone is not in warranty period”. Obviously I know that already. You cannot be telling me all these things. That’s not the reason I am visiting the support centre. Does that mean once the warranty period is exhausted, you don’t value a customer.

    If my phone was not in warranty period what was the reason for you to hold my phone for that long. And by the way, like last time, it was not just one phone but a couple of phones in my family which faced exactly the same problem.

    I should not be but still waiting for some revert.

    Vikrant Chaudhary

  15. Sir,
    I will never talk to you again,
    But I have no other option right now, so I requested all the Indian Samsung employees and tried it.
    let me tell you about myself first.
    I’m a small part of your Samsung group.
    My Firm name is Quick Services .
    I join Samsung in December 2022.
    I started with Samsung as service partner Gurgaon Haryana.
    My interview was taken by Mr Gurdeep and finalized for Gurgaon.
    I had heard about Samsung’s reputation in the market so I joined Samsung.
    As soon as I had been working for 3 months, I told your people that I was losing around 2 lakhs every month.
    For this I also dropped emails, I was called to the branch office and was told that you should invest some more and your viability will start.
    From the beginning, I was working according to the people of Samsung, I was doing the same according to the guidance, even here, every employee who joined joined as per the ASM.
    Because Samsung employees keep making the same promise again and again that we will never let our partner lose.
    I worked for 9 months as per their promise and lost around 20 lakhs as per my books.
    Still, Samsung team members kept saying that they are talking to Samsung management, you continue your work, you will not suffer any loss.
    And after working for 9 months, one day I got a call from ASM Mr Kuldeep that you should shut down, the management has refused to take any decision due to your loss.
    I felt very bad because I had spent my life time savings on Samsung, I made many requests, you are doing wrong, I was not even listened to.
    I was forced to resign and sent back all the spares and other items as per the system within the 1 month notice period.
    I had 19 employees at the closure time who were appointed only for Samsung according to Mr Kuldeep.
    Please tell me what is wrong with me that Samsung did this to me, today I and my family are worried that whatever I had earned in my life has been wasted.
    Even today I am waiting for the full and final. Whatever money I get, I will clear all the employees and land owners with that money.
    My only request to you is that whatever I have lost, please recover it and do my full and final as soon as possible.
    If anything happens to me in between then only Samsung will be responsible for it.

    Owner Quick Services
    Location Gurgaon (Haryana)
    Phone 9212483332
    Email :
    My Samsung code is -0004937275


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