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The American insurance company State Farm is the USA’s largest auto and property & Casualty insurance provider. In terms of revenue, in 2022, among the American companies list, it ranked 42nd. Over time this company has expanded its financial services arena to banking and mutual funds.

State Farm corporate office is at One State Farm Plaza, Bloomington, IL 61710. Michael Tipsord has assumed the company’s CEO and President role. Call the customer care representatives at 800 – STATE – FARM or (800 – 782 – 8332) for general inquiries. And for technical issues, call 888 – 559 – 1922.

For contacting each department of State Farm for various issues, the contact number is different. After conducting in-depth research, we accumulated all the contact details in this guide. So, let’s go through it.

Overall Information of State Farm Headquarters

Category Information 
HeadquartersState Farm Insurance, 1 State Farm Plaza, Bloomington, IL 61710
Founding Year1922
Founding Place Bloomington, Illinois
Founders Name George J. Mecherle
Contact Number (General)800 – STATE – FARM or ( 800 – 782 – 8332) 
Telephone ( Technical Issues)888 – 559 – 1922 
Facebook State Farm Facebook
Twitter State Farm Twitter
YouTubeState Farm YouTube
Instagram State Farm Instagram
LinkedIn State Farm LinkedIn

Other Contact Details Of State Farm Corporate Office

To make a payment, file a claim, or manage the balance on your account, use the information below:

  • Home/ Auto/ Property Claims: 800 – SF – CLAIM (800 732 – 5246)
  • Life Claims: 877 – 292 – 0398
  • Health Claims: 866 – 855 – 1212
  • Auto Glass Claims: 888 – 624 – 4410
  • Pay Insurance: 800 – 440 – 0998
  • Consumer Credit Card Inquiries: 833 – 728 – 0344
  • Business Credit Card Inquiries: 833 – 728 – 0345
  • Vehicle Loan Inquiries: 866 – 207 – 9079
  • Health Savings Accounts Inquiries: 800 – 357 – 6246
  • Deposit Account Inquiries: 800 – 890 – 2233 (Consumer) & 800 – 688 – 7119 (Business)
  • Supplementary Contracts: 800 – 631 – 4545
  • Home Loan Inquiries: 866 – 227 – 4384
  • Pay Insurance Mailing Address: State Farm Insurance Companies, Insurance Support Center, PO Box 588002, North Metro, GA 30029.

State Farm CEO Email Address

State Farm’s Chief Executive Officer, President, and Chairman is Michael Tipsord. Since 1988 Michael has been working for the State Farm Insurance Company.

In 2015 Michael was elected as the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer. And in 2016, he joined as the Chairman of the company’s Board.

The State Farm CEO’s official email address is If you have anything important to share with the CEO, post it at this email address. We recommend only posting crucial unsolved issues. Otherwise, you won’t get a reply. 

State Farm Corporate Office Executive Team Member Contact Details

Michael L. Tipsord Chief Executive Officer, President & Chairman N/A
Mary SchmidtEVP & Chief Administrative OfficerN/A
Fawad Ahmad Senior Vice President & Chief Digital OfficerLinkedIn
Paul SmithEVP & Chief Operating OfficerLinkedIn
Jon Farney SVP, Treasurer & Chief Financial Officer N/A
Joe Monk Senior Vice President, Financial ServicesLinkedIn
Kristyn CookSVP, Agency & MarketingLinkedIn
Steve McManusSenior Vice President & General Counsel N/A
Cathy Wallace SVP & Chief Risk OfficerLinkedIn
Robert YiSenior Vice President, P & C ClaimsLinkedIn

State Farm Corporate Office HR, Financial Department & Media Contact Details

  • HR Contact: To contact the State Farm’s Human Resources team, call 877. 472. 6648.
  • Financial Department Contact: For credit card or financial-related inquiries, call 833 – 728 – 0344.
  • Media Contact: The members of the media and reporters can contact the State Farm’s Media Relation team through the following emails:
NameEmail Address
Gina Morss –
Kim Kaufman
Chris Pilicic
Justin Tomczak

State Farm Board Of Directors

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company’s Board of Directors provides the company with the necessary direction. The Board, based on its governance system, establishes a policy. Also, it supervises, recruits, retains, and evaluates the executive team’s activities.

However, the name of the board members are:

  • Dan E. Arvizu
  • Charles K. Bobrinskoy
  • Keith Block
  • James Hackett
  • Cary Grace
  • Vicki A. O’Meara
  • Kate Gebo
  • Gary L. Perlin
  • Steven C. Williams
  • Kenneth J. Worzel

State Farm Corporate Office Branches In The USA

State Farm Insurance Company operates across USA’s different states. Now check out some of its location details.

  • Atlanta, Georgia: (Address: 237 Perimeter Center Pkwy NE, Sandy Springs, GA 30346)
  • Phoenix, Arizona: (Address: 400 East Rio Salado Parkway, Tempe, AZ 85281)
  • Bloomington, Central Illinois: (Address: 1 State Farm Plaza, Bloomington, IL 61710)
  • Dallas, Texas: (Address: 1251 State Street, Suite 1000, Richardson, TX 75082)
  • Greeley, CO: (Address: 1555 Promontory Cir, Greeley, CO 80634, USA)
  • Duluth, GA: (Address: 11350 Johns Creek Pkwy, Duluth, GA, 30098, USA)
  • Richardson, TX: (Address: 1415 State St, Richardson, TX 75082, USA)
  • Sandy Springs, GA: (Address: 237 Perimeter Center Pkwy NE, Sandy Springs, GA 30346)


Who is the CEO of State Farm?

Michael Tipsord is State Farm Insurance Company’s Chief Executive Officer, President, and Chairman.

Where is State Farm USA located?

State Farm is headquartered in Bloomington, Illinois.

Can you cancel a claim with State Farm?

Yes! Even if your case has been filed, the company allows you to cancel it.

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  1. I have never ever made a payment to a worse(r) company! It’s almost like asking for directions in a foreign country.

  2. They are very unprofessional. the agent in Wisconsin and his staff seem to be able to give you a policy but when you need answers they reroute, they drop the ball: they’re only good with taking payments and messing up your monthly bill. The claims department keeps dropping the ball. I had a flood in my basement then the claims adjuster didn’t do his job properly I ended up being kicked out of the hotel without warning and I had to sleep in my car with my dog that weekend. The MGR the following Monday could only apologize. I had to contact BBB and I’m still being given the run-around. This is the worse experience that I ever had to face then to top all that my insurance bill keeps going up in the middle of the terms. I wish I never took this insurance. I would have been better off going to Farmer’s Insurance. they truly care about their customers. Between them and my landlord, this has been a complete nightmare for me.

  3. State Farm is one of the worse insurance companies out there, they take your money, but when you need to file a claim they don’t want to pay out. My brother has gone through lymphomia and stem cell transplant, and is living with me we had a freeze in december and im still fighting with them. the first guy that came out there Robert Flynn. took pic’s and then even took pic’s that he didnt need to be taking. and that is where the problem started he started the delay. took over a month to get the first check i called and called and kept telling him mold going to set in. they dont care one stinking bit. i have been through 3 adjusters. now im on number 4, Kim, boy is she a winner. all my brother needs to go home is the duct work that runs throughout the house. that is it $3100 and we are done. first it’s not big enough to hold the new a/c unit or heating unit. not to say it has mold because of the delay of state farm. but they don’t care let a cancer patient breathe all that in. Kim flat said they are not paying out anymore. and hung the phone up on me. this is how state farm takes care of their loyal customers. they hang up on the. chalk one up to State Farm My poor brother wants to go home he wants to sit on his front porch. these people act like the payments coming out of their pocket. my brother has paid in for over 30 years and now he needs it to fix his home and they dont want to cough it up. I guess if they don’t pay out they get a bigger christmas bonus. big christmas party who knows but they just want to hang up on you and not do what is right for the customers

  4. “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there”…NOT! After over 40 years of paying for that good neighbor to be there when we needed them, they were not anywhere to be found when the water pipe burst in our slab. Adjuster said we should have maintained the pipe! What? Have moved on to a company that WILL be there when disaster happens. I’m telling anyone interested in home or auto insurance to not waste your time, or money, with State Farm, they are the worst!!!

  5. State Farm is crook and agents are useless. They are not renewing my car insurance stating I made too many claims. AND I had only one towing and one minor repair claim. They clubbed my parents claims on my auto policy to decline the renewal. I received a letter from representative, Timothy B. with a toll free number to call if any questions and can’t get hold this person. Who sends a letter without a full name and a direct contact number? I have been given the run around with the phone number in the letter, connecting from one person to another! the agents says he can’t do anything! I have been with them since 1987. They keep hiking the rates and providing less care. I have not been able to get hold of Timothy B.! Even the agent doesn’t know who he is!

  6. I have been with Stare Farm for over 43 years and they are cancelling me for one “at fault” accident.
    Letter said I could respond but no name and/or signature. Only corporate address in letterhead. Asked my agent where to write. Got a big, “I don’t know.” Really!!!!

  7. September 20 2023 was the day a pipe leaked above my handicapped son’s bedroom. A claim was issued and Greg Bushanan called to talk about the damages. That was the last time anyone called. Like others I have no help at all from state farm. You pay your premiums and get nothing in return when your house is damaged. My son has been sleeping in the spare bedroom on a pull out bed for the last two weeks.

  8. I have been with State Farm for over ten years and to my surprise they have RIPPED ME OFF FOR TEN YEARS!!!!!

    They doubled my payment in September for my automatic deductible out of my checking account. I have not received the difference they stole out of my checking account. This a million-dollar industry, why can they not repay me my little hundreds of dollars. DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM, THEY ARE CROOKS!!!

  9. A State Farm Insured Lyft driver hit our car and ran. She has not been found. Six weeks later, State Farm denied our claim because the only witness was the passenger who happened to be our neighbor!! Are you kidding me! State Farm is a disgrace!


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