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When it comes to convenient, freshly made, and affordable food, simply the better choice is Subway. Subway is one of the largest restaurant brands in the world. Worldwide it is one of the most loved and popular American fast-food joints. Globally the Company serves millions of customers with its crave-able menu.

The headquarters of Subway Corporate Office is located at 325 SubWay, Milford, CT 06461 – 3059, USA. John Chidsey is the CEO & President of Subway. And the Company’s customer service number is +1 203 – 877 – 4281 or 800. 888. 4848.

After conducting in-depth research, we accumulated all the contact information and essential details of Subway Company in today’s article. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the main discussion:

Information Of Subway Headquarters

Headquarter 325 SubWay, Milford, CT 06461 – 3059, USA
Founding Year1965
Founding Place Bridgeport, Connecticut
Founders Name Peter Buck & Fred DeLuca
Contact Number +1 203 – 877 – 4281 or 800. 888. 4848
Email Contact Subway® Restaurants
Facebook Subway Facebook
Twitter Subway Twitter
YouTubeSubway YouTube
Instagram Subway Instagram
LinkedIn Subway LinkedIn
BloombergSubway Bloomberg

Subway Corporate Office CEO Details

John Chidsey is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Subway Company. Since 2019 John Chidsey has been heading the company as the CEO. Mr. Chidsey discusses the company’s economic outlook along with the impact of inflation on the business.

Previously John has played essential roles in higher positions in different companies. He was Burger King Holdings, Inc.’s CEO and chairman also.

Mr. Chidsey’s personal email address and phone number are publicly unavailable. So, to contact the CEO, you can call the Headquarter at +1 203 – 877 – 4281. Also, you can Visit the CEO’s social media profile, like Bloomberg, to learn more about him.

Subway Executive Team Member Contact

The executive team of the Subway corporate office comprised of the following members:

John ChidseyChief Executive Officer & PresidentBloomberg
Amy AndersonVice President, Analytics & InsightsLinkedIn
Cindy EadieExecutive Vice PresidentLinkedIn
James Walker Vice President, North America N/A
Michele DiNelloVP Public Relations, Communications & EventsLinkedIn
Sonja TikliVice President, Brand VoiceLinkedIn
Iran MartinVice President, InternationalLinkedIn
Carolyn HudgensVice President,  OperationsLinkedIn
Don FertmanChief Development OfficerBloomberg
Carissa GanelliChief Digital OfficerLinkedIn

Subway HR, Media & Financial Contact Details

Whether you need to contact Subway Company’s departments, including finance, Human Resources, and Media, we will help you. Find the HR, Media & Financial Contact information here.

  • HR Contact: Call +1 203 – 877 – 4281 to contact the Human Resources department of the Subway corporate office. By calling this number, you can learn about the company’s team details or explore job opportunities.
  • Media Contact: The media house or press member can email at to get media-related information.
  • Financial Department Contact: For sales support, to make a payment, or for any financial inquiry, call 1 (800) 888 – 4848. From 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM, this number is available to contact 7 days a week.

Board Of Directors Of Subway Company

The Board of Directors, with the thousands of Subway franchisees, share a common goal around the globe. They aim to create a positive impact in our living and working communities.

Moreover, they are responsible for ensuring the proper value of the stockholders. However, the Subway corporate office’s Board of Directors comprised of:

  • Amit Sarin
  • Mary Greenlee
  • Rochelle Trafton
  • Lowette Swinton
  • Ilene Kobert
  • Tom Vokey
  • John Ratzenberger
  • Trevis Joseph

Subway Corporate Office Country Branches

Subway operates its activities in approximately 104 countries with 41,600 locations. However, the locations are concentrated mainly in the United States, North America, Mexico, and Canada.

Now we will present the address details of Subway office branches in different countries of the world.

  • United States: (Address: 325 Subway, Milford, CT 06461, USA)
  • Mexico: (Address: 137 Main St Ste, 4 Mexico, ME, 04257 – 1434, United States)
  • Canada: (Address: 127 Bremner Blvd Toronto, ON, M5J 3A8, Canada)
  • Brazil: (Address: 1109 E National Ave, Brazil, In 47834)
  • Australia: (Address: Level 9/230, Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006)
  • United Kingdom: (Address: 16 Upper Woburn PI, London WC18 OAF)
  • Austria: (Address: 400 Austria Rd, Duson, LA 70529)
  • Netherlands: (Address: 13 Prinsengracht, Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands)
  • Bulgaria: (Address: 2nd Andrey Saharov Str. 9000, Bulgaria)
  • Switzerland: (Address: Industriestrasse 22, 8604 Voketswil, Switzerland)
  • Denmark: (Address: Bulowsgade 68, 8000 Aarhus, Denmark)
  • Germany: (Address: Siegburger Str. 229 C, 50679 Koln, Germany)


How do I complain to Subway corporate?

To complain about anything on the Subway corporate, you can call 1 – 800 – 888 – 4848.

Who is the CEO of Subway?

The Chief Executive Officer of Subway corporate is John Chidsey.

Where is the Subway corporate office located?

The subway corporate office is situated in Milford, United States of America. The address is 325 Subway, Milford, CT 06461 – 3059, USA.

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  1. Gift cards never used, has no balance.
    Subway rip off this way?
    Can’t get any customer service.
    No service at all.
    I need someone live to contact me.

  2. Hello. I live in Arizona. I used to buy Subway 2 to 3 times a week. After pandemic, I notice males with beards hanging over food while preparing sandwiches. This is a violation. I spoke to 2 managers. One in Peoria Az and one in Sun City, Az over a month ago, and still, there are no beard restraints. Therefore, I walk into the store in the hopes of purchasing a sandwich, then have to walk back out. I am ready to go to the FDA and have this food violation investigated. I have not eaten at any Subway in months due to this violation. It is disgusting. Also, it’s ignorant for managers to think they can appease the public just for a moment, and think it will go away. Since this is the first time I’m coming to corporate, I will give you the opportunity to look into this, get back to me, and resolve this issue. Read the health codes from FDA. It clearly states the only time they are “not” required are when dealing with “packaged” food.

  3. We bought a chicken bacon ranch sub here in Brunswick Ga, and when we got home to eat a spider crawled out my child sandwich. Subway was one of her favorite places to eat. Know I’m out 31.77 dollars because no one will there subs and now have to go buy dinner somewhere else. Thanks!!

  4. One lady ask me to get out of the store just because she was mad on someone and she get frustrated on me this is the Harvard location at 6501 Harvard Ave. I request to the corporative to contact me about this issue in-depth. Please it’s humble request to reach me out about this

  5. when watching tv or reading email I continually see offers for coupons at SUBWAY yet none of these coupons are accepted at my local subway. I would like to know why this is.

  6. I’m the one who had to take matters into my own hands and handle this time alone! Unfortunately I guess corporate complaints just go to the managers and owner so what if they are the ones who you have concerns about??? worked slightly under 9 hours that day/night and cried for hours to keep up and do my best handling things a manager should have been, this is not even going into slight detail of the day/week but here are a couple big things that should be taken to next level..
    I think it’s a joke that the subway in Petersburg,IL (2,000 small town) doesn’t take intentional neglect seriously. And the restaurant manager wanted me to lock a 17 year old kid employee out of the store, and have me tell the boy under the influence that he is fired. I understand it was his mess up but number one rule in running a business is safety for ALL!!! The kid employee didn’t even know how to get home he was so drunk. Had no phone, no car and would of had to stumble over 3 hours home walking (20 min drive) ….. and Julie wouldn’t come in to help me to juggle a busy rush and this ordeal…. How is it okay to not consider the underage, heavily intoxicated kids safety, or my well-being?
    Julie “manager” worked 4 hours that day and said “she said she wasn’t coming back in, and was relaxing at home”….
    And the person the “manager” called in to help had already worked 6 hrs that morning walked out on me as well….When I asked Julie the “manager” for his emergency contact she say just tell him to leave. I asked if I should call the police and she said no!! But the right thing to do was make sure the kid was safe, not thrown out to face possible harm due to intoxication…. I took into my own hands calling the cop (as law enforcement is what I’m going into) at least come help him home! I felt if something would have happened and he got hurt I would have felt terrible.
    It was over a thousand dollar day and the sales from when manager worked her petty 4 hours was only 150$ where as I who got stuck doing managers job running the store brought in over 1,000$.
    Also being told I can’t attend church because I can’t have Sundays off, the mangers before let 2 of the 5 employees off because we attend church.. she said she could possibly do every other Sunday maybe that i think illegal!!
    I’m not sure where mismanagement is okay, but I do believe in doing the right thing… and the new Petersburg IL Subway owner “Travis Acord” if that’s his real name and the manager “Julie” are really setting the bar low and lowering industry standards. They have lost sales, and has almost run their whole team off!
    She has served milk from a cooler that was above 60f and not properly cooling bc she accidentally shut it off the night before… she bullies her team… in front of customers wants to tell me wearing the wrong color pants “Travis is going to fire me” she said! According to company policy Julie herself is wearing shorts… shorts and skirts are not allowed…. Double standards… and if im going to get fired for wrong color pants then how does she not see herself Putin a kid in danger ok, and saying that in front of customers is very unprofessional that’s something that should be done in private! Last I knew personal life issues were not to be brought into the work place either … especially by a manager
    So much hate subway was a good place to eat, and used to know of ppl who enjoyed working there… that’s the issue with big buy outs… ‘ local’ fades out… as Roark buys out subway for over $9 billion and then someone who do not value people other than themselves take over… that’s a set up for failure!
    Now would Julie or Travis want their child drunk walking over 3 hours home in the dark? Not having any phone? Or a ride?? Couldn’t give an address /patents number or even spell his name correctly to the police officer And could barely talk or stand to walk??
    How about being a manager and rallying your team and using open communication to build camaraderie rather than be careless and make everyone who works their miserable? Or is there not enough time after ‘working’4 hrs … management that doesn’t train, and is constantly nagging, and an owner who doesn’t care about anything other than money it seems… and is “to busy” to even talk to me about the situation! Get rid of these big ‘Corporate’ stores bring back local.
    After this was blown off couple days later things getting worse
    I texted Julie and ask to talk she says important! Here is my response!
    Just not happy, the day you and me worked together without Bella as a third person the store was cleaned, top to bottom, dishes all done-put up, sinks, cleaned, trash taken out, everything prepped, floors mopped, counters wiped down, the store was-just beautiful… and you helped with the lobby and it looked great!
    why is it when there are three people, and I come in at 4 nothing is done. This store has looked like a tornado went through it both nights I have closed and both ladies, “managers” left Ethan to do it, he should not be the only one left to do it.. me being here 5 years (left due to moving out of state but was told I would be always welcome back, and sure enough I came back) and Bella- Ethan the other 2 employees been here over 3 years we know not to leave a shift unless our duties as a TEAM member here are completed.. this store won’t run with the idea of “I do less, they pick up my slack”
    Moral tanks… as leadership turns a blind eye.
    Today I was left with 13 pieces of white bread, but yet bread pans still in sink dirty from morning bake.
    Ethan was the only one doing dishes. Slicer was still set up and on from this morning DIRTY, trash cans full, floors not swept, or mopped… sliced cheese stuck to the floor.
    Julie I’m not trying to sound like a mean young girl…I guess l’m just
    speaking for us Three original
    Petersburg IL, employees..
    It’s not we are upset that things here have changed, because that change can bring growth, but we need to “get what we are giving” .. it’s not fair, if we just sit back and take it.. some point we are just going to be disengaged..
    I said in my first couple text to you that we three employees work well together, understand the routine, and customer service, and look out for one another, and new employees as well. We just need the SAME back.
    You agreed that we are wonderful employees and you don’t doubt our ability to have a great store!
    I heard Travis sat down in the store with Collin and talked to him but yet, he is too busy to talk with me??! Collin was hired back after leaves me that busy and stressful day! After I called Julie about the underage intoxicated employee and she said she didn’t wanna deal with it. I didn’t feel the need to call her that Colin walked out because I knew she wasn’t going to be there for me.
    Culture and moral have dropped, and disengagement is happening.
    Look into Bob Chapman:
    We have over 130 million people
    In our workforce who go home every day, feeling they work for a company that doesn’t care about them.
    That is seven out of eight people in the workforce…Message to managers and executives across all organizations: “You live and work on planet Earth and manage real people, start acting that way!”…Human beings, not space aliens, work and interact daily in all companies and organizations. They are the same as you and me. They are men and women of flesh and blood. They have hearts, minds, and souls. They have hopes, dreams, and desires.�…
    They want to be appreciated, respected, and recognized. They want to be treated fairly. They want to know that they matter, that their managers genuinely care about them as individuals, that their organizations value their efforts and contributions.”
    -Bob Chapman
    We are all either someone’s daughter or son whose parents wanted the best for their children, and the parents had parents who had hoped better for them as well. We all need to treat one another as if, we want that for each other as well. Build one another, rather than the old corporate way of breaking down individuals and removing identity and self worth…
    I was the one who was neglected!! And then I see Collin is back on the schedule and I am scheduled to work with him! Without any decency from our leadership towards what happened that day/night… intentional neglect.
    How do I know he won’t walk out on me again lbvs…
    So, to answer your question;
    I guess no its not important Julie, because it pertains to me.. I’m not important enough to have proper leadership, when it come to you all and that’s sad! There is no accountability…
    No respect… Subway had always done me very well since 2018 and the old staff, until new owner and managers! We had people who cared for one another and had pride and left personal drama at home. Work was our peaceful place. We felt comfortable and appreciated. I’m now having to seek counseling to help me because I’m honestly traumatized and doubt my self worth!
    It’s ok tho I’II be finding happiness in a new place! Not going to stress this much for a company that treats the employees who care with no respect.
    Root cause analysis:
    Piss poor management, and planning, is cause for piss poor performance.
    Note- this is coming from a 21 year old! I know my time here on earth is valuable and God will handle situations but maybe he planned it to be this way for me to move on because I don’t deserve it!
    My time here is over and after! Subway started from a handshake and 1,000$ but all in all, I cant even get a text back from the owner or a simple chat. My last day here was 9/11/2023 comes to find out Travis the Owner is here today 9/12/2023. Very sad, Very freaking Sad… So who can I contact about the owner/manager besides them? If anyone knows please contact me at


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