Tim Hortons Corporate Office, CEO Email, Phone No & Email Address

Tim Hortons Inc. is a Canadian multinational restaurant chain and coffeehouse. Its common nickname is Timmie’s or Tim’s. This restaurant chain serves doughnuts, coffee, and different fast-food items.

Tim Hortons is the largest quick-service restaurant chain in Canada. As of June 30, 2022, in 15 countries, this company has more than 5,352 restaurants.

Tim Hortons corporate office is 874 Sinclair Road, Oakville, ON L6K 2H3, Canada. Restaurant Brands International is its parent company, whose CEO is Joshua Kobza. If you want to contact Tim Horton’s headquarters, call (905) 845 – 6511.

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Overall Information Of Tim Hortons Headquarters

Category Information 
Headquarters 874 Sinclair Road, Oakville, ON L6K 2H3, Canada
Founding Year1964
Founding Place Hamilton, Ontario 
Founders Name Tim Horton
Contact Number (905) 845 – 6511 
Website https://www.timhortons.com/ 
Facebook Tim Hortons Facebook
Twitter Tim Hortons Twitter
YouTubeTim Hortons YouTube
Instagram Tim Hortons Instagram
LinkedIn Tim Hortons LinkedIn

Tim Hortons CEO Email Address

Restaurant Brands International is Tim Hortons’ parent company. The parent company named its new Chief Executive Officer Joshua Kobza. He became the CEO by replacing the long-time incumbent Jose Cil. For the past 11 years, Joshua Kobza has held senior roles at the company. From 2013 – 2018 he has been the CFO.

After serving as the finance chief of Restaurant Brands, Kobza became the COO in 2019. The 36-year-old played a key role in 2014 in Restaurant Brand’s acquisitions of Tim Hortons. Joshua Kobza is an experienced leader. On top of that, he has held different senior roles in Restaurant Brands.

Joshua Kobza’s best professional email addresses are jkobza@rbi.com and joshkobza@gmail.com. Hopefully, using these email addresses, you will be able to contact the Tim Hortons parent company’s CEO. Also, follow Kobza’s LinkedIn profile to get more details.

Tim Hortons Corporate Office Executive Team Member Contact Details

  1. Joshua Kobza – Chief Executive Officer
  2. Michael Hancock – Chief Operating Officer
  3. Chinmay Thakkar – Franchise Owner & Developer
  4. Amrita Chanana – Senior Analyst
  5. Rachel Leung – Senior Manager, Marketing Communications
  6. Srinivas Adapa – Director, Category Marketing
  7. James Wiant – Vice President, Vertical Integration
  8. Axel Schwan – President, Canada, US & Latin America
  9. Hope Bagozzi – Chief Marketing Officer
  10. Matthew Dunnigan – Chief Financial Officer

Tim Hortons Corporate Office HR, Media & IR Contact Details

Here is the contact information of Tim Hortons HR, Media, IR, and other departments. Check out and use the information below that you need.

HR Contact

The Human Resource team of Tim Hortons is available at +1 905 845 – 6511. Call this number to connect with the company’s HR team and share your job or employment-related inquiries. Soon they will answer your query.

Media Contact

Do you want to know the new corporate and community updates in Tim Hortons? If yes, contact the company’s Media Relations line at mediainquiries@timhortons.com.

Tim Hortons’ media relation team is committed to maintaining positive relationships and sharing relevant information with the media partners.

Investor Relations Contact

The company’s financial analysts or existing investors who are looking for their investment-related information are requested to email investor@rbi.com.

Transfer Agent Contact

Contact the Tim Hortons Transfer Agent for shareholder-related requests or inquiries. The transfer agent’s mailing address is Computershare Trust Company, Canada, 100 University Avenue, 8th Floor, Toronto, Ontario M5J2Y1.

Guest Service Department Contact

If you want to provide feedback on goods and service provisions to Tim Hortons, contact the headquarters’ Guest Services Department. Call 1 – 888 – 601 – 1616 from Monday – Thursday (8:00 AM to 5:30 PM).

After this hour on Saturday and Sunday, voicemail is available. If you left a message to the Guest Service team over voicemail, it will be returned in the next business day.


Where is Tim Hortons corporate?

Tim Hortons corporate office is in Toronto, Ontario. It is the largest quick-service restaurant chain in Canada. Over 15 countries, it has 5,352 restaurants. Tim Hortons headquarters location is at

How do I make a complaint to Tin Hortons?

To complain at Tim Hortons, use this company website’s email feedback form. Or from Monday – Thursday (8:00 AM to 5.30 PM), call 1 – 888 – 601 – 1616. And share your complaint with the Guest Services department.

Who is the CEO of Tim Hortons?

Restaurant Brands International is the parent company of Tim Hortons. Joshua Kobza is the Chief Executive Officer of Tim Hortons. He became the CEO replacing the company’s long-term incumbent Jose Cil.

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