What is the Victoria Secret CEO’s Email Address?

Understandably many people search for ways and mean to contact the CEO of Victoria’s Secret for business queries or otherwise. However, it can be challenging to find the CEO of such a mega company.

However, reaching out to a CEO is never impossible. And with the right approach, you may get your feedback from high personnel of such large corporations as well.

In this article, we’ll provide the CEO’s email and also other forms of contact that may help you get a quick and proper response. So let’s get started!

Victoria’s Secret CEO email

For such a mega-company, Victoria’s Secret gets its fair share of attention from the common public for the authenticity and quality of its product. Here is the email to contact the CEO of Victoria’s Secret: Email | Victoria’s Secret CEO

Who Is The CEO Of Victoria’s Secret?

The CEO of Victoria’s Secret is Mr. Martin Waters. He is a highly qualified professional in the field of retail marketing. He boasts a Bachelor of Arts in retail marketing from Manchester University in the UK. He has worked previously as the CEO of L brands from 2008 to 2021.

His most prominent contribution as the Chief Executive Officer of L brands was the successful launch of Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works business. He, as the CEO, managed to exponentially grow the two businesses, as such, he is now the in-charge Chief Executive Officer at Victoria’s Secret.

How Can I Contact Victoria’s Secret CEO?

There are multiple ways of contacting the CEO of Victoria’s Secret, although it is recommended to send him an email for business queries. He can be contacted via Social media and email.

Additionally, he can also be reached through his public contact number, which reaches his headquarter at (614) 415-7000.

Is There A Victoria’s Secret CEO Email ID Publicly Available?

Yes, although the company he has taken responsibility for runs with finesse and perfection, many individuals believe that the quality of their product can never be maintained for a long period. That is if they stop taking in constructive criticism.

Hence, the email of Victoria’s secret CEO is publicly available for any business queries or constructive criticisms that you want to share with him.

Is There A Victoria’s Secret CEO Phone Number Publicly Available?

There is a public phone number available to contact Martin Walters, (614) 415-7000. However, it is his professional number that redirects you to his headquarters in Ohio, United States. We recommend reaching him professionally and not breaching any personal boundaries by trying to contact him on his personal cell number.

Victoria Secret CEO Postal Address

Martin Walters, the CEO of Victoria’s Secret, can be found and met personally at his headquarters. But you need to set up a meeting calling before his office for any business inquiries. The precise postal address to his headquarters is 4 Limited Parkway East, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068.

Victoria’s Secret CEO Social Media Accounts

Basically, Victoria’s CEO has social media accounts on LinkedIn. That is as follows.

How Do I Contact Victoria’s Secret Corporate?

There are multiple ways of contacting Victoria’s Secret corporate. They are as follows.

  • Victoria Secret Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-411-5116 (Inside USA),  614-333-8413 (Outside USA)
  • Physical Address: 4 Limited Parkway East, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068

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