WellMed Medical Management Headquarters, CEO Email & Other Details

WellMed Medical is a network of doctors, medical professionals, and other specialists. It specializes in providing medical care in Texas and Florida, with over 16,000 doctor’s offices. In fact, WellMed is the leader in keeping adults and older healthy.

However, WellMed Medical Management headquarters is located at 8637 Fredericksburg Road Suite, 360 San Antonio, TX 78240, United States. George M. Rapier III, MD is its CEO. 

Call the WellMed medical customer care team at 1 – 888 – 781 – Well (9355) for any Medicare need. 

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Overall Information of WellMed Medical Management Headquarters

Headquarters 8637 Fredericksburg Road Suite, 360 San Antonio, TX 78240, United States 
Founding Year1990
Founding Place San Antonio, Texas 
Founders Name George M. Rapier III, MD
Contact Number 1 – 888 – 781 – Well (9355)
Website https://www.wellmedhealthcare.com/ 
Facebook WellMed Facebook
YouTubeWellMed YouTube
Instagram WellMed Instagram
LinkedIn WellMed LinkedIn

WellMed Medical Management CEO Email Address

George M. Rapier, III, MD, is the Chief Executive Officer of WellMed Medical. He is also the Founder and Chairman of the Board. Mr George has years of experience in the healthcare industry. The CEO has led the company’s executive leadership team and other employees for years.

Mr George, with his strategic ability and in-depth knowledge, is focusing on the company’s vision to change the healthcare sector’s face. He aimed to take WellMed Medical through an unprecedented period of growth.

However, to contact the CEO of WellMed, knock him at his professional email address at grapier@wellmedhealthcare.com. Write only relevant issues or concerns to this email address. Also, you can keep in touch with the CEO by following him on social media like LinkedIn.

WellMed Medical Management Corporate Office Executive Team Member Contact Details

George M. Rapier, III, MD Founder, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer LinkedIn 
Mark Ficker Chief Operating Officer LinkedIn
Adam Crawford, MDExecutive Vice President LinkedIn
John Lovelady Executive Vice President LinkedIn
Bruce Begia, MD Chief Medical Officer, Enterprise Business Development N/A
Ramon Figueroa, MDChief Medical Information Officer LinkedIn
Robert Granger President, NTX N/A
Joe Zimmerman Chief Financial Officer LinkedIn
Monica Jimenez – Corniel, RN Chief Quality Operations N/A
John Lovelady Executive Vice PresidentLinkedIn

WellMed Medical Management Corporate Office HR, Media & Financial Contact Details

HR Contact

Call 888 – 781 – 9355 for employment or job-related inquiries and connect with WellMed Medical’s Human Resources team. However, if you are interested in the externship or career at WellMed, for more information, visit its Career Page.

Media Contact

For any inquiries or to cover new media news about WellMed Medical, the press or media members are requested to contact the Medical Representative.

Dan Calderon is the Vice President of WellMed Medical’s Communication and Digital departments. Contact him at 210 – 693 – 2744 for media or press-related inquiries or email dcalderon@wellmed.net.

WellMed Medical Management Corporate Office Complaint Department Contact Number

Whether you are a potential new or an existing WellMed Medical Management Center patient, the authority wants to hear your feedback.

While taking services, if you face any issue, complain immediately at 1 – 866 – 209 – 9320. Or you can fill out the Feedback form on the company’s website. Soon, the team representative will assist you.

WellMed Medical Management Corporate Office Board of Directors

The members of the board of directors are:

  • Michael D. Almaleh, MD
  • Laura Suttin, MD
  • Gerardo Ramos, MD
  • Bruce Begia, MD
  • Vernoy Walker, MD

WellMed Medical Locations

WellMed Medical is headquartered in Texas. It has Medicare Information Centers in different locations. At these centers, you can have personal one-on-one conversations with medical professionals.

To find your nearest Medicare center, visit this page. Check out the other details below:

  • Morgan, Texas: (Address: 2922 Morgan Ave., Corpus Christi, Texas 78405)
  • Dallas, Texas: (Address: 3107 W. Camp Wisdom Rd. Suite 1750, Dallas, Texas 75237)
  • Rio Grande Valley, Texas: (Address: 1301 E. Fern Ave., Suite C1, McAllen, Texas 78501)
  • San Antonio, Texas: (Address: 2130 Culebra Rd., San Antonio, Texas 78228)
  • Montgomery, Texas: (Address: 6030 Montgomery Rd., San Antonio, Texas 78239)
  • South Port St., Texas: (Address: 3033 South Port St., Corpus Christ, Texas 78405)
  • Culebra Road, Texas: (Address: 8353 Culebra Road, Ste. 101, San Antonio, Texas 78251)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the phone number for WellMed Texas provider enrollment?

To join WellMed’s Physician Network, call (855) 835 – 1431. The representative will take your call and provide you with medical practice and enrollment-related information.

Who is the CEO of WellMed San Antonio?

The Chief Executive Officer of WellMed San Antonio is George Rapier. He is also WellMed’s founder and Chairman of the board.

Where is WellMed Medical headquarters?

WellMed Medical is based in Texas. Its headquarters address is 8637 Fredericksburg Road Suite, 360 San Antonio, TX 78240, United States. 

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