Wendy’s Corporate Office, CEO Email Address & All Contact Details

Wendy’s is a USA-based fast food restaurant chain. The chain is famous for its hamburger patties served on sea salt fries, circular buns, etc. With 6,711 locations, Wendy’s is the 3rd largest hamburger fast-food chain in the world. Wendy’s can go the extra mile to serve fresh food to its consumers.

However, Wendy’s corporate office is at One Dave Thomas Blvd, Dublin, Ohio, 43017, USA. Todd A. Penegor is heading Wendy’s as its CEO. For any inquiries or complaints, contact Wendy’s customer support team at 1. 833. 953. 1999 Or 1 – 888 – 624 – 8140.

We left no stone unturned to include every contact detail of Wendy’s in this comprehensive guide. So to explore all the details, read this article thoroughly till the end! Happy reading!

Overall Information Of Wendy’s Headquarters

Headquarters One Dave Thomas Blvd, Dublin, Ohio, 43017, USA
Founding Year1969
Founding Place Columbus, Ohio
Founders Name Dave Thomas
Contact Number 1. 833. 953. 1999 Or 1 – 888 – 624 – 8140 
Website https://www.wendys.com/ 
Facebook Wendy’s Facebook
Twitter Wendy’s Twitter
YouTubeWendy’s YouTube
Instagram Wendy’s Instagram
LinkedIn Wendy’s LinkedIn

Wendy’s CEO Email Address

Todd A. Penegor is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Wendy’s. Since May 2016, he has assumed this role. Before becoming the CEO, the global leader Todd was in different important positions in various companies.

From 2000 to 2013, Todd held different crucial leadership positions at Kellogg Company. And he had worked at the Ford Motor Company for 12 years before joining Kellogg. However, if you want to share anything with him, write to Wendy’s CEO email address at todd.penegor@wendys.com.

Whether you will get a reply or not depends on your luck and the issue’s importance. So best of luck. You can follow Todd on his LinkedIn profile to explore his daily updates.

Wendy’s Corporate Office Executive Team Member Contact Details

Todd A. Penegor Chief Executive Officer, President & DirectorLinkedIn
Deepak Ajmani USA Chief Operations OfficerLinkedIn
Abigail E. PringlePresident, International & Chief Development OfficerLinkedIn
Liliana M. EspositoChief Corporate Affairs & Sustainability OfficerLinkedIn
Dana Calvert VP, International Chief Development OfficerLinkedIn
M. Coley O’Brien Chief People OfficerLinkedIn
Gunther Plosch Chief Financial OfficerLinkedIn
E. J. Wunsch Chief Legal Officer & SecretaryLinkedIn
Kevin VasconiChief Information OfficerLinkedIn
Liz Geraghty Chief Marketing Officer, InternationalLinkedIn

Wendy’s Corporate Office HR, Media & Financial Contact Details

Whether you want to contact Wendy’s HR, Finance, or Media team, use the contact information below:

  • HR Contact: Call the Wendy’s Speak-Out Employee Hotline at 1 – 800 – 554 – 8000 to report your concern to the Human Resources team.
  • Media Contact: For your media-related comments, questions, or concerns, call 888. 624. 8140.
  • Financial Department Contact: Feel free to call or text at 1. 833. 953. 1999 for your finance-related inquiries.

Wendy’s Board Of Directors

The Board of Directors of Wendy’s oversees the company’s activities and responsibilities. The Board upholds the company’s stockholder’s value and creates dividend and options policies. They are also responsible for establishing the executive’s compensation and hiring and firing senior executives.

However, the board members are:

  • Nelson Peltz
  • Matthew H. Peltz
  • Peter W. May
  • Michelle Caruso – Cabrera
  • Kenneth W. Gilbert
  • Kristin A. Dolan
  • Richard (Rick) H. Gomez
  • Peter H. Rothschild
  • Todd A. Penegor
  • Arthur B. Winkleblack

Wendy’s Corporate Office Branches In Different Countries

Wendy’s is successfully spreading its network worldwide. It operates its restaurant in over 6,711 locations in different countries of the world. Below we will present Wendy’s location details in other countries.

  • United States: (Address: 1 Dave Thomas Blvd, Dublin, OH, 43017, USA)
  • Canada: (Address: 240 Wyecroft Rd, Oakville, ON, L6K 2G7)
  • Philippines: (Address: 4/F Unioil Bldg, Acacia Street, Cor. Commerce Ave, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila, Philippines)
  • Japan: (Address: Murakami Bldg, 1F, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku 160 – 0023, Tokyo)
  • Mexico: (Address: Paseo De La Reforma 449, Col, Cuauhtemoc, 06600, Mexico)
  • Panama: (Address: 610 W. 23rd Street, Panama)
  • Honduras: (Address: Mega Mall, Bulevar Del Este, San Pedro, Sula 21101, Honduras)
  • Dominican Republic: (Address: Boulevard Punta Cana, 23302 Punta Cana, Dominican Republic)
  • New Zealand: (Address: 17 Lyon Avenue, Unit 33, Auckland, 1025, New Zealand)
  • Argentina: (Address: Avenida Cabildo 2224, Buenos Aires, C1428AAR, Argentina)
  • United Arab Emirates: (Address: 38 4 Street Dubai International Financial Center, Dubai, UAE)
  • Chile: (Address: Encomenderos 300, Santiago 8320000, Chile, Las Condes)
  • Ecuador: (Address: Rodolfo Baquerizo Nazur y, Avenue, Benjamin Carrion Mora Guayaquil 090507, Ecuador)


Who is the current CEO of Wendy’s?

Todd A. Penegor is Wendy’s current Chief Executive Officer and President.

What is the phone number for Wendy’s texting?

For texting in Wendy’s, the phone number is 1. 833. 953. 1999.

Where is Wendy’s world headquarters?

Wendy’s world headquarters is at One Dave Thomas Blvd, Dublin, Ohio, 43017, USA.

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  1. I talked to your manager in Wendy’s Tallahassee about pressure washing the sidewalk around building very dirty I was told reack out to headquarters. I am license and insured.. Ted Bottoms 850-692-4173

  2. I worked at Wendy’s in mesquite NV and have NOT been paid…I’ve called and created an HR ticket and no response for weeks..so now I’m going to social media and calling for an African American boycott of Wendy’s…since they want to practice modern day slavery.. every manager refused to take my credentials inorder for me to get paid. I will be reaching out to every black syndicate publication I can including Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan… This is unacceptable and I would think $250 would not be with this drama, but I guess that how you guys want it to be… I am giving till the end of this week to receive my money..I even have the little papers the register gives you when clocking in and out… I will make this ugly as possible until I get paid and if it drags out I may even get a lawyer because this is ridiculous.

    • My recommendation would be to write a request for assistance and follow up instead of threatening
      them with Boycotts, Al Sharpton, Louis Farahkan and Lawyers. In my experience in my Career, Threats and use of the Race card doesn’t accomplish much. I wish you the Best,

  3. On August 8th, 2023, I stopped at Wendy’s in Oberlin, Ohio to put in my order. The speaker phone is out of range to hear the employee asking me for my order. or telling me she is with another customer. Too much shouting at me to wait. You need more help and open up the window you boarded up with cardboard. Hire maybe more help for your customers. Too much yelling that I drove off upset. This is the first time this has happened to me. There is no excuse for shouting at a customer. Wendy’s does a lot of business in Oberlin, Ohio.

  4. My name is Betty Norris I am currently pregnant.

    I used to work for Wendy’s at the possum park location.
    I left due to a bad work environment with too much drama on Tuesday August 1st, 2023.
    Thursday August 3rd, 2023 around 9:45.
    I received a very nasty message from your assistant manager Maurice calling me from the Wendy’s company phone saying
    “Yo, Betty. Keep my fucking name out your fucking mouth, man. I never ratted on you on you. You never told me about no gay ass fucking court date. All you do is talk about your broke ass fucking baby dad. I swear on my mother. If you ever call me a fucking rat again, you’re gonna have to call your broke ass this baby dad and I will get you fucked up. Don’t you ever in your fucking life? Take my dignity like that bitch. I don’t give a fuck who you tell or you, who you call, don’t you ever call me a fucking rat bitch? I never told nothing on your stink ass. Fuck you bitch.”
    All over he say she say and lets just blame the person who left because it easier.
    I really do not appreciate getting threatened especially from a person who has access to finding out where I live and any other information from wendys.
    This is uncalled for and I would like to move forward but no one in your corporate office will respond back. I do not feel safe as he knows where I live and came into my new work place. What are you going to do to help me feel safe again.
    Thank you
    Betty Norris


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