YMCA Headquarters, Corporate Office, Phone Number & Email Address

YMCA, shortly called the Y, was founded initially as the Young Men’s Christian Association. It is a worldwide youth organization. In more than 120 countries, YMCA’s beneficiaries are over 64 million. YMCA aims to develop a healthy “body, mind, and spirit” to put Christian values into practice.

YMCA corporate office is at 101 N Wacker Drive, Chicago, Il 60606, USA. Suzanne McCormick is its current CEO and President. To share your experience, problems or questions with the YMCA, call its customer care representative at (312) 977 – 0031 & (800) 872 – 9622 (TF).

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Overall Information Of YMCA Headquarters

Category Information 
Headquarters 101 N Wacker Drive, Chicago, Il 60606, USA
Founding Year1844
Founding Place London 
Founders Name George Williams 
Contact Number (312) 977 – 0031 & (800) 872 – 9622 (TF)
Website https://www.ymca.org/ 
Facebook YMCA Facebook
Twitter YMCA Twitter
YouTubeYMCA YouTube
Instagram YMCA Instagram
LinkedIn YMCA LinkedIn

YMCA CEO Email Address

Suzanne McCormick is the Chief Executive Officer and President of the YMCA of USA or Y – USA. She is the first woman and 15th person to lead the Y-USA. In September 2021, Suzanne assumed the company’s CEO and President role.

At national and local levels, this non-profit executive has experience for more than 30 years. Previously she served as the United Way World wide’s US president for 3 years. Furthermore, Suzanne, as United Way Sun Coast’s President and CEO, spent five years in Tampa, Florida.

She led a strategic plan to drive fundraising growth and break the generational poverty cycle. At Unite Way of Greater Portland, Suzanne served for 13 years, including 4 years as CEO and President.

However, to contact this experienced leader, you can directly message at her professional email address Suzanne.McCormick@ymca.net. Grab the golden chance to share your thoughts or comments with the CEO through this email address. Also, follow her on LinkedIn to learn what she shares with her followers.

YMCA Corporate Office Executive Team Member Contact Details

An experienced and diverse group of professionals led the YMCA of the USA. Most importantly, the company’s executive team members spent their entire careers with Y. In addition, other members have brought valuable perspectives from different sectors and organizations.

Check out the name of executive team members below:

YMCA Corporate Office Media & Financial Contact Details

To share your comments, questions, experience, or feedback with the YMCA team, use the contact information below:

Media Contact

The journalist or media member who has a press inquiry, wants to do a real campaign or has an interview request about YMCA, contact its media team ASAP.

However, YMCA’s media relation team’s contact number differs based on region. Find a few region’s media team’s contact information below:

  • YMCA England & Wales Media Contact: press@ymca.org.uk & Phone: 020 7186 9544.
  • YMCA of Greater New York: info@ymcanyc.org & Phone: 212 – 630 – 9600
  • YMCA of Western CT: Phone: 203. 740. 3422
  • YMCA of Middle Tennessee: drutledge@ymcamidtn.org  & Phone: (615) 259 – 9622 ext. 70195
  • YMCA of South Hampton Roads: Phone: (757) 275 – 9437

Financial Department Contact

YMCA commits to ensuring full financial transparency. Therefore the company gives its user’s access to the YMCA of the USA’s IRS copies and related financial documents. To learn the financial or fund-related details visit this Page.

YMCA Corporate Office Complaint Department Contact Details

To send your complaints quickly and easily to the YMCA corporate office, call its customer support team at (312) 977 – 0031 & (800) 872 – 9622 (TF).

The customer care representative will address your common problem, as YMCA has no designated number for making complaints.

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Where is the YMCA headquarters in the USA?

The non-profit community services organization YMCA of the USA is headquartered in Chicago, IL. YMCA corporate office location is 101 N Wacker Drive, Chicago, Il 60606, USA.

How do I contact the YMCA of Greater New York?

The YMCA of Greater New York customer support team’s contact number is 212 – 630 – 9600. For any inquiries, call this number or email info@ymcanyc.org.

How many YMCAs are there in the US?

In the United States, 2400 YMCAs are working to meet 17.5 million women, men and children’s social and health needs in 10,000 communities. Ys works for people of all races, faiths, ages, abilities and incomes.

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  1. I am writing to you regarding the Parker Hannifin downtown Cleveland, Ohio location.

    On April 16, 2023, at 10:23 AM, I was in the 2nd shower stall in the lady’s locker room. The inside shower curtain was opened and the outside shower curtain was closed.

    As I was facing outward & rinsing the back of my hair, the shower curtain moved. I questioned to myself if I just saw a man walked passed, towards the end of the showers at the wall. I then saw a black male w/a short sleeve navy/cobalt blue short sleeve shirt walk passed towards the lockers & glance at me. I covered my body with the outer shower curtain to see if I could get a better look at him however, his back was facing the mirror. I was able to see the back of his shirt that had white lettering but I wasn’t able to read the words on the back of his shirt.

    I told the 2 black females at the front desk, however, I also wanted to contact the YMCA Corporate Office.

    This is not the first incident of the male employees walking into the female locker room without any warning of “maintenance,” “male in room,” or “is anyone in here?”

    I have witnessed the male maintenance employee twice walk into the female locker room during operating hours. I think his name is, “Guy.” The 1st time, he walked in the area of the bathroom stalls, briefly swept, and then walked out. He never asked if anyone was in the locker room or called out, “maintenance” as women were in the shower stalls nearby and I was finishing to get dressed at the lockers. The 2nd time, he knocked on the outside of the locker room door and then stepped into the locker room. Once again, he didn’t ask if anyone was in the locker room or call out, “maintenance.” The first time, I told the white female employee who has brown hair and has also worked at the Hillcrest YMCA location. The 2nd time, I said something to Guy directly as I stood at the front desk in front of the black male YMCA employee, Mike.

    This is 100% not acceptable.

    Gina Calabrese

  2. We reside in Saint Robert, MO and Lebanon MO is the closest one to us (45mins) and I live in a military town where people are yearning for a YMCA the town next to us is Waynesville,MO and when sports happen over 350 kids sign up for each sport!!!!! Yall could make a FORTUNE if you opened a YMCA HERE. Please please please consider this. If you need someone to run it I would be more than happy to. I have an extensive CS background and grew up in Houston,TX and spent every day and night at the YMCA playing sports and watching my mom doing her water aerobics. The YMCA was one of the highlights of my childhood and knowing my kids and thousands others are missing that really stinks!!! Please please consider this!


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