Golden Corral Corporate Office, CEO Email & Phone Number

The American restaurant chain Golden Corral offers an all-you-can-eat buffet and grill. This company is privately held. It is committed to affordable and pleasurable dining for every guest. Golden Corral is primarily based in Raleigh, North Carolina. But it operates its restaurant business in the USA and Puerto Rico in different locations.

However, the Golden Corral Corporate Office location is 5400 Trinity Road, Ste. 309. Raleigh, NC 27607, USA. Since 2015 Lance Trenary has been leading this company as its CEO.

You can get in touch with the company by filling out its Contact Us form. Or directly call its customer service team at (919) 782 – 4880 to ask questions or share your problems.

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Overall Information Of Golden Corral Headquarters

Category Information 
Headquarters Golden Corral Corporation, 5400 Trinity Road, Ste. 309. Raleigh, NC 27607, USA
Founding Year1973 
Founding Place Fayetteville, North Carolina
Founders Name James Maynard & William F. Carl
Contact Number (919) 782 – 4880 
Facebook Golden Corral Facebook
Twitter Golden Corral Twitter
YouTubeGolden Corral YouTube
Instagram Golden Corral Instagram
LinkedIn Golden Corral LinkedIn

Golden Corral CEO Email Address

Lance Trenary was named the Chief Executive Officer of Golden Corral in 2015. Trenary started working in his father’s restaurant at an early age. In 1986 as the Partner Manager, Lance joined Golden Corral. He decided to pursue a multi-unit career in Golden Corral. Therefore he rose quickly through the restaurant system and held increasing responsibilities and leadership roles.

He is successfully leading the largest buffet and grill concept in America. Lance has been serving Golden Corral for 36 years. Mr. Lance has experience in performing industry leadership roles. He worked as the CEO, was a board of directors member, and served as a trustee. is the Golden Corral CEO’s professional email address. We encourage you to communicate with the CEO using the professional channel. You can also follow Lance’s LinkedIn profile to keep in touch with his recent activities.

Golden Corral Corporate Office Executive Team Member Contact Details

Golden Corral’s executive team members develop and implement the long-term strategic goal for the company. Also, they oversee the company’s overall growth aspect. The company’s executive team members are:

  1. Lance Trenary – Chief Executive Officer & President
  2. Shelly Wolford – SVP, Communications & Strategy
  3. David Conklin – Senior Vice President, Development
  4. Darryl Webb – Senior Vice President, Operations
  5. Jim Laverty – SVP, Finance & Administration
  6. Tim Schroder – Senior Vice President, Marketing
  7. Ann Perez – Vice President, Information Technology
  8. Chappell Phillips – SVP, General Counsel & Secretary
  9. Paula Moran – Vice President, National Marketing & Media
  10. Terry Flynt – Lead Line Cook

Golden Corral Corporate Office HR & Media Contact Details

To contact Golden Corral corporate office’s Human Resources and Media team, use the contact information below:

HR Contact

The Golden Corral’s Human Resources team works continuously to maximize Human potential. So for job or employment-related inquiries, call the company’s HR team at +1 800 284 – 5673. Or you can fax your query to them at +1 919 881 – 4686.

Media Contact

For your press-related inquiries or to make a new story about the Golden Corral office, call its main telephone number (919) 781 – 9310. It’s not the company’s designated Media team’s number. But still, you can call this number to ask your questions to the correspondent.


Who Is the CEO of Golden Corral?

Lance Trenary is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Golden Corral. He is an experienced leader. Lance received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the North Carolina Restaurant & Lodging Association for his expertise in the industry.

How many locations does Golden Corral have?

Golden Corral is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. But this company operates its business functions throughout the USA. It conducts its business in more than 397 locations. Over time, the number of locations is increasing.

How do I contact the Golden Corral corporate office?

To contact Golden Corral headquarters main line, call (919) 782 – 4880. Or you can send your correspondence to Golden Corral’s corporate office address.

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