What is Allied Universal HR Phone Number?

Allied Universal is a USA-based private security and staffing company. It is the largest provider of security guards in the world. Globally, it has 800,000 employees.

However, if you want to be a part of this company or are already working here, you may have employment or job opportunity-related questions.

For career-related any inquiry knock at the Allied Universal HR phone number at (866) 312-8266. And for employment verification, you can call 404-382-5400.

If you are looking for Allied Universal HR-related information, you are at the right place. Just go through this article, and you will get to know all the essential details:

Overview of Allied Universal

Allied Universal is a big company in North America that keeps places safe and clean. It started in 1957. The company offers many services like security guards, security systems, cleaning, and advising on safety.

However, Allied Universal mixes good staff with new tech to make sure they offer the best in security and cleaning. They stand for being honest, doing great work, and earning trust.

Moreover, they want to be the first choice for any business that needs security and cleaning services. With lots of experience and a wide range of services, Allied Universal is a go-to company for keeping places safe and clean.

Allied Universal HR Contact Information

Do you need to reach out to Allied Universal’s HR department? 

Here’s how:

● For any HR stuff, dial (866) 312-8266. 

To check employment verification or if someone works there, call 404-382-5400 or email verify.support@experian.com.

The main customer care number for Allied Universal is 866.703.7666.

However, these above contacts are here to help you with any HR questions or to confirm someone’s job.

How to Reach the Allied Universal Human Resources Department?

To contact the Human Resources Department at Allied Universal, you can call them directly at the main HR number. Or you can send an email for any HR-related questions or support.

Through phone or email, you can get the help or information you need from Allied Universal’s HR team efficiently.

Allied Universal Employee Benefits

Allied Universal, which has over 80,000 workers, thinks a lot about its employee benefits choices. When new health laws came out, they promised to look out for their employees and clients.

The company wants to make sure their health benefits are good for workers and follow the rules. They give their workers choices because everyone needs different things. Keeping costs down for everyone is another benefit that Allied Universal offers to its employees.

However, Allied Universal tries to lead in handling rising costs and other challenges from new health laws. Some workers like plans that are cheaper but still cover what they need.

Allied Universal Employment Opportunities

Allied Universal offers full-time, part-time and flexible job opportunities. If you work with them full-time, you will get health, dental, and eye care, life insurance, and a 401K plan.

Moreover, the company will help when you need it, offer discounts, and other cool benefits! The company also has part-time jobs and flexible hours! However, to check their available job opportunities, visit the career page.


Where is Allied Universal’s headquarters located?

Allied Universal’s headquarters is located in Conshohocken, PA, USA. Its corporate office location is 8 Tower Bridge, 161 Washington Street, Suite 600, Conshohocken, PA 19428, USA.

How can I contact Allied Universal?

For general inquiries, you can contact Allied Universal by calling their main number at 866.703.7666. For specific HR-related questions, use the HR contact number provided above.

Who is the CEO of Allied Universal?

Steve Jones serves as the CEO of Allied Universal. He is successfully leading the company with his expertise and experience.

End Note

Allied Universal is a big company that offers security and cleaning jobs. They take care of their workers by giving them good benefits like health insurance and flexible work hours.

However, for your employment-related inquiries, you can reach out to the above-given Allied Universal HR phone number. You will get answers to all your questions.

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